Vinny From Jersey Shore Shows Us His Totally Keto Fridge | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

Vinny From Jersey Shore Shows Us His Totally Keto Fridge | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

I try to have organic vegetables — I’m not
gonna lie, like I’m kind of lazy, so I look for the organic frozen ones, you
know; you don’t to worry about, like, some weird guy sneezing on it in the grocery store. That’s more of my mom’s department,
like, going to the grocery store, getting like, real broccoli, and cutting it,
and like, I don’t have time for all that. If I had a broccoli farm in the back,
yes, I’d pick it myself, but I live in Staten Island, so — I’m buying
my frozen friggin’ broccoli. Yo what up!
I hear you’re here to see the fridge — come on in, it’s this way. Where all the magic happens — some people say the bedroom; my magic happens in the kitchen. I first got into eating low carb, keto, paleo, because I wanted to lose weight. When I made this change, I lost around 50 pounds. I just turned 31, and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. Most of my Jersey Shore roommates
make fun of me for being keto, even though they secretly
love it and admire me. You know, when I was eating the cheese and pepperoni off of a slice of pizza when I was drunk, everyone was like “what is wrong with
this kid?” They call all clean eating “keto”. Like, if like Ronnie’s like “yo I’m ketoing all week!”
I’m like bro, you’re definitely not eating keto, you’re just not eating like ———. Here is the fridge of the Keto Guido. First thing that’s a big staple is grass-fed butter. Keto people eat butter, okay? We were taught that butter wasn’t good for you, go have that, like, margarine stuff —
basically just cooking with chemicals. I’d rather cook from a natural product; I
feel like my body knows what to do with it. Everything I do, whenever it includes
an animal, it’s gonna be grass-fed, it’s gonna be
organic, free-range, stuff like that. Olives. I’m Italian? Okay?
I don’t eat pasta, but I do eat some Italian staples, like olives. So I have like, a ton of olives.
These are a specific one I can only really get on Staten Island.
They are Sicilian olives. They literally only sell them at one
store. They taste amazing. Bottles of water, very fancy. I use coconut milk for mostly everything
that I used to — that I would have milk with. Unsweetened – so like my protein shakes. Pickles — I can’t tell you the health benefits of pickles —
I like them; they taste good. Arugula is my favorite, but it doesn’t
stay fresh for that long. Plus I’ll finish this in like
two to three days just from my meals, so every other couple days I’m getting a
new baby arugula salad that I’m using. This is truffle mousse — so this is basically liver. A lot of health benefits of
eating organs and liver, so this is like, an organ of that.
But – and you might think it’s nasty. But it tastes pretty good; I actually like it. Eggs! Eggs are life. So — free-range, cage-free, pastured eggs. I always like the brown ones. Bacon! Everybody loves bacon.
I always keep bacon with me, everywhere I go. Nah, I’m kidding. Couple slices. Everyone thinks keto
people just eat bacon all day – three slices, or three little pieces
with my eggs, I’m good; I’m satiated, and it tastes good. On to the cheese – so I got all
different kinds of cheeses in here; mozzarella cheese,
even got grated cheese. Not a ton of it. Don’t think that you can be keto and
just eat a bunch of dairy and cheese all day. It’s not – I don’t think that’s the best thing for you. I’ve always had a big sweet tooth.
I had a everything tooth. Fried food, dessert… For me, a sweet craving or dessert
craving — it gets satisfied so easily. I have like, a piece of dark chocolate. Now this is 90% cacao, 72% cacao, which is… not that low, but I try to go the highest amount of cacao that I can, least amount of sugar in it. I have a little piece like this, like a little
silver dollar or something, I’m good; I’m done. Actually dark chocolate is
actually really good for you. I’m Italian, again, so a lot of garlic.
I use garlic to cook with a lot of things. Garlic is actually really good for you as well. Lemons — I love lemons. My salads are so simple; they’re just
literally arugula, olive oil, lemon, and salt. And onions. That’s really it. All of the action of my diet
comes from the freezer. This freezer is full of meat. I get
my meat delivered to me by a service. So it’s called Butcher Box — so, Butcher Box
delivers grass-fed beef to you — heritage-breed pork, free-range chicken…
I like to change my meat; I don’t eat the same thing all the time.
So I don’t eat, like, beef every day, so, I got like, ground bison here — this is
grass-fed lamb as well. I love eating grass-fed beef, so — ribeyes, strips… Yeah so, companies send me a lot of dessert
as well, so this is a keto-friendly cheesecake. Cheesecakes are pretty keto because they’re
mostly cheese and heavy cream and stuff. And then these have to find that little sweetener, like
erythritol, or monk fruit, or something to sweeten it with. A big question for people that want to eat
low-carb and sugar-free and keto is “can I eat fruit?” They say that berries have the
least amount of sugar in them, and I’ll throw them in a protein shake. Well uh, that was my fridge! So, if you guys don’t mind,
I have some things to do… I have a date with bacon. Goodbye!


