1. Taking a Physics final tomorrow and this video was quick, and informative- just what I need when I'm studying. Thanks!

  2. This was really great and informational video. Thanks
    Video was just the right length, any longer and my attention span would have made me watch another video 😀

  3. exam in an hour you saved me, and i am not a crammer i just didnt clearly understand this part of my notes

  4. Every comment ever:

    “I learnt more in this vid than from my teacher all year”

    “I have a test tomorrow and this saved me”

  5. You made this more complicated then it really is. You could have explained the whole lesson with just the graphical representation.

  6. Wow… thank you so much. I just learnt the most challenging topic on tomorrow's test in 5 minutes

  7. Shouldn’t your graph be starting at the origin if the period is 20 sec? Graph goes through (20,0), so should go through (0,0) too.

  8. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for this very clear explanation, it has really helped me to grasp the basics of the relationship between wave period and freq, I hadn't seen your previous videos but will deffo be checking them out to see if there's any other topics I need to understand better for my coursework. Especially if you have any Algebra vids. I was doing fine with Mathematics until the alphabet got involved…

    I am studying towards a degree in Computing and IT with Open University (studying from home with lectures online). I have no school qualifications, but I'm doing OK so far. One of the compulsory modules of the degree is to choose between 'Discovering Mathematics' and 'Essential Mathematics', essential mathematics is a follow up to A-level students here in UK and was way too advanced for me so I started Discovering Mathematics – I wasn't prepared for mathematics to be such an important part of the computing course before hand so have been thrown in at the deep end before I can swim in regards to the mathematics side of things.

    Anyway I have been doing alright, but one of my assignment questions has asked something like: to calculate the period of a Sine wave when given the frequency, and to then half the result (period) and explain/calculate what then happens to the frequency.

    Your video gave me a clear insight and cool visual explanation of it all with the light bulbs and really helped so want to say a big Thank You!

  9. So on successive waves i can use the trough on one wave and the trough on the next wave to calculate the period ?

  10. Your video was incredibly concise and informative. Thank you! Also, phet.colorado.edu is an amazing website. It went straight into my bookmarks.

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