We Need to Talk About Depression

We Need to Talk About Depression

(soft instrumental music)>>It’s a feeling of
sadness, of overwhelmed, of poor me or even wanting to give up or don’t wanna participate,
don’t wanna go anywhere. Things that your normally do and you don’t wanna do it anymore.>>I also was starting to
experience panic attacks. And I’d feel a sense coming over me that I could pass out.>>So I think of depression as a pervasive and sustained change in mood. So the pervasive part is that
it colors your whole life. It colors your interactions
with people at work, at home, when you’re by yourself,
and sustained means that it’s there when you
wake up in the morning. It’s there when you go to bed at night, and it’s there for weeks
or even months at a time.>>Substance abuse just
went hand in hand between with discomfort and
anxiety and depression. Self deprecating, self
loathing feelings I think have been pretty deeply
ingrained in me for a long time.>>It was very frightening. My mom’s symptoms were unbalancedness. She might fall up the steps
or fall down the steps. I remember driving with
her, her reaction was off. So the stop sign could be here, she would stop a little bit
further out of the stop sign. So it was a little scary.>>Depression is really a
bad news good news story. The bad news is it’s a terrible illness. It can cripple, it can kill. The good news is it’s a
highly treatable condition. There’s reason for hope
if you’re depressed.>>When you’re in a deep depression you may not think that you
deserve to feel better, and so it may take some
of your life to recognize that you’re not doing
well to kind of push you to get up and get the help. But certainly it is treatable. We have medications to treat it. We have psychotherapy, as I mentioned. The thorough evaluation is important, asking a lot of questions,
taking a good history to find out what is the
cause of depression.>>About 1/2 of all people
respond to the first medication that they’re trying on, but
sometimes it takes trying a couple of medications. If you don’t respond after
many medication trials usually it’s three to
five medication trials then you start looking at
other treatment options. (soft instrumental music)>>There was a big thing about stigma. I think that was also one of the things that we didn’t share freely with everyone. It’s just that you think
it’s your own personal story and no one else can understand. People will look at
your totally different.>>I am somebody who is
very involved with my church and faith is absolutely a driving factor in a lot of things that I do. And this did not at all feel
like one of those things that if I keep praying about it, somehow a solution will appear or some higher being will
come and help me with this. There’s more to this than
what I’ve been taught or what I’ve been told, and that was a big ah-ha moment for me.>>Stigma is the ultimate piece of why the African-American church
still in its own faith frowns on those that have mental illness. And it’s not really well dealt with. And it’s something that we really need to pay a lot of attention to. How are we doing at this point in time?>>It’s from the faith perspective that understands that when we
share what is at our depth, when we share what is troubling us, when we call out and ask for help from those that we’re close to and from our community of support, that is not a sign of a lack of faith, but actually it’s a sign of a deep faith in trusting that community to be able to provide the support and trusting those who are close to us to be
able to provide that support.>>And when I got to the
place where the medication started balancing me out I got a chance to hear things and see clearer. Then the therapy kicked in and
the balance and the clarity and the hearing and the thinking allowed me to see the results.>>It was like kind of awkward at first because I was kind of resistant of therapy for a long time before that,
but after like two sessions it was like, yeah, no, I needed this. This is great.>>I found out from going to those classes that it had to be me that
wanted to get better. It had to be me. The first medication made
me very weak and nauseated. So we kept trying different things until I started to feel better. It didn’t happen overnight.>>Things got better
every time I surrendered in another level. Every time I stopped fighting every time I trusted that people
were trying to help me. I trusted that I couldn’t
handle all of this on my own. And sort of accepted that I really needed to tackle everything now
and take it seriously.>>I’m absolutely one of those people who, when I feel better sometimes
I stop taking my medication and that’s something that I can admit because I think that
people need to recognize that that is a real thing,
not that it’s a good thing, but it happens and it’s easy
to fall into that pattern. And so some of that transition
between psychiatrists has been because of me. Some of it has been
because of disagreements in the way I’m being treated, but having a therapist who pushes me to always find someone new or make sure that I’m staying on top of
that has bene very helpful.>>I have that great sense of hope because I see the stories
of people’s lives every day. And those stories of hope of people who have gone to the depths
and experienced depression, of people who have faced
terrible addictions and that has brought them to a terribly
low place in their life, but now to see them
flourishing and actually to see what they’ve learned through that process, I think those are the
greatest signs of hope in every faith community. And I think it’s a great
sign of encouragement that we know the support is there. We know the healing is there,
and it’s awaiting those who just need to walk through that door.>>Even today sometimes
with life, just life I kinda get sad and down and out, but I have tools now that I use that I learned when I went
to the outpatient hospital. And I can use those tools
and they work for me.>>That’s what keeps me going,
knowing that I have potential and that there are things
that get in the way of that at times, but I want to
overcome those things and be the person to
say, I have depression and I have anxiety but that
didn’t stop me from doing XYZ.>>For a while I did feel
like being depressed, like that felt like my normal. Like I’d wake up, be depressed, and be like, yeah, this is life. But now I wake up feeling
OK and ready to do things and be productive, and
that feels good in itself.>>I feel like I have enough coping skills and I know what I need to do. I feel I will never again
feel as bad as I did.>>I’m going back and finishing college. I might have a really great
job I’m excited about. I have way deeper relationships
with everyone in my life. But it’s also, I get a lot of satisfaction from showing up to be of
service to other people. Being depressed or drinking or using, I spent most of my time
kind of trapped in wallowing in myself, and I get a
surprising amount of pleasure from just being able to actually
show up for other people. It’s like a very new experience for me.>>If I can just reach one
person for them to understand that this is not a story
for just one person. This story affects so many people. If you don’t have a person in your family you know of a person
who has a family member. I just want them to look at it a little differently and just understand, it is just like another illness, diabetes. The worst thing that you can do is go through this by yourself.>>I think there’s a
reluctance among most people to ask somebody about their health, and especially their mental health. So I think that we need to
give ourselves permission to reach out and help others. I think it’s at least nine
times out of 10 appreciated. And often it plays a critical role.>>There has to be an ongoing clarion call for the faith communities to come together and really know and understand
their role, our role in depression and mental health.>>The challenges in life
allowed me to face ’em and get through them so I can
see that life does get better. (laughs) That’s the thorn
that challenges the thorn. And the outcome of getting
through it is the rose. (soft instrumental music)


