Undergraduate Lead for Women’s Health (MBBS)

We have a module in Women’s Health and men’s
health as part of year five of the MBBS curriculum. Students who do the module have teachings
in obstetrics and gynaecology, in breast health, in urology and in sexual health and genitourinary
medicine so it’s quite a varied module which is delivered across all of the campuses and
extends out to a number of our district general hospitals. It’s a really interesting module,
we think, because it gives an insight into lots of specialised areas of medicine and
gives an opportunity for students who have started to develop their clinical skills to
really embed these in some quite sensitive situations that give you an insight into the
workings of the body but also the workings of the mind in a way as well. The clinical exposure that you get within
this module is quite varied and gives you a real privileged insight into some very sensitive
potentially distressing, but potentially very important parts of people’s lives when they
are having problems with sexual health issues, with gynecological problems, diagnoses of
cancer relating to Women’s Health and men’s health and a big chunk of the module when
women are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, having babies and also thinking about their
fertility and how they might best be able to control their fertility at different stages
of their reproductive life. So we think that our students enjoy the module,
the feedback that we get is overwhelmingly positive in terms of the variety of different
situations that students are exposed to, the different types of teaching that we offer
which is a mixture of clinical teaching and lecture tutorial based teaching, and we also
try to include quite a lot of practical hands on teaching, clinical skills development,
simulations of different situations, things that we hope will embed the students to be
able to practise more effectively as a clinician a few years down the line.

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