We Followed Health Magazine Advice For A Week

We Followed Health Magazine Advice For A Week

– [Woman] This is the saddest meal, oh good it’s dripping everywhere. (upbeat music) – I don’t really read
Magazines anymore unless I’m on an airplane. – I used to read Seventeen
Magazine and I do remember taking a lot of advice from them. – Like learning how to kiss your hand. – I do like reading the
advice parts and I’m like this is going to change my life. And then I never do the
things that it tells me to do. – I really don’t trust health magazines. – I know they have to fill
an issue every couple weeks or every month so they’ve
got to bend the truth a little bit. – On the outside I look super
healthy but I really don’t exercise so I’m really
trying to be all around more healthy and more body conscious. – I’m hoping that these
workouts are going to be the kind you can do in your
bedroom because honestly I just need a quick workout after work. – What I’d ideally like to
get out of this is a meal that I’m not terrified to cook. – So I’m doing this challenge
with my sister, thank God, because we can motivate
each other, hopefully. (upbeat pop music) – So I guess I’m going to
drink mushrooms so as to not get a cold? – I am really curious to see
if it works so I’ll give it my best try. – All right so this is
how we’re gonna drink our mushrooms every day. You can put it in hot
water or in a smoothie. I’m gonna do coffee
because I’m always tired. I’ve just spilled tea all over
my hand before even getting it in the cup. I’m going to put this into some shit. – [Woman] Into some shit. – It’s some hot water, okay. (Women laughing) – It doesn’t appear to
be mixing in very well. Maybe I should’ve put the powder in first. The first time I’m doing this, I’m trying it with just water. I really enjoy my morning coffee, I don’t want it to taste disgusting. – It just tastes like water. I’m pretty sure this is
better off in a soup. – Oh, it’s good. I mean, it doesn’t
taste of anything, yeah. – [Woman] It doesn’t taste like mushroom? – No. Even though it looks disgusting. – It smells like soup. There’s a slight hint of mushroom. Just basically drinking salt. And broth. – It smelled and looked a lot
scarier than it actually was. – We’re gonna make Cloud Eggs on our own. And we’re gonna make
Pizzadilla together tonight. – The recipe calls for chard,
but what the fuck is this? It is so big. I also need a bag. It is like, wet. Yep. Doesn’t fit. – None of these look very well. They look like they’ve been in a fire. This is the best we’re gonna do. Chloe’s making me tell you the
green peppers make me burp. The red peppers, make me burp less. (Both women laugh) – You haven’t explained the
last part of the recipe. We did it! – Out of all the recipes, I think the one that seemed the hardest to make was the Oat Porn with Dragonfruit. I went to the grocery
store and I couldn’t find half of the things that
they were talking about. Where at the grocery store
do you find dragonfruit? I’m gonna try to make
my own version of it. I got some granola for the oats
and some unsweetened vanilla And so, I think I really
just made a glorified cereal I just tried to make
it look really pretty. I think I’m supposed
to add cinnamon to it, so that’s the final touch. Okay now that made it look ugly. – We’re cooking. We’re also drinking wine. We can’t cook and we need
something to make it better. – I’m adding probably way too much cheese. It’s just a glorified sandwich. – That and we have to fold it in half. But right now, look at how many ingredients there are. – I’m just gonna put
another tortilla on top. – Double dinner! This is just a quesadilla, I
could make it in five seconds but because it was like,
something we had to follow directions on, it just felt harder than it actually was; you know. – Oh god, flip it. The fire alarm is gonna go off. – I know.
– Look at that. This is after like, one minute. – Oh god.
– One, two, three! (both women laugh) This is why we don’t cook. I don’t understand how
this is Instagram worthy. – I put so much cheese
and I didn’t find any. – I’m having a really good time with it. It’s actually not bad at all. – This is an awful lot of upset to go to. Ironically, after one
tea I actually feel quite unwell this morning. It could be allergies. – Put it in my coffee
again, it doesn’t mix in the best, but whatever. To add to the health, I’m eating a donut. – Alright, so we’re gonna try the workout. – 45 seconds of each exercise. With 15 minute rest between. – 15 second rest.
– 15 minute rest. – It’s a really easy workout. – One elephant, two elephant. – Mississippi!
– three elephant. – I used to say elephant growing up. – [Woman] I know but
we’re in the world now – Okay, fine. (mumbles) (upbeat pop music) – Well that was actually quite hard. – There!
– After doing the whole thing. – I just, I live upstairs, though. So I can’t do it at home. – You have to find a gym.
– Yeah, that’s true. – Or at the park. I don’t think it’s something I would do as my only workout. – I won’t say I half assed it
because I did do a workout, but there were just certain
things that I didn’t understand how to do; some of them
felt like stretches. It was weird. – Well after me and Becky did
the workout, I’ve actually gained some kind of willpower
to workout; I actually went for a run at lunchtime today. – Second workout, I
liked it the first time So I’m down to do it again. She’s jumping really high, so lets see. Okay, yep. In general, I really do like this workout. It’s like a quick, semi easy
way to get a workout in. I also like that it’s
a real personal trainer who is being interviewed. I feel like I’ve seen a lot
of workouts in magazines, and they don’t really
say who made them up. There’s definitely no,
like, pictures of them. – So I’m gonna try to make the cloud eggs. Grated some Parmesan, got
my little mini oven going. Separate two eggs, I don’t
know what that means. – I think you just kind of pass it along, until you are out of white. I broke the yolk, but at
least it’s not in here. – Put them in this bowl. The fuck. The yolk already broke. – I don’t have any parchment paper. Supposed to whip them for five minutes but that seems like a really long time. – I’m just gonna whisk the
egg whites but it’s hard to whisk them with the yolk there. – Beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat Come back to me five
minutes later and my arm is falling off. This is for a person
who has a real kitchen, with a whisky thing – I can’t make it do peaks! – Even if this tastes
amazing, it’s not worth all the whipping. – So I’m gonna take the yolk
out of the bowl, somehow. I did it. There’s a little bit of yolk left in this, unfortunately.
– Oh for fuck’s sake. Sorry. It’s just a, nope. God, this has just dripped
down, it’s not in any way solid. – It’s telling me that I’m
just gonna put the egg white on this thing. – [Woman] Well, look at this. I over cooked them. – [Woman] Oh, look. It’s gonna have little eyes. – So one of my cloud eggs
just kinda looks like death. I’m not even hungry any more. – This is the saddest meal. Oh, good. It’s dripping everywhere. – [Woman] I wanna say, there’s
not much seasoning in this. – [Woman] This, I won’t mess up. – So I got the yolk on
this freaking egg thing. Trying to keep it from sliding off. – I burned the chard.
– I’m sorry. – I made a cloud egg, I’m
really fucking proud of myself. – [Woman] This I have no words for. – [Woman] That is me cooking, you guys. – [Woman] Don’t worry,
the chives are coming. Cool. – Honestly, I would rather just
eat greens and boil an egg. I wish it tasted like, more gourmet. – It feels like, it could be
a scramble or just fried egg. – It tastes better than it
looks, that isn’t saying much. It’s just a bit bland,
even with the Parmesan it’s a little bland. – Okay, the more I have of
this, I actually really like it. – So, I’m gonna have the mushroom tea with just hot water this time. I have even got two cups, one with the hot water I
microwaved to put this in first so that the water goes on top. It is definitely mixed in better. It’s like a mixture of black
coffee, somehow, and soup. I don’t love it. – So I’m just coming home from
a full day of work and now I’m going to exercise in my room. And that feels unusual but I actually quite
appreciate that I don’t have to leave my house. Also, I warned my downstairs
neighbor that it would be loud. (upbeat music) – So today was my third day working out, there’s still things that I don’t just feel comfortable with And it’s kinda hard to like,
go from a picture sometimes. You need to see the person
actually getting into position and doing things. So, at this point, I’m just having fun with this mushroom thing. I mixed it with my wine today, its kind of mixing really weirdly. – Well, the week is up, I survived. It actually wasn’t as bad
as I thought it would be. – The first day, I was
really not feeling it, I didn’t really understand
a lot of the workouts going on I just kind of just
tried to make things my own. – I did like the workout,
I just find it really hard to work out on my own terms. I have to have an
instructor yelling at me. – I’m definitely gonna
do the work out again. That’s actually a great,
easy, quick thing to do like, straight out of work. – Some of the food was just crazy. I didn’t know how to make the egg thing. – The recipes were the worst
part of the whole thing. And not just because I can’t cook, I’m well aware that I’m
terrible at cooking. I just feel like there are
better recipes that look prettier and that are easier to make. – The tea was kind of warm
and comforting in a weird way, I quite liked it. – I feel like I was
getting sick at one point, I didn’t get worse but I don’t
know if that was the tea. – In general, just pick wisely,
your health magazine tips. – So as you may have
noticed; Boldly is now As Is. – But don’t worry, you’ll still
get all the awesome content you’re used to but just
even more, new, great stuff. – Click here to subscribe. – Woo. Click, click. (upbeat techno music)


