United States and India: Two of the world’s worst countries for women? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

United States and India: Two of the world’s worst countries for women? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Is the United States one of the ten most dangerous countries on Earth for women? More dangerous than even Iran, Iraq, North Korea? Well, a recent survey says yes. Many news outlets are reporting the finding uncritically. What’s going on? Let’s check a few facts. That’s coming up next on the Factual Feminist. The Thomson Reuters Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Reuters news service, released a new survey on June 25th. It was based on responses from 548 experts on women’s issues who were asked to list the world’s “most dangerous countries for women;” dangerous in terms of lack of access to health care, vulnerability to human trafficking, discrimination, sexual violence, and backward customs. India came out as the worst country overall. The US came in tenth. In one subcategory – sexual violence – the US ranked third worst in the world. The survey results were featured in USA Today, CBS News, Newsweek, CNN, Fortune. None of the reporters thought to question Thomson Reuters about its methodology and none bothered to mention that the findings are ludicrously distorted. The United States
is far from perfect, but it’s not among the world’s most dangerous countries. Not even close. Women across the globe are plagued by acid attacks, child marriage, forced veiling, stonings, female infanticide, and female genital mutilation. Such practices are rare to non-existent in the United States. Last year, NPR created a map based on data from the World Policy Analysis Center showing which countries still allow
rapists to escape punishment by marrying their victims. The US was not one of them. A group called WomanStats maintains a comprehensive store of data on women across the world. Here’s a map that its scholars and researchers
created in 2014 contrasting women’s physical security in
different countries. Blue and beige countries are the safest; the dark red countries – much of Africa and Asia – are places where women lack physical safety. What about vulnerability to sexual violence and exploitation? Well, here’s another map from WomanStats. Again, it’s the red and orange countries where women are in the most danger. The threat of harm is a human constant and there is a lot of room for improvement in the United States, but any reasonable measure, American women are among the safest, freest, healthiest, best educated, and opportunity-rich women in the world. Why pretend otherwise? The survey’s flaws aren’t limited to its inclusion of the United States. It ranked India as the single most dangerous country in the world for women. India has a long way to go where women are concerned and it has witnessed several widely publicized, horrific crimes against women. But its record is far better than dozens of countries – Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Congo, Iraq, Pakistan…the list goes on. One reason India fared so badly is that the experts ranked it as the worst country for sex trafficking. But where is the evidence of that? In 2017, the State Department published a comprehensive analysis of human trafficking. Countries were placed in four tiers; the first tier being the best and the fourth the worst. India was in the second tier. Similarly, Reuters ranked India the single worst for “cultural traditions,” such as female genital mutilation. Well FGM is relatively rare in India. India wasn’t even mentioned in a
World Health Organization report on countries where the practice is widespread. If you ask Thomson Reuters for information about its experts and its methodology, you get back a form letter explaining that the poll is totally based on perceptions, not data. Whose perceptions? They won’t say. In the letter, they explain that “we gave an assurance to the experts that their answers would be confidential to allow total honesty.” That’s such a strange reply. Are they suggesting that their experts might misrepresent the truth if they spoke on the record? And since when do professionals demand anonymity when giving an expert opinion? Rank ordering countries is always tricky
and never fully scientific. But the WomanStats, the State Department, the World Health Organization reports… Those are based on publicly available data. Their methods are transparent and open to review and criticism. The same cannot be said of the Thomson Reuters poll. Yet the foundation rolled out the survey as if it were serious social science. And they say that the poll was developed in collaboration with a global team of data scientists. It speaks of representative samples, response rates, weighted scores. And most American reporters were taken in. Reuters is one of the most esteemed and venerable names in journalism, but this survey is a travesty that lacks transparency and credibility and it conveys misinformation, which only encourages cynicism about journalism and fuels charges of fake news. As for women’s safety in the US and India and elsewhere – that’s a serious issue, not a parlor game. Improvements will require reliable research, solid data, and careful evaluation of underlying causes. Understandably, many in India have pushed back against these findings. One prominent journalist called it “statistical rubbish.” Monique Villa, the CEO of the Thomson Reuters foundation, appeared on Indian television to defend the value of her perception poll. She was very defensive and repeatedly insisted that it was “a snapshot of a situation in the world.” No, it’s not. The Thomson Reuters survey is a snapshot of a CEO and a foundation
throwing away their credibility. If you found this video valuable, please show your support by subscribing to the series and I invite you to listen to my new weekly podcast with Danielle Crittenden – The Femsplainers – and thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.


