Watch a robotic hysterectomy at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital

Watch a robotic hysterectomy at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital


  1. I'm preparing for such a surgery, and this was very helpful. Granted, I needed a break after the first 6 minutes. You wake up with little BandAids on your belly and have no idea what your body experienced. I'll definitely follow Doctor's Orders to rest and go easy on my abdomen after my surgery. Thank you for showing calm and skill from each member of your team.

  2. Thank you to the patient that allowed herself to be filmed! Really helped relieve some anxiety about my up coming hysterectomy.

  3. This is so interesting and fascinating. I'm going to the doctor this month cause I'm having issue with my lady parts as well. This might be a option and if so, I don't feel anxious about it anymore because of this video. Medicine and Science these days is amazing!

  4. I had this surgery 3/4/2019. I was in the Hospital for a day. 7 days after the surgery I awaken to see I was sleeping on my stomach. My incisions healed very well. I wanted to go to work after one week of the surgery. My Doctor said NO! At least 4 weeks off. I feel wonderful!😃😃

  5. I just had this done March 28th 2019…By God's grace,I did great! Lil to no bleeding at all…I was up walking the next day…I slept on amd off the day of surgery…It wasn't as bad as I thought…I'm just sore

  6. I just had a robotic hysterectomy and this is a great video. Wish I had looked at it before my surgery. Thank you VERY much for sharing. After the surgery I was wondering what the end positioning of the ovaries would be. It's nice to see why I'm having to rest so much and be careful about with regard to putting too much pressure on the abdomen while recovering (not just so the vag cuff can heal but also so I don't pop cauterized vessels which must heal as well). Now I'll also have some good questions to ask my surgeon at my post op appt. I would also like to thank the women who allowed for this!!!

  7. In my case I am having this surgery done middle of next month. I am worry because thru all this process to prepare for the surgery I found out I have a blood disorder. I bleed out. Very concern about it because my blood dont coagulate.

  8. Question is it safe for a patient who has had a tummy tuck to get this type of procedure the belly wont bloat much with am tummy tuck how would that work if they cant bloat the belly and see in the uterus?

  9. I had this on a Thursday. Drove home on Friday. Back to work on Monday. It was like nothing happened! Literally zero discomfort.

  10. I had this surgery 24 days ago and I was up walking around the first day k I was working the 2nd week. No problem at all. Wonderful surgery. Not much pain

  11. I had this done 3 yrs ago and it went well! Only thing that was uncomfortable for me was the gas they put in the stomach. The discomfort didn't last long tho! Happy I had this done!

  12. Just had this done today, I can say that I'm in little pain. But every thing went well. I'm in the hospital right now I should be home by tomorrow. And 8 weeks of recovery.

  13. Thank you to the surgeons, staff and the patient for doing this / posting it to YouTube. <3 The lead surgeon's soft-spoken nature really helped (I kind of wish he was doing mine, haha). A very educational experience, and much appreciated!!

  14. wow amazing! it's neat that a new technology is already working so smoothly. what would have improved with the vessel sealer? how does it seal?

  15. i had this exact same surgery exactly 2 weeks ago today, except they did a cystoscopy as well.Not sure why but they did. i was definitely up and moving quickly and off narcotics in 1 week or less. Only issue i had was diminished sensation to my right groin and pain during my urine stream, that is in my lower bladder area. I’m hoping it will subside

  16. My sister just had this done a few days ago. These doctors are so amazing at what they do!! Thanks for sharing!! 👍

  17. My mom had first laparoscopy and doctor makes some mistake they cut one of nerve by mistake and bleeding doesn't stop at all after that immediately they started doing hysterectomy and it is so serious operation she is near to die at all everything is fine but she fill very weak day by day and some gastric problem

  18. There has to be another way to create life a less painful natural way..this womb thing degrades the female quality and experience of life …now i would still like to carry a baby in my stomach but periods no..i wish i was like a kangaroo

  19. I had this done on Tuesday and today marks 4 days post op and I am doing better than expected. A little sore but I'm glad I got my stomach binder. It really helps with supporting my stomach. It's cool seeing what the surgery looks like. Kind of glad I waited until after my surgery to watch this video though.

  20. Typical surgeons. No mention of
    – reduced blood flow to the upper vagina resulting in uncomfortable dryness with sexual intercourse
    – removal of half the suspensory tissue that protects against pelvic organl prolapse (POP).
    – removal of bladder fascia with inherent nerves leading to incontinence issues later.
    This woman would likely have reduced uterine bleeding via a healthier diet and other lifestyle factors that reduces excessive stimulation of sex hormones.

  21. How incredible! The commentary was very interesting and clear, even though I do not have a background in the medical field. Thank you for sharing this!

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