  1. Why didn't Selorm just google how to separate an egg so she wasn't doing the whole recipe wrong? So confused why she seemed so totally lost in this entire video.

  2. Selorm was soooo funny. Literally everything went wrong for her. I feel bad for laughing but it was so relatable

  3. This sounds weird but please tell Selorm that she might really enjoy a program called Beach Body if she wants to start. You can order shakes and get a trainer. My parents use it and they say it works well. 🙂

  4. I don't know if Selorm was acting, but if not, this was quite embarrassing for a black woman. No Hate. Just saying

  5. Selorm was so lost… Ripped a powder pack from the bottom? Got a workout with pictures and descriptions wrong? Had no idea what it meant to separate eggs? Whisks eggs but somehow they're not even broken apart? Girl, you need a nap.

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  7. I literally don't understand why so many people are hating on them bc of their cooking? Like I'm not good at seperating an egg either or flipping something in the pan and stuff like leave them alone? Maybe they just always cook other stuff that's easier for them or don't even cook at all idk. I don't think they acted as if they didn't know what they were doing. I know a lot of people who are like this and there are no cameras so believe me it's not always just acting.

  8. Selorm not knowing that she can google how to do all of this hurts me, but not as much as the fact that she doesn't know how to separate an egg. Also the fact that none of these ladies own a hand mixer.

  9. I'm sorry, but sometimes I feel like these people lack any common sense/cooking skills. HOW DO YOU GET TO BE AN ADULT AND NOT KNOW HOW TO SEPARATE EGGS

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  11. The people at Buzzfeed are obviously trying to make Selorm seem stupid! Why can’t you embarrass the two white girls!!! What is the world now?! Why spend your time embarrassing a strong smart independent young woman. You guys are total asses!!!!!!

  12. Selorm i understood the separating the eggs to mean the egg yolk is beaten as well since you had the cooking sheet and not the alum,foil . The second part using the yolk as the non stick substitute for cooking spray on the cooking sheet with the separated whites on top burn the yolk cook the white stuff, i guess. Noce vid buzzfeed.

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    I know it was supposed to be a comic relief supposed to make fun of having mushrooms in packets and what not, but it turned all the way round to: can't even open a packet.
    Trying too hard to be funny is just wrong.

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  25. I hate how you say “I can’t cook” with pride. It’s not cute, its pathetic. My son has been able to cook since he was 7 and made his first shrimp scampi. Can you also not ride a bike?

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