  1. Hey all, if you want to skip right to the part of the video about India, skip to 2:47. Otherwise, watch from the beginning to hear Christina check the facts on both countries!

  2. This video makes a lot of fuss over nothing. The results stem from (1) some countries' happenings receive much more coverage than others, priming respondents to consider these countries more (or less) dangerous for women and (2) the data were nothing more than an opinion poll of targeted people already primed to consider some nations more dangerous than others.

    Thomson Reuters' results don't "prove" India is most dangerous for women. The data show that a non-random, convenience sample of willing and eligible respondents considered India to be most dangerous for women. Thomson Reuters didn't throw away its credibility whatsoever.

  3. What kind of a moonbat would you have to be to believe the United States is one of the world’s worst countries for women? Where do they teach that, at the Rachel Dolezal School of Stupid?

  4. Okay soooo I have seen some videos of the factual feminist and so far it only discredits feminism everytime without really informing with facts what needs to be done and what issues are there? (It's always just a sidenote) I'm all in for critical thinking but where does the chanel stand? So if every video is just saying ooh we are feminist but only if it's done in the right way without ever stating what that means for them… it's confusing because you don't know where they stand…. they state to be feminist and to be factual… and yet they never made a factual video about why they are feminist. If they want feminism to drive shouldn't they be giving tools (facts) so that people can spread correct information that helps achieving gender equality? What is their agenda?
    If I have missed any video or if I'm misinformed in any way please let me know… the channel just frustrates me because it's so focused on the negative without really giving you any tools to change something

  5. Sorry but the report is correct and your just plain & pissed off that right-wing views are being exposed for what they are. Either or confused about the polling, woman have the same rights as men in a lot of those countries.

  6. So many people just watched the first two minutes or saw a poll and instantly stopped the video to comment.
    Holy shit, watch the whole fucking thing.

  7. India is one of the worst place for women. And guess what it is the worst place men too. 70% of the suicide victims in India are also men. But if you chose to pick only half of the picture then yes it the worst place for Females ONLY.
    NB: India is not the worst of places. Certainly it's not a utopian land. People here gave real, genuine problems of life but to twist that into a gender specific, women's only issue, is like saying that women only feel pain, suffer from diseases, it's the women only who die in India. Men don't even die here. Just wow!

  8. India is not a very safe place for rabid feminists – not that they'll be be attacked or something, but because most people don't give a rat's arse-whistle what they think.

    That out of the way, India is not one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. Certainly, chastity of women is cultural currency in countries like these (like most Eastern societies), and where there is currency, there is the opportunity for theft or mutilation ie great stigma attached to women who are not considered 'chaste'. India has come a long, long way from putting women's chastity on such a high pedestal that wars are fought over it, but there is a long way to go still.

    I think if you are grading developing societies, the parameters need to be proportionate. In which countries are women more free to seek work? In which countries are women free to organise for issues that matter to them? In which countries do more women run for political office? In which countries do more women run SME businesses unaided by male relations? Which countries have a high number of women in professions such as teaching and medicine, not to mention tech, hospitality, research and industry? On all these counts, India is certainly not the worst in the world, and on many counts India would be placed rather well. To think, both the current defence ministry and the foreign ministry, two of the three Great Offices of State in India are headed by women. The moon mission program is headed by a woman. None of these are favours bestowed them by men; there are risks being taken and these women and more have won the confidence of their colleagues based on sheer merit. It has come to the point for many, where the gender of the candidate does not really matter but talent does.

