V-Steaming to Enhance Fertility

V-Steaming to Enhance Fertility

Hello there good afternoon or good
morning to you I am excited today because well I’m always excited but we
are talking about a very unusual topic or you may have heard about it’s very
unconventional we’re gonna be talking V-Steams! Welcome to Tea with
The Fertility Godmother I am Denise Noyer-Erez and I am a fertility acupuncturist
and I help couples get their bodies ready so that they can have a baby and
today we’re going to be specifically talking about vagina steams and
everybody in my office laughs I mean when I say that we have so much fun
because um it’s just a little bit unusual so we’re gonna talk a little bit
about that and how it can help you and the benefits of it and what you can do
at home and also some other things so well first of all let’s talk about what
is a vagina steam.. oh please say hi if you guys come on live and of course post
any questions that you may have I’d love to answer them and if you’re not
watching this live of go ahead and post them in in the comment section and we’ll
do our best to answer them for you it seems to be working well when you’re not
seeing us live and also if you know somebody that could benefit from this
please make sure to share it with them and it’s kind of a fun topic that’s very
helpful so what is a vagina steam or a V steam or sometimes called a Yoni
steam I think it’s pronounced {tie-yoke} in Korea it’s an ancient Korean steam for
the vagina and it’s been used for centuries mostly it was originally used
for in the for the Empress’s and the to help you know as part of your normal
health care especially for the vagina and a lot of cultures there’s there’s a
lot of cleansing that’s done for the vagina not just in Asia but also it was
used in South America that’s very common in Africa parts of Europe especially
northern Europe it was done all the time so what you do is
you have a an open pot you you put some water in a pot and it steams and then
you have herbs in it and you sit over the pot so usually you have an open seat
and the herbs the steam rises up into the vaginal tissue and the vaginal
tissue is has a lot of blood vessels and a lot of mucous membranes so when you
combine the steam with these particular medicinal herbs
it really helps facilitate those those are medicinal properties into the local
area there so it does make a lot of sense even though there is some
objection to it we use it a lot in our office for people that want to help get
pregnant so we use it a lot for fertility part of getting of that is
making sure that your you don’t have you have normal periods right so it’s really
good for menstrual cramps I’ve used it a lot also for just to help with build
uterine lining so sometimes we have women that come in that they’re lining
just doesn’t get thick enough for the embryo to implant so we use it a lot
during that time as well it can be used for to help with libido to be we had a
patient come in a couple weeks ago where it really helped get her fertile mucus
ready so she was really excited because that was the first time she was really
able to see that she had fertile mucus so we helped with that and it also is
used for postpartum healing it really speeds up recovery time and it’s great
for menopause II like helping with libido as well yes so those are all some
things that it can be used for it can be used for other things as well but that’s
what we use it mostly for in our office so again how it works is this do you put
medicinal herbs in the in a pot and you boil it and you sit so if you’re gonna
do this at home you know you obviously want to make sure even if you’re doing
it at a spa we happen to have one in our office but if you do one at a spa like
you go to Koreatown or you want to do this at home you want to make sure that
you don’t get burned okay hotter is not better
I’ve had some people think that so no hotter is definitely not better you want
it to be warm because it needs to work and but you want to make sure that
you’re covered up so if you’re doing it at home you’ll make sure you put a lot
of blankets around your lower body and stay really warm and you’ll sit down
over you can make some type of contraption some people put it in their
toilet some people have boxes you can you know find a what would work best for
you if you want to do it at home the trick is to make sure you have the right
herbs because the herbs are going to be the key to make sure that you have the
right medicinal herbs but then you’ll you’ll sit over the over
the stool and you’ll just cover yourself and read a book for 20 to 40 minutes or
meditate or listen to some an interesting podcast just whatever do
something that’s relaxing definitely do not use the phone unless you’re reading
a book on the phone but don’t be too working you know take this time the 20
minutes to 40 minutes up the most and just sit there and you’re gonna relax
and the medicinal properties will go will come in but it’s a really important
to keep warm that’s part of it when you go to a Korean spa I believe they do
this and when you go to come to our office we have special gowns so that it
really helps keep you warm and keeps the steam in so your whole body ends up
getting getting steamed but obviously it’s particularly geared to the vagina
so those are some great things what else it I wanna tell you about the vagina
steam let’s see here well that went fast I think I covered
everything so just gonna recap it for you oh I know a misconception here it is
misconceptions one of the biggest misconceptions about it is there’s that
it can disrupt the natural flora in the vagina so it’s not an invasive procedure
you’re not like doing a like a douche or anything you’re it’s just a steam where
the medicinal properties are able to enter into the local area of the vagina
foot so the blood sits local in the bloodstream so it’s going to
hit the reproductive organs quicker because it’s getting localized into that
area but it’s not going to be um it’s not you’re actually cleaning out and the
steam should not be hot enough to kill any of the bacteria but it should do
this it should help with the blood flow and loosen things up because you really
want to prepare your uterus for for pregnancy or so that you’re not having
these painful periods because sometimes tissue doesn’t get completely released
from when you have a menstrual cycle so you want to get rid of that get rid of
that old tissue make sure that you have some nice fresh uterine lining so that
you don’t have you have a normal period and what a normal period should look
like is you should have you know it’s you should only be bleeding for days and
you don’t shouldn’t have any cramps you shouldn’t have any funny before and the
blood needs to be like fresh colored blood you don’t want lots of clots and
dark purple black stringy blood you want fresh healthy-looking blood in that area
and that’s those are all signs and of of a hormonal imbalance or lack of
circulation in the area so that’s where the vagina steam comes in so nicely
because it just helps get that out really quickly helps increase
circulation you definitely don’t want to do a vagina seam if you’re trying to get
pregnant after you ovulate so you’ll only want to do it before you ovulate so
usually it takes somewhere between four to six treatments before you actually
get results for fertility but if you’re not trying to conceive and you’re and
you’re doing one because you have really bad periods then you should see results
within that first cycle within that first month or a couple treatments of
doing that which is really exciting so if that was an important tip I wanted to
make sure to tell you please be sure to give us a thumbs up if you like this
topic it’s kind of a fun topic and if you need any tips on how to do it and
wherever you are if you want to try it at home or if you want to come into our
office if you’re local or checkout with a Korean day
they have them as well and those medicinal herbs are really important so
you want to make sure you consult with somebody who knows what would be good for you for your particular reason or why you’re going to be doing it okay so
here’s to a wonderful day you can check out we have some more information about Vaginal Steaming on our website and Haley just posted that link below! Thank You Haley alright you guys, make it a great day and here’s to your health! Bye bye!


  1. What if you don’t have a period due to PCOS? How often in a month would one do this treatment?
    How do one find out what herbs to use for PCOS?

  2. I have pcos and my period has been on for a month and a half any tips on how to regulate myself without birth control

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