  1. Hi all, thank you for reaching out to us. If anyone would like to request an appointment at one of our hospitals, please call 888-872-1408. Our specially trained medical concierges can arrange consultations or treatment plans with the most appropriate specialists. Johns Hopkins USA can also provide language interpretation, financial counseling, assistance with travel arrangements and anything else to help make Johns Hopkins feel as close to home as possible.

  2. I may like to put a funny icon or user name to make others laugh but thats really all i do just try to please others and i havent felt happy in over a year now this feeling was so random it was like just all of a sudden i felt alone, confused, insecure and very unhappy. When everyone is happy im the only one with a fake smile cuz lets get real here who wants to hang with someone who never smiles. I may show fake emotions but that doesnt mean i hate everyone. Everytime i hear about someone whos depressed everyones like oh thats y they never liked anyone, ok that might be for some people, but for most its more a problem of themselves since we have to much help around us and so many people who are their for us but we still feel alone. And please stop telling me to do something i like as if thats a giant bandaid its a chemical imbalance not a bad day. Im sorry if what i said sounded bitchy but thats how i feel. Sorry

  3. I'm suffering from depression and It makes me mad cause I was never like this until innocent people are dying and it feel like why it had to be them and not me everything I did is Hella bad but I'm not funny waste your time but I love u sm ??

  4. Overthinking, self-loathing, chronic procrastination, losing my senses and feeling numb, fatalistic mindset, perfectionist and optimistic. I feel like listing all of what I feel is going on right now. I'm scared I don't know if it'll end. I don't know if I'm strong enough to reach out for help in time. The world has never been kind. Be strong!

  5. I’m in the closet and gay but I can’t admit that unless I’m behind a screen because I’m just a wreck and try to hide it.Im scared of what will happen.Im scared that I won’t be able to have anybody on my side. That I’ll be left behind by everyone and I have a reliqous grandmother and anytime I can’t hold it in I have to go to a bathroom and cry and isolate myself from everyone for that moment. I feel like I’m pretending to be somebody else. Like everyday is just another day that I have to live with a secret. I have a fortunate family but I can’t help but feel alone. Like nobody really knows me or gets me. Like I can’t relate to anybody. If I tell anybody about this and why I have these thoughts they’ll think I’m different. Weird. A freak.I don’t know what to do.