    I think a lot of the 'opinions' on the survey are reflective of their own bias and prejudices, influenced no doubt by cultural perceptions and prevailing attitudes, and reinforced by nonsensical law. For instance, prostitution is illegal in most states in India. Does this mean there is no prostitution? All it means is that women who voluntarily engage in this profession are at the total mercy of their – often times brutal – customers and get no help from the law. If you make prostitution a legal, organised, normal activity, like in the Netherlands, the women (and men) involved can seek protection under the law and indeed, work a way out of the trade and on to something better. High time this was done. It is one way of tackling human trafficking as well, as right now, who knows the scale of the trade, except in exaggerations and myths, like the Thomson Reuters Poll?

    Aside that, this naming and shaming which is the aim of reports like Thomson Reuter's risks being shunted by a public tired of being falsely accused for crimes they do not commit. Yes, there is a section among Indian nationals where women still get half the inheritance of her male siblings; often times do not get to walk out without permission; are covered from head to toe in black curtain cloth; and whose chastity is still used as currency. These women are more at the mercy of men than possibly any other in India or in the wider world. They share a certain doctrine with a host of countries from the west of India all the way to Africa. And like their sisters in Brunei, they can be stoned to death for adultery. Oh, can't say much more lest the PC police come my way!

    And they have a point – countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia – when they say women there are 'safer' than in countries such as India; they are so 'well-protected' that they may as well not exist. Women in such societies are seen as feeble glass works prone to be broken, so they have to be given special 'protection', lest they break. I think the real metric should be how much more 'free' are women in different societies? Certainly freedom comes with risks, including to physical safety, but is it really a life worth it for a women to be forever 'protected' but not free? Heck, would that be good for a man? And if you take an honest survey about women's freedoms – and care to be honest about it – I am sure India will come way over the countries she is currently keeping company with. Of course, the US would probably top – it is by far the freest country for both men and women.

  9. This woman is too factual and smart. She could never get her own reality TV show. Listen to what she is saying and you will find that she knows more than most of us.

  10. Every things you say about India is just a propaganda and agenda India is Far better than Syria Pak Afghan or Iraq

  11. Only reason that Fems,in USA, think so is because "They are NEVER Satisfied" ; go live in some unindustrialized/Uncivilized Country for one week and you will come running back to the USA !!

  12. Yikes, what else have Reuters been lying about? Oh yeah I remember seeing an article credited to them on Times of India where they directly called, as if it was solid fact, Trump's pointing out of farmer murders in South Africa as a racist statement.

  13. I remember ALL the "intellectual" folks sharing this poll and asserting it as if it was golden truth in the "civil society" circles in India.

  14. leftist policies would be to blame….sexual predator self absorbed whore culture yet you want safety….and respect….beat it…go to Saudi Arabia

  15. Despite Indian women having as many rights as Indian men, they DO NOT behave like western feminazi dogs!

  16. Japan? Seriously? Even though it has been proven many times that it is nothing more than a myth?

    Rape is almost non-existent in Japan, sorry but that is a fact.

    I do not know how anyone can believe the rape map bullshit even after being proven how low crime rates and rapes are in Japan, train gropers are the most common type of sexual assault, it happens more often compared to other types of assault, but even that is a small number compared to other countries.

  17. Syria? It's dangerous to live there (particularly in Allepo, Homs, etc.) For both men and women and children. Not just women. And that's due to the war I'm the country caused by an unjust government.

  18. there is one young woman in a vid who did describe the sjw's and feminist state of mind it's like this a few middle class woman take it upon themselfs to fight againts anything everything and anyone for things that dont even exist in the world and internet like a none existing rape culture death treaths towards some middle class woman since it's proven time and again that they send those e mails themslelfs to themselfs to say see that what i say is true and they even dare to talk for millions of woman who dont even agree with those sjw's and feminists they pooison the minds of young woman and girls they poison society as a whole they are extremele dangerous and should be put in jail or at least a muzzle when they are in public and keep their thoughts to themselfs we muzzle dogs if they are dangerous and they dont come more dangerous then sjw's and feminist

  19. congratualtion to both countries. They deserve this award. Thanks to the serveyers. The bad smell of a dirt heaps will have to come out some time.