  1. i do keto, i wish he used a better mozzarella. that poly-brand isnt non-gmo or rBST free (i dont believe, as it doesnt say it on the packaging).

  2. I don't get how people can say they don't have time. I work and have school so I get about 4-5 hours a day for myself but then I have school work to do during that time. There is still a way I make time to read a book, make breakfast, etc. Trust me you can make time people.

  3. I almost bought that same line of fridge last week. It’s a GE Cafe. Instead I opted for a GE Profile with a Keurig dispenser because oddly, they don’t sell the GE Cafe with Keurig dispenser in my area (Manhattan)

  4. Most new yorkers… Italians.and. puertican are a lil stuck up act like there better than other… and if you disagree. .. just think about it ..

  5. Vinny I will take good care of you! I’ll wash your clothes and your hair plus I can cook and all in my heels! Lmao!

  6. Stupid fucking fad diets.. its not hard to lose weight just burn more calories than you eat. Its very simple concept.

  7. Keto diet isn't very healthy and you should do it on and off. Eating high fat foods including saturated fats will cause high cholesterol and fatty liver etc.

  8. Also dumb ass you need to understand that when you steam fresh vegetables you actually kill the germs- he thinks getting it only in packages it will not be sneezed on- that’s why you fucks are so dumb because you watch this idiot

  9. A question I’ve always had since I was a kid. When the products are blurred out is that because the company doesn’t want to be associated with certain people or is it cause the show doesn’t want to provide free advertising

  10. He should store stuff in the silicone, reusable and sustainable bags: #stasherbags! Saves money and the environment…. love how clean he keeps the fridge. ?

  11. Keto is The best way of eating you can have everything ; you just Gotta take the TIME!!
    YOU CAN EAT .EVERYTHING, just look up recipes for Keto chewy chocolate chip cookies or pancakes or pizza& lasagna tacos the best soups and salad and KETO when carb bread . You honestly feel your best self while never being hungry! And having the hottest body ever I promise????? and it’s so easy it’s SICK!!!

  12. That’s not enough storage for me. I got a chest freezer and still need more space, so I’m about to get a 2nd chest freezer because I store up everything. My proteins, fruits for smoothies and fresh veggies. I chops up everything and freezes it. Even fresh herbs. I like to stack up at Aldi, Bj’s and other great markets, so one refrigerator ain’t cutting it for me. I’m water fasting now, on day 14 today, but when I’m done I want all of my keto foods on hand.

  13. Ugh looks like my fridge, minus the liver/organs. You need to try the lily chocolate bars, they are amazing!

  14. What a fucking MORON, hes teaching you simpletons "nutrition"…and the dumb asshole buys frozen bull shit because he "doesn't have time to chop broccoli" what a dumb fucking asshole. Here's a TIP, nothing is as good as FRESH PRODUCE

  15. Lol..he said eggs are life. More like a hens period. And companies use free range cage free to sell. It's bs.

  16. I told my dad about this guy and said he was really really good for keto, like maybe try what he tries? and then my dad brought up all the alcohol Ginny consumes and I just laughed my ass off

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