  6. im so depressed i even feel of harming me. i wanted to feel pain. i overdose on painkillers and felt a burn on my chest even though it was hard to breath but it felt good. it felt good harming myself. im scared i might die. i need help.

  7. Depression isnt real, it's all in your head. Best medicine is seek God. Talk to me about it I'll help you get right with yourself more than any pills will and if you want to follow god after I can help you know what I know. Only believe in God once you are right with yourself, god will allow you to use him while you are hurt but once you get better you tend to forget god. Think more critically of what's around you not about yourself. Stop treating yourself like you are the end product be rebirthed and strive to live a new life. Invite the good, embrace the bad, overcome yourself.

  8. I can’t Handel my head I am pretty certain that I have depression and I just hate the thought of living and humans and if I could kill every living thing I would do it

  9. My fight with depression as an African youth https://medium.com/@rainermbongo/depression-and-romanticizing-suicide-cbf925d8aa5a

  10. I'm just 13 and I knew about it 1 month ago that I had depression from a long time ….its sooo hard to cope with it I started to have a feeling to cut myself …. it's that no one takes it seriously that I have depression. I told my mom she just said that it's just my thoughts …but its just so tiring to act infront of others that u r a happy child and I did do a gud job at it ….but inside I just want to take a long sleep ….. a sleep from which I dont want to wake up ….

  11. When I'm depressed I don't feel like doing anything I feel like life is useless and that people don't love me I don't feel anything

    But you know what my mother told me life didn't bring you here for nothing you came here for a reason but I'm still suffering by depression but it got better please for people that read this your life is useful use it your not the only one

  12. Me before birth: "Ohhh look how much fun those humans are having learning new things, facing challenges, growing and understanding the world around them..etc. I wanna try being human too!!!!"

    Me as adolescent: Fuck this! How can anyone actually enjoy being human? I want a refund! Damn I still have several decades to go…I am too afraid to kill myself seems too hard and sad. Let's just wait it out and see what happens..

    Me few years later: Okay not so bad, but I still don't wanna exist, still feel stuck, my own thoughts make me feel claustrophobic, I get paranoid, I lack discipline making me feel disabled. Yet, I haven't attempted self harming, suicide, and no one really knows that I don't wanna be alive, only me…. But I feel like I don't have enough evidence to prove that I am depressed because I am so used to hiding it that I feel uncomfortable showing it. Do I need to wait until I end up in a psych ward before I can have access to help? Wait no I can go to a therapist or get prescribed drugs or go to mindfulness retreats. Shit…I don't have money…even though I have all these great ideas to help me make more money…my depression is just way to distracting, I can't focus on my dreams….

    Me now: Learning to be okay with depression, just waiting it out…. (next time I just wanna be my dog, my dog has a good life) lmao

  13. For me, depression is not black. It's white. Black is full of emotion, a deep shade. White is plain, not a shade with anything to offer. It is dull and empty. This describes me

  14. I just feel like I’m in a box and it’s a glass box you can see everyone happy outside of it but no one can see you sad it’s like a void I feel like I’m never gonna escape I want too feel emotion but I feel nothing.

  15. Do you know what is the worst thing about depression?
    You stop feeling anything. Love, fear, sadness. You dont feel anything. You get desperate to feel something, and that feeling makes your stomach feel bloated with pain. And that is not the worst part. The worst part is, you cannot find words to express how you actually feel. You want to talk to someone. But you just dont find the exact words to explain it.
    It is sad that people dont understand how mental illness can harm a person from inside out.
    That is why I have tried putting in words to the feeling. Do check the link and let me know if you agree..