  20. what rubbish f***kwe agree that india is not a country where girls be comfort but what about other countries is only india in the world
    we are proud to be here
    idot want to kill u
    ????????????india is 2nd popular counry by its population

  21. Holy crap. I'm just discovering this series today… And noticing how well it was hidden away from any feed. For having good content vs a lot of others… It's just hidden…

  22. This video was about debunking the survey stating usa and India as the most dangerous country… So to my fellow Indian keyboard warriors. U are an embarrassment and next time please watch the video before you spew insults ?‍♂️

  23. Go watch mgtow videos . Feminist are trying to demonize patriarchy dont buy their propaganda.

  24. Why do the reuters forget the instances of saudi princess seeking asylum in west due to woman right abuses and domestic violence

  25. I am from México, and A partner told me this news from India and oh boy I gota defend India as I was from there when I explained the bias article. No way I would tolerate dishonor or missinformation about that country when its not like that

  26. India topping this list will certainly make Indian feminists & perhaps some western conservatives happy who think feminism is bad but it's needed in poor or 3rd world countries. Well poison is poisonous everywhere whether it's 1st world or 3rd world & we in India already have feminism which is only gaining in strength as they learn new things from the western feminists & even receive support from foreign organisations.
    We've feminist laws like police legally mandated to take every complaint of women seriously but no such requirement for complaints from men. Divorce is no different, women can claim rights over husband's ancestral property but her ancestral property is hers. In my state a film director committed suicide after his wife made police complaints against him over domestic violence which isn't uncommon during divorce proceedings as it helps strengthen their cases. She also made similar complaints against her mother in law & sister in law which were taken seriously since they were made by a woman resulting in their arrest too. Finally the man decided to quit his life. We also have a colonial era law that makes affair with a married woman a crime for a man allowing the cheated husband to pursue a case against the man who was involved with his wife. No law to punish the involved woman even if her boyfriend is married. In such laws the feminist logic is in the name of giving justice to a woman another woman shouldn't face injustice. But this law is opposed by feminist saying it makes women look like their husband's property not that it protects women & only punishes the involved man who in some cases may not even be aware that the woman is married.
    Media too highlights violence faced by women as violence against women which gains wide coverage but violence against men is just regular violence even if it's by women it has a twisted angle to it like men provoked them like the viral video where 2 boys were being beaten up by 2 sisters who became heroes not just in India but also in countries who saw that viral video. Later it turned out those 2 girls started the fight over seats which the boys had occupied & refused to give, usually in such cases it's men with those women who start violence to get seats for their women as I've seen myself. Those 2 sisters didn't got arrested like the boys were but the state govt cancelled their bravery award which was probably their only punishment & media stopped covering it as well.
    Also recently a woman fell out of an overcrowded train & it made news. The reality is around 20-30 or more men die in the same way from the same crowded train service but that's not news, it's probably just life. CCTV cameras were set in women's compartments too (yes women have their own compartments where men can't enter but women can enter in men's compartments which are in reality just general compartments where despite being even more crowded they demand space & some even seats which they can't do in women's compartment, they also prefer to travel in men's compartments at night if women's compartment is completely empty as having a few men around in such times makes them feel safe but feminists see men as a threat). Those CCTV cameras were meant to protect women in women's compartments but the reality is it's women who assault other women in those compartments as men aren't allowed to enter which is ensured by often placing a policeman in each compartment. In the morning during rush hours they also have one train meant only for women with police in each compartment to ensure no man enters regardless of how much in a hurry he may be.
    In the end we really need is not feminism which we have & is growing but "Legal Equality" which can ensure proper equality at least when laws are enforced but vote bank politics (identity based electoral politics) ensure that politicians always pander to women voters with feminist proposals which they know if ever misused it still won't hurt powerful politicians but only regular men & may be their families.
    Just to add a bit more, small boys being abused whether with violence or sexually also is never a scandal like any scandal one will here if the perpetrators are women, if the violence is on camera as in some cases it still never becomes a big scandal beyond a day's coverage no matter how disturbing the video is. Sexual violence on boys even by men is at least in my State's media i.e. the Marathi language media is referred as "unnatural" abuse or atrocity, the word 'sexual' is never used.

  27. Australia is the most dangerous place for Asian men! The white women you must NOT MEET!

    They are like…RAARH ! ????

