Watch Live: Officials give update on California bar shooting today | Thousand Oaks, CA

Watch Live: Officials give update on California bar shooting today | Thousand Oaks, CA


  1. FBI doing a damn good job. It's time to stand behind federal oversight and recommendations on gun control and other preventative measures.

  2. One of the most obvious false flags yet.
    The story lines and crisis actors have been horrible.
    Wake up sheeple.
    I mean …really… BORDERLINE???
    Deep state written all over this one!
    Border…I wonder which one?
    Line…red line that POTUS crossed!
    These people are stupid.

  3. right wing says gun is not the problem and democrats say guns are the problem. I don't think congress or Americans unanimously can agree with guns being the issue- we have seen multiple evidence that gun control will never be a solution in America. So in that case what would be the next best solution. Is there anyway that congress can come together and think about the next best solution for safety of the people? ok if it is mental health why not act on improving that. America has one of the worst health care system of any developed nation.

  4. As usual they have started making excuses in the media for the mass murderer already.Can you imagine the coverage if mass shootings of this regularity was committed exclusively by Hispanic or Muslim Americans?

  5. I'm calling it a Hoax, folks. Watch all the videos, not just this mouthpiece video. There are anomalies everywhere. I did not see ambulances to take 13 bodies away, did you? A couple jocks carrying a "wounded" friend to safety does not impress me unless they were going in the wrong direction like the "heroes" of the alleged Pulse Club shooting were, haha. Get a grip – our govt plays us like a bunch of morons. Do the homework and research every video you can. Notice only five to ten second clips of carefully calculated movements – all fake. No real emotions from witnesses.
    If this were real and happened only few hours before there should be lots of turmoil around that bar, but everything was calm and prepared for interviews and analysis like it happened days ago.
    Please do not trust government unless they can prove with evidence this actually happened.

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  7. Donald Duck (oompa loompa) President tweeted he was briefed on the shooting at Borderline bar & grill and praised the officer for his bravery in which I totally agree may God rest his soul but I noticed he didn't say anything negative about the gunman but don't let the gunman be a hispanic/Latin shooter because the first words out of his mouth would be BUILD THE WALL.

  8. See what happens when you unarmed Good Samaritans that shows you that no matter how strict gun laws are something always going to happen this time use the Glock what the 10 rounds in his handgun is the easiest state to commit a crime it's easy to rob a store the most likely a person is not going to have a gun do I tell the bad guy I got to load my gun and give me a second cuz your gun can't legally be loaded if your open carrying

  9. God rest everyone’s soul and God be with everyone’s family who lost someone. There are no words to describe how bad this is 🙏… but why is stuff like always happening in places with strict gun control? Attackers know we are unarmed in these places . If for one second the attacker thought there is people in there with guns on their hips this wouldn’t have happened… Democrats took over the house and unfortunately this is just the beginning.. God bless everyone and rest in paradise 🙏

  10. California need to change their gun laws vote Yes on AR-15 the only way we can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun

  11. Another shooter cleared and vetted by American psychiatric "experts".
    But you know the same liberal shrinks responsible for this will be screaming for more gun control legislation.

  12. Was he hit in the head, knocked out, during that other bar incident, where he was the victim of battery? Did his behavioral decline intensify after that? He may have had a lesion. I suppose it won't be possible to scan, in this case, but a timeline of his behaviors might suggest if there was an underlying physical cause to them.

  13. Does anyone still fall for these staged political events…. Anyone wonder why they always push the fear of terror when elections are taking place with these low budget actors pushing their political agenda to enslave the world?

    The latest agenda is a push on mental health and PTSD the reality is the corporate government is responsible for these acts of terror being blamed on the mental state of mind of military men…

    The TRUE REALITY is they are trying to blame the latest political event on mental disability presenting the fear of terror when everything from 9/11 through to current day events points directly back at the corporate governments agenda to pass more environmental laws for climate change… All part of removing a mans mental capasity to further enslave and control humanity worldwide!!!


  14. white Terrorist was the ex US Army solider … i am feeling sad for the their families… but USA GOVT is tasting their own medicine , which they created for the middle east and other Muslims countries… why western media is not labeling them terrorist? just because he is Christian and white guy?

  15. Hey California how’s that multiculturalism and gun control working out for you? Lmao reap what you sow California lol.

  16. Keep up the good work liberals. Maybe a few more gun bans and another gun free zone sign will stop it next time…

  17. we are also loosing people in iran beacse yur goverment sanctioned on medicine ………. condolences to the families who loos their young ones in this massacre ……..I my self loos my son beacse of shotage of medicine in iran ……..

  18. My sincere prayers to the affected families…mass shooting gets worse every month. This is loss of a real life…this ain't video games.

  19. For those crying about stricter gun laws. California has the strictest gun laws in the country yet this still allegedly happened. People intent on carrying out this type of Carnage do not care about gun laws. More liberal gun laws would allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from these wackos.

  20. Definitely PTSD = (P)ost (T)wenty-five yrs (S)ocial (D)ilemma . At 25yrs, brains prune unused connections, and project more into the future, which some can't handle, after being carefree or due to the lack of support systems. So, life's simple goals challenge them, and they vent at social constructs or even become political misfits which is an easier on their identity/ego. At 18 yrs, there's a termination in the helpful part of the brain which allows for self-monitoring, but also creates automatic self-consciousness during high school years. When this doesn't terminate, this self-monitoring overwhelms and some acquire schizophrenic elements. These changes must be related to attacking society and being typically around 27yrs.You've seen the list of age 27 yr musicians that died/committed suicide; all mass shooters can't blame military life; and approx 25 yrs is a huge suicidal age group.

  21. A senseless tragically unfortunate death of a sergeant in the Ventura County Sheriff's department Ron Helus, so sad !!! 😪

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