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  17. Hi guys……
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  18. since i was 15 i was crying till now i was 25 every night i couldn't bring it up i couldn't tell my family friends because they might just laugh at me. i don't like my personality i don't like everything myself I feel bad all the time all the time now I have a daughter but my ex wife and I are separated because we do not understand and I hear more than he compares me to others because he wants to have a dream in life not like me . this month hoping to be a regular employee but frustrated even though i did everything .. i felt i was missing out on myself proved to myself I dont love again. but someday I meet girl that she open my heart to love again . if she would hurt me I didn't know what to do. I was living in a pain

  19. I can’t have any friends or any boyfriends until I get rid of my depression, my family abuses me my dad he drinks and my mom… she passed away, I get bullied at school. I work really hard for my dad if he hates me I still love him and I would still listen, I even know how to fake smile.

  20. Is their anyone here that i could open up withh? i just wanna get my feelings out that i have been hiding for like years of my life….:))))((

  21. I have depression and I feel like killing myself .my teacher doesn't treat me like the other students in class and even if I tell my friends what is wrong with me .they say that she also treats us like that but they don't understand. I don't even……feel loved any more my parents called me a disappointment and I felt something in my heart that I never felt before ,it felt like my heart broke into a million pieces I only have my little sister who is always there for me . I sometimes feel like other kids are lucky to have such loving parents .I can't even eat anymore ,nor sleep I know that I had a cold but it felt strange .whenever I hit myself on something it felt like I was asleep,and I started hallucinating . I went mad I started laughing non stop and I was expected to go to school the following day . I have been called so many words and I tried ignoring them but I couldn't . I couldn't even study for my tests . my parents just said I should jus repeat my grade .I felt like hanging myself .no one could help me my grandmother never knew only my mother new . no I'm emotionless and I don't feel pain even if I hit my head I felt nothing .I hope you understand

  22. The moment I and my sister born, she was older than me by few months, I was the dark twin, invisible.They spent more time with her and neglected me.when I got older it was very detailed for me they only loved my popular twin. But they forgot their other child desperate for their love and care. Sometimes I wonder *If I would have died, would they even cry for me?????

  23. They are pushing pills !!! do not take the psychoactive drugs. They make things worse. Do not add a drug addiction to your other problems. It is a trillion dollar industry, Big Phram does not care about human beings. They will put you on a vicious cycle of drugs, one flavor after the other

  24. Even In indonesia many suicide. some even the whole family. it is a very depressing world. dopamine is hard to get this days.

  25. I just can’t live with myself. I am ugly and no one cares about me. I don’t belong. I don’t talk to people because I just feel like I will annoy them and want me to go away. I hate everything about myself. NOBODY is going to care if i am gone. I don’t even wanna do anything anymore I just wanna lay on my bed with the lights off crying all day. I don’t like playing the viola like I used to last year. I am going to switch out of that class.

  26. Mann I was at school and I seen this girl and she did not seem like her usual happy, chill self and when one of her friends call her she wouldn’t put on a fake smile in her face and I she didn’t come to school today , and if she doesn’t come tomorrow ima be very worried

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  28. Does it really matter what age you are if your depressed? I'm 11 and I'm depressed I really don't feel pain I'm just depressed and I don't give a fuck about anything or anybody

  29. Great Concept Like others I also, have my own business. I own a janitorial Company, but I decided to give back in a different way. I started a podcasting channel where I discuss business, family, Depression, and I even have guest on from time time

  30. I’m depressed. It’s even worst I just wanna die.my “friend” is always mean to me it’s like he’s a fake friend my fav uncle died my like is a nightmare I never wanna wake up when it’s time to go to school. And I’m just 10

  31. I feel like my spirit is out of my physical shell looking in. Like I'm disconnected and emotionally unhinged stuck in perpetual melancholy. And some days are worse than others. My symptoms are so sever that I can't even maintain a healthy friendship, for me life is very lonely. I'm all alone in this world!

  32. Sometimes I wonder if some of us just aren't meant to be here, and it feels like these people just want me to keep living to continue being a consumer, so they can get a little more cash b4 I finally decide to flip the ultimate bird to a paradoxical existence.

  33. I understand people have sad days but why do I deal with depression as if I feel like I’ve been through the best of my life? ?