  28. OMG! How the heck is China rated in the orange when white people especially the women who ACTUALLY visited there said they felt so much safer in China than back home !I’m sorry your episode is flawed and needs revision before we pull it down !

  29. At 1:48
    I live in Angola. I was born here grew up here and all… I'm not so knowledgeable about these particular things, but I'm almost certain that that doesn't happen, this country has so many flaws, and rape is one of them… and yes many rapist here get away with it, but not by marrying the victim… why would the victim accept that?
    People think of Africa as if this place is like the stone age, people here are very aware (not really, there's just a bunch of ignorants here). People here are simple, you can really divide it into 3 groups (obviously with exceptions)
    You have people that only care about themselves (yes I know this is a case all over the world) and their reputation, they will not put up with anyone's shit but will make everyone put up with him
    Then you have fairly standard people, they are very humble and you can just see they've been through a lot
    And then there's my type, the kind of person that never leaves his house, is always browsing the web and etc
    The big difference really is when you get to the poverty areas of Angola, I myself can't talk too much about them since I always tried to stay away from these areas, because they just give bad vibes… here you see polution a lot of people with diseases just asking for money near the roads, the sadest thing is the sheer number of people you see like this, I don't where they find determination live, I wouldn't be capable of living like they do, and I respect them for that…

  30. I think that, they just have done lottery system for worst country for women. Now i know how Donald trump won, these reporter had no idea because they haven't done any ground reporting, they were just sitting in the bubble with same kind of people having same ideologies and pretending that they know everything.

  31. More like is us and india most against feminism.
    And actually want men and women to be different as well as equal.

  32. I'm from India and while we're growing as a nation, things like the above mentioned are rare to non-existent in urban environments. Now with ever increasing education and better healthcare and financial support the conditions in rural areas too are improving.

  33. The one way you can tell that this list is malarkey is that the bottom six nations for life expectancy for women are not on this list. Some how, Sierra Leone where a woman's life expectancy is about 50 years is better than the United States where a woman's life expectancy is 81 years. I love to hear an explanation how that's possible.

  34. They surveyed the staff members of the following
    1. Teen vogue
    2. Buzzfeed
    3. Vox
    4. HuffPost
    5. JNU University India

  35. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha

    if there are almost 200 countries worldwide where womyn have it better then why don't those womyn fly to any of those locations on a whim? if womyn can fly then why don't they fly to one of those paradises leaving all the sane people behind?

    not forgetting ofc to produce some liveleak videos because those are good shit

  36. I play the victim game to get free replacement food at food establishments, just like feminists do to governments, men and society

  37. Leftist propaganda
    How can anyone with common sense think US as one of the most dangerous countries in the world
    Where are all the Islamic countries?

  38. i think the survey results are really saying that MSM is doing a great job convincing American women that they are the most oppressed ppl in the world.

  39. I've traveled to over 50 countries and used to represent the USG overseas. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with Thompson-Reuters' results, but I am not satisfied with your rebuttal. "Safety" should be thought of how fearful of women are about their ability to live and thrive in society. If American women feel threatened, why dismiss their reality? I for one, don't always feel safe in the United States. And actually, in some ways I do feel safer in more authoritarian societies because social interactions are much more controlled. There is gender violence, but it's not the same that we see in the United States. It's hard to rank countries on a broad issue such as this. But the United States has a lot of problems with the way it treats women, and I disagree with your assertion that women are the "healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most educated women in the world". For one, women have the highest infant mortality rate for all developed economies. By denying that we don't have some pretty bad problems – that are obvious to other societies – you're doing a disservice to women and humankind.

  40. Popular perception can't be considered as proper analysis. In India, punishments for such crimes are heavy as they are considered very heinous crimes, they don't shrug such matters off as unimportant or like they don't matter as that happens in your 'good countries for women's'.

  41. India, USA and Pakistan are definitely not in anyway worst country for men if they are then it is for both gender.
    Plus, don't shut off the reality that in North Korea men face injustice too and are facing many problem North Korea as a country is worst for common public. Men only have advantage because of their superior physical prowess.

  42. scarlett johansson (US actress) was paid more than male counterparts and even deepika padukone (INDIAN actress) was also paid more than male actors

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