True stress, true strain and work hardening

True stress, true strain and work hardening


  1. Thanks for these online videos! I was just going through these, and I noticed that at 5:40 I think you made an integration mistake. It should be ln(l_i) – ln(l_0) because the antiderivative of 1/x is ln(x) + C. After FTC part 2, it simplifies to ln(l_i/l_0) by logarithm properties.

  2. hi, i come converting from engineering to true strain stress but my curve has still a negative slope is this possible or am i doing anythign wrong? (my curve is a concrete stress strain tention curve )

  3. Sir, what is the relation between true strain and engineering strain for compression? I used the same expression i.e.
    True strain = ln(1+Ec), but the value is coming negative. So is there any other formula or we should just write the negative value of strain.

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