  34. It’s like I was dating this girl and she left for a while and we started dating again and then she said that we should wait till we graduate which I understand because we don’t really see each other but it still hurt because I waited so long to see her again and now she’s gone again and it’s not like you can make someone want to talk to you or love you and it’s like I just don’t care about anything now, it’s just like nothing matters to me anymore

  35. I need to vent here anonymously because I’m too scared to talk in person. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety when I was just 10. The thing is I had it almost at the start of life, I’m 13 now. My mom doesn’t understand and there’s so much in my life going wrong and I can’t speak out because I’m afraid of getting yelled at. I have been stressed because I’m behind in school and I had to go to the doctors and visit family all in one day. I was really stressed out because time. When I got home my mom yelled at me for saying I was stressing her out and banged the table and threw things. I admit that I did yell back or get mad earlier but that’s because I’m afraid of failing. She told me I need to start behaving like a Christian girl. she’s the worst I can’t stand her. It’s like a switch, she’s on then off. I remember my arms slit up from razor blades and I walked out and started helping with dinner and she didn’t notice…some were bleeding. I confronted her telling her she’s emotional abusive and she apologized. Then the next day yelled at me for saying she’s emotion abusive because other kids have it worse and she’s not touching me. WELL NO KIDDING I SAID EMOTIONALLY I DONT CARE IF ITHER KIDS HAVE IT WORSE IM TOO WEAK FOR THIS. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET UP WITH DEPRESSION AND SHOWER AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH? I sometimes skip days because I don’t the energy. Then you’re GOINNG TO YELL AT ME FOR NOT DOING LAUNDRY? WELL EVER THINK I CANT? I want to run away it’s too hard. It’s not even the worse part and I already want to die. I do online and she threatens me with going to a public school WERE I WAS CATCALLED AND BULLIED. Fuck you! I wish I could keep going but it’s too much already to read.

  36. i’ve always wondered if i may have depression but i’ve never gone to see a expert to see if i do but anyways this is what it feels like when i get “depression “
    it comes in waves at first it’s a normal day i feel fine but then idk it’s hard to explain it’s almost as if i can feel this black wall that i’m walking towards and i know exactly what it means bc it happens quite a lot but anyways i have no control this blackness just keeps feeling heavier throughout the day and usually by the end of the day all i can think about is how worthless i am and i can’t be bothered to do anything productive the next day i usually find it hard to be energetic and don’t want to interact with people but then i feel like a shit because i know no one wants to deal with a girl who brings the mood down so i keep it to myself and usually disconnect from people partly because I can’t deal with it and partly because i don’t want to lose anyone while i’m like this.
    the thing is it isn’t random it’s more like a bad thing happens that just sets off a never ending sadness
    when this first happened to me i was about 12 and had no idea why i felt like this so my “depression” lasted for probably almost a year and then i realised that acting like this wasn’t helping me or anyone so i tried my hardest to motivate myself and instead of focusing on the bad i tried to focus on how to improve and set goals which even though it was a bit of a toxic mindset as i was setting some pretty toxic goals it helped me find a purpose.
    so anyways since the first time it’s been a long time and it’s happened quite often at least once every 2-3 months but now they only last a week or two as i’ve found a way to get out of the hole as i see it.

    i don’t really want to self diagnose but i also don’t want to be formally diagnosed so i was just wondering if anyone knew if it was depression or am i just getting sad a lot

  37. Help? Huh…You can't even try to help myself, how can I anyone else help yourself???

    I just heard this sentences come out from my mom mouth if I tell her about my problem…(my grammar is worst…I guess?)

  38. I wake up I go to school I compare myself to others I get stressed about grades I have no friends I have no purpose everyone hates me but no one knows me no one knows my name I'm always the 2nd option, people say you have your highs and lows but its been months and everything is lows I've never had ups in month's, I wake up I go to school everything repeats, I cry then cry more because I cant feel anything, everything repeats for months, nothing changes, I can't tell anyone I feel this because I'll be a attention seeker, I fake smiles at school because if I don't people ask if I'm okay and I want them to think I'm okay, I have no purpose

  39. Depression sucks, but I have my best friend and my dog, lucy. Love them both with all my heart. I'm happier when I'm with them.

  40. I feel so worthless and useless.
    Nobody loves me anymore.
    Why don't people love me for who i am?
    Why do people hate me even though im trying to do my best?
    Should i kill myself? But im too much of a coward to kill myself.

    I'm just gonna leave my depressed thoughts here.

