Tunnel Rats (The Vietnam war)

Tunnel Rats (The Vietnam war)

Tunnel rats The Vietnam War The communist forces began digging tunnel networks in South Vietnam in the late 1940s during the first Indochina war against French colonial rule by the Vietnam War in the 1960s the tunnels had evolved into a complex system with hospitals storage kitchens And headquarters the NVA and Vietcong went underground into the kuchi tunnels where the US forces bombed the area As well as providing shelter these tunnels helped the NVA and Viet Cong launch sneak attacks and ambushes As well as labo be traps close to enemy positions to clear out these dangerous tunnels brave infantryman from Australia, New Zealand South Vietnam and the United States Volunteered for this unenviable job. They would gain the nickname tunnel rats The soldiers chosen were usually short at five foot six and under as they could fit in the claustrophobic conditions Initially dogs had been used however this did not work as they could not detect booby traps Grenades or tear gas can also be used to flush out the tunnels however this could alert the enemy or destroy intelligence The tunnel rat would be lowered down Headfirst by his fellow soldiers and have to stealthily move around in the darkness Navigating the dark tunnels armed only with an m1911a1 pistol a flashlight and a knife He would listen for any enemy movements followed by a second man who would radio to the surface to map the tunnels the m1911a1 pistols Large 45 caliber round caused a blinding muzzle flash and a noise in the confined space which could temporarily cause deafness So tunnel rats would improvise their own suppressors or use a civilian revolver sent from home As part of these Search and Destroy missions the tunnel rats would search for enemy Intelligence and placed c-4 charges on weak points so that all could be later destroyed Inside they could encounter booby traps such as punji sticks or released snakes and scorpions before they even found any enemies Poison gas was also found in these tunnels But tunnel rats often risked not wearing a gas mask as they restricted vision he and breathing if they encountered the NVA or Vietcong the tunnel rats were Instructed not to fire five to six shots in a row as it would tell the enemy that they were about to reload Overall the job of the tunnel rat was stressful and terrifying and could see a man’s nerves break in what was one of the most? dangerous jobs of the war Subscribe for more Vietnam War history videos get simple history the Vietnam War and simple history the Cold War today Thank you guys for all your support on the simple history YouTube channel if you enjoyed please consider visiting our patreon page there You can show us your support for the channel by donating and make a huge difference in what we’re able to create for you Plus you can get early access on upcoming videos, so let’s keep it growing, and thank you for being part of this amazing community


  1. The suppressed revolver is a modified S & W .38 cal provided in 'tunnel rat kits', it was experimental and didn't work well, barely used in this setup. But it helps to show the use of revolvers and suppressors in one scene/ shot

  2. We always hear stories from the 'murican viewpoint, I wonder what stories the defenders from these wars have to tell.

  3. My grandfather was a U.S marine and fought in Vietnam prayers out for the U.S military they fight for what’s right❌❤️❤️???

  4. Obviously you like to glorify the allies during this dangerous task but in reality it was considered suicide to go into the tunnels, the tunnel rats were easily killed by the VC soldiers occupying the tunnels as they used a very low dim light so there eyes were more adapted to the darkness, our soldiers using flashlights unfortunately made them easy targets and easily killed . About the C4 explosives,,, well go to cou chi and take alook ,,,,,, I dought any C4 was used successfully to destroy there massive tunnel networks which stretched over 200 Klm’s
    Great job with the research side of things btw

  5. The painful ending for those who invaded the territory. all the great powers who invaded the territory of Vietnam had to pay a very high price for having mistakenly a nation with steel spirit and brave will

  6. I get made fun and get called Vietcong for making tunnels to the enemy base in a game called delta shock on roblox

  7. My pop is 5'2". He wasn't eligible for the draft until 1970 and by that time he had several guys from the neighborhood coming back from Nam. They all told him "Joe…enlist now. If you're drafted, they will send you to the Army or Corps and because of your size, you'll get sent into the tunnels and THAT is the last place you ever want to be." He enlisted in the Navy and dropped shells on the enemy from the Tonkin gulf.

  8. tunnel rats: get in sneakily, end up loud
    assassins: just like above but if you f*** up you end up loudly
    me: why i want be assassin above

  9. Everything these soldiers went through and the Government treats them like dirt.

    No benefits, no insurance, etc…

    Lazy people on welfare get treated better

  10. inherently North and South must be unified. But in these two years, these regions were torn apart by great powers. France invaded the North, the United States invaded the country. the Vietnamese people we should fight against reclaiming their colonies first north and then south 🙂 don't tell me your country is French or American colonies, really funny :)) So the United States is very much sovereign because the way we travel around the world with Vietnam requires a lot of sovereignty? We simply regained the territory of Vietnam that was invaded by your country. Dear ignorant chickens

  11. Aaah, you didn't really talk about the Hush Puppy. I believe it us the only suppressed revolver in the world. They were very effective in the tunnels of Vietnam. It's a shame they did not have a standard suppressor for the 1911 Colt .45 back then. It would have truly been the weapon of choice as the .45 ACP round is subsonic by nature making it ideal for that kind of work. I love the .45 and typically carry one as my CCW. They don't call it God's round for nothing.

  12. I worked with paramedic who was a tunnel rat in Vietnam. He said he'd retire when he saved as many lives as he had taken. He was a paramedic since the 80's retired just a few years ago.

  13. Job requirements:
    •5'6" to 5'7”
    •must be able to use m1911
    •must be able to operate a flashlight
    •be proficient with a hunting knife
    •be able to work in cramped quarters and or areas
    •testicals must weigh at least 1/3 your body weight.

  14. Tunnel rats a decent name or title but what about Tunnel snakes … Cause of solid snake or maybe even crawlers or shadows but not an easy job and much respect ??

  15. Us tall dudes most likely made that rule up at the time. 5’6 and under. Sounds like something I would’ve made up to avoid getting out of it

  16. 0:40 That 1911 isn't dangerous. It's a single-action-only auto-loading pistol. It won't fire with the hammer forward like that (the way DA/SA pistols will), it has to be cocked first. Either itself manually (condition 2), or as a result of pulling back the slide (to chamber a round, condition 3). If he had contact, that'd be one very dead Tunnel Rat… 1:19 there you go, condition 1!

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