We Did Planks Every Day For 30 Days

We Did Planks Every Day For 30 Days

– I was surprised how it never got easier. I thought it would get easier and it just was the same amount of bad from start to finish. (upbeat music) – What this challenge is gonna consist of is us trying to do planks for three minutes for 30 days straight, ^and we’re gonna see how good we can get at planking ^and how long we can hold it for. – My strategy is going to be to just go for as long as I can and then subtract that time from the three minutes so that I have less to do for the rest of the day, but it’s not gonna be pretty. – Timing start now, and I’m already shaking. I’m already shaking. – 10 seconds in, it feels like shit. – My goal going into this was being able to just do the three minute plank with no breaks in between. So, I started off around just over a minute, barely. I mean, at 30 seconds I was already shaking. It has been so little time. – 45 seconds. – Oh, this is gonna suck. – Okay, that was one minute. It just sucked, like it always sucks. All this footage is gonna be me saying it sucked. Yeah, definitely sucks today. It sucks, it’s like my core is all shaky and weak. – I think I was able to see improvement a lot quicker than I thought I was going to. Three, two, one, oh my God. Alright, well, that was first two minutes, so hey! That was cool. I did the two minute plank and I was like, alright, there we go. We’re getting there, we’re seeing improvement. Pretty shortly after that, I was able to do a three minute plank for the first time. Alright, so we’re coming in on the tail end of the first week and yeah, overall I think it’s going really well. Two, one (exhales). (groaning) Two, one, there we go. We did it, we did it, we did it. I cannot believe I just did a three minute plank. I’ve definitely never planked that long in my life ever. For me, fighting boredom while doing this plank challenge was the hardest part. – I developed a method called the Frasier method. I’m gonna try a new thing where I watch Frasier because sometimes when I’m doing a plank I get bored and I just think about how much it sucks, and it gets worse. So, maybe this will be better. – It’s just really fucking boring. I feel like I would be able to do this longer too if I was watching a YouTube video or something like that. You know, I didn’t listen to music or read a book, although I should’ve. Who knows what I could’ve done if I just had a book in front of me? (men talking) – I did my first two minute plank, pretty stoked. The Frasier method totally works. I’m a fitness guru, I love it. (rock music) – Although I was out of breath, I didn’t feel exhausted. I felt good after these planks. I felt, you know, more solid and I felt kind of energized. I think, for me, once I did it one time, I knew I could keep doing it. – I felt like because nobody was on my back about it, I was just like ‘fuck’ until I didn’t want to do it anymore. It’s harder to do planks than I thought it would be, ^and I never felt like I got stronger. – I’m ready. – Okay (laughs). Um, yeah, that’s me. Yeah, I feel like there is a slight difference. We’re talkin’ this, we’re talkin’ this much difference. – I feel like there’s a minor difference, but not really much at all, which I was kind of expecting. I got what I wanted to out of this challenge, and that was to feel better and it was also to prove to myself that I could do it. I’m super super super super super excited that I did four minutes, and I would’ve never thought that I would be doing a four minute plank by the end of this. I’m pretty stoked about that. – I mean, it’s cool to not be doing a challenge where it’s like, ‘oh, we got abs in 30 days because we didn’t eat any food at all and worked out with a celebrity-level trainer.’ It’s like, we just were in our kitchens doing planks and not changing anything.


  1. I done planks close to two months it's really a great exercise now I am not bored I have more energy and about sweat only when I do that exercise it's really great it has pain but if can endure it u will be happy with the results

  2. I’m doing a 30 day challenge with the ultimate goal of 5 minutes for a plank. I’m up to 2:30 seconds on day 19 and it’s no joke lol.

  3. Should have had a fat person di it then compare the b4 n after… Using skinny ppl from the start lol….derp

  4. Hey So if I have a pretty badly untoned stomach, could anyone tell the best way to tone my stomach quickly? Right now I am doing a 3 minute plank each day and like 20 seconds of flutter kicks. LMK!!!

  5. the woman cheated. That's not the right form. She could've get better results if she did it correctly. Dunno about the dude because of his camera angle.

  6. i use planks as a break when I'm studying . I minute every hour or 45 seconds every time i stop

  7. Is it me or the after image shows that planking for 30 days would make your abdomen looks bigger as in like bloating?

    And that guy definitely has scoliosis

  8. Love to watch "fit" women saying they're SO strong and independent and then they can't even do 3 minutes plank😂💀

  9. Eeh…You are supposed to keep forearms straight ahead- clasping hands takes away a bit of the effective tension. Watching TV isn't a bad way to keep mind off this devious exercise. I find my iphone's timer saves me stressing over how much time is left!

  10. Just now saw the AthleanX video where Jeff told everyone not to do planks. Now I see this in my recommended. Lol 😂

  11. Barely any difference after 30 straight days. Planks are overrated. Much better exercises out there to put the effort in.

  12. Planking is good if you can’t do over a minute once you get past that do another exercise it’s useless at that point

  13. Today I did a five minute plank, though that can be small considering that I have been doing planks every day for 3 months

  14. They said it was a small difference but that was a pretty significant difference from before and after. More toned abs! A little definition goes a long way !

  15. my work out includes push ups, sit ups, dragonflags, squats, planks, and some weights training. i also use a kendo practice sword and swing it for a while. i follow this up with a yoga sequence

  16. I'm better than anyone here, I can do a 3 min plank in just 30 seconds.

    Naah, planks (and girls) are useless, this video proves it.

  17. I do one minute each planks with arms straight, planks on elbows, side planks, plank dips. Works every time I need to get back into working out every day and it tones me up SOOOO QUICK y’all

  18. At some point during this video I started balancing a cup of water on my collarbone and I don’t remember doing it…

  19. Your actually supposed to do the plank for 5 minutes everyday not 3 minutes it would be an even more bigger difference

  20. Guys, I just did a plank for 3 minutes straight without stopping or dropping. Bruno Mars’ songs really make them easier for me.

  21. Buzzfeed can literally make everyone ripped by hiring personal trainers, doing stretches etc but they only do it once and a while, I would be the guy saying DUDE LETS DO WORKOUTS 😂

  22. I do planks every day, and yes, boredom is a real mindkiller with this exercise. Usually I don't like to wear earplugs or headphones when I'm training, but I figure listening to a 4-minute song ought to be more motivating than looking at my stopwatch…

  23. I like doing planks, when I do ab workouts I rarely do hiit abs or ones where you lay down, I pretty much just do a bunch of plank workouts and some standing abs and it had worked wonders are my core muscles, and the great thing about planks is that there is so many types you can do so you can work every part of your abs, and it also tones your shoulders and arms a little too.

  24. I almost die.. at 30 seconds. I am making a deal with myself – to do this every day. I WILL get to 3 minute planks! I need to get stronger!

  25. I once followed a plank workout routine for maybe a month? And saw my tummy shrink considerably in size, as well as my waist. I'm surprised they didnt see results when planks do work really well.

  26. FYI I've been holding a 5 minute plank every day for a week now and it is getting easier. Just because she says it never got easier for her don't let her experience keep you from starting your own routine. Plank on homies!

  27. I'm 13 I have been doing a plank for at least a minute every day for 2 months now I can now hold up to 3 minutes before it starts to burn! In my opinion it does get better but not until after doing them for at least a month.

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