  41. I hate how a lot of people without depression assume that depression is just being sad, but it’s much more than that. My friends still don’t know but a lot of kids my age make jokes about depression and it makes me feel like they won’t understand if I tell them, which I probably won’t. Or they might not take it seriously. Sometimes I just want to rant to someone about it or cry on their shoulder, but then I realize there’s no one to help me get though this on a personal level.
    Sorry for the rant, I’m just feeling really depressed today.

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  43. to anybody who needs a helping hand, whether you think so or not, i'm here for you to talk to. please do. i want to help.

  44. Everything is ridiculous in my view I feel strange and breathe I feel in strange I speak with me my family I feel in strange

  45. i am depressed…I lost everyone and have nobody to talk to…my family just tells me I'm not depressed…I don't have friends…all I ever had was my wife and she left…now I am alone and sad everyday and i have nobody to talk me off of the ledge

  46. I'm have a depression because i get ignore from my friends, cousins . And now im alone . I don't have any friends .
    I was so sad . why am I like this . But i think i'm to young to depression . Im start to depress at 7 and now i'm 16 . but I pretend to happy and I laugh a lot in front of people in fact I'm not happy.

  47. While my own depression eats away at every ounce of being that I am, what bothers me most is how the monster infiltrates the minds of my friends. The worst part is that I know how empty encouraging phrases sound, as much as I want to douse my friends with them. So I offer my shoulder & a few ears & I give them hugs & I answer their texts at 3 am because that's exactly all I can do.

    Depression is an internal battle for us all. The only people who can beat it, or at least constantly fight it off throughout their lives, are ourselves. No one else can do that. But even through our own struggles, we can seek to lend support when we can manage. Support is one of the best feelings in the world. Not unsolicited advice, not "I promise you, it will get better. So how was class today?", not forcing them to do stuff. Rather, simply be a shoulder to lean on when you can. And those very same people will offer their shoulder to you when you can't stand straight (or gay)

  48. Problem is, even if we tell them we might have depression,the idiotic and stupid older generation won’t believe us. Sometimes, instead of being lazy and playing computer games, we might be trying to get over depression, and we also worry others will get depression, but all our classmates don’t listen, thinking we are drama kings. I wish they would actually listen to us.

  49. Sometimes I feel like breaking down, cry and end it all, but I know I have more to life. No one listens till it’s too late, then they blame it on games and poor time management, spreading fake news. Sometimes I also want to take a knife and murder them, but as usual I know that theres an entire life ahead of me, so I restrain

  50. Whining about your problems isn’t going to solve anything. Start making good decisions and actually making an effort to improve your life

  51. I just want someone to hug me and tell me it's okay to be sad or even depressed and they will always support me. I tried to not think about it but the more I think about it the worse it gets. I feel like the world is better off without me but at the same time I don't want to lose the ones I love. I want to share how I feel to but I know they'll just laugh at me. The only ones I can trust are my sisters I can share most things with them and I'm grateful for that but there are some things I just can't share. I'm confused and embarrassed all together there's so much mix feelings.

  52. The other day in school a student was sitting next to the teachers and she noticed he had cuts on his wrist. She asked him if he did that on purpose and when he tried covering it up she gave him the most disgusting look ever. It really made me want to punch her.

  53. Well i am 13 and i have depression and many disorders anxiety and many more? and i not a fighter all i do is cry sleep eat happy pills and 'i m okay'
    'i m fine'

  54. I am a 14-survivor of Major Depressive Disorder, Acute Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. I invite you to visit www. KamaraMikel.com and order my new non-fiction book, "Kept my Enemy Closer". It's my true story of survival.

  55. Hey YOU ! yes I'm talking to you! Stop here for a minute while you are scrolling down the comments.
    Breathe in and breathe out.
    Everything's gonna be okay, love. Whatever you are going through will sort its way and you'll come out from it way more happier than you thought it would be. TRUST ME ON THIS. You WILL again be that happy person that you wished you were 🙂
    Also, most importantly the universe NEEDS you and you are loved❤
    Sending y'll virtual hugs and tonnes of love! Have a great day/weekend/year?! AND YASSSSS YOU GOT THIS! STAY STRONG ?❤

    ( ps: lets spread positivity in the comment section and I just want the person reading this smile. Coz it suits you 🙂 )

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