Wendy Hartley’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Story

Wendy Hartley: I am 31 years old. I had my
first mammogram because I thought there is bead-like substance in my breast tissue and
it came back clear and I was told that I don’t have to come back until I am 40, so when I
was 40, I had a clear mammogram. It was September 11, 2012, I remember going in because of September
11 and getting the mammogram and having it come back clear and it was within a month’s
time. I am teaching yoga at one of my client’s homes and her dog had a tendency to start
to favor my right breast. I would sit on the floor teaching and she would be doing her
movements and the dog would sit in my lap, 40-something pound dog that was not a lap
dog, and she would just nuzzle herself into my right breast. This went on week after week
for almost eight months, seven months, and my client said you know she normally doesn’t
did that to anyone and I just felt, oh may be she is picking up an emotions or something.
I am sensitive, she was sensitive and that coming April I started to feel a lump in there.
I had two cycles, two menstrual cycles throughout because during the menstrual cycle, it got
very uncomfortable painful and by menstrual cycle two, it started to grow even more and
I chatted with my husband and he said you know probably it be best to go have the doctor
check it out. I went to my OB-GYN and she said, we cannot miss this. It was about a
lima bean inside of, I was in A-cup, so you could definitely can feel that alignment being
in and like a hard boiled egg type size and my doctor said I will need to go get another
mammogram and then ultrasound and probably a breast biopsy, so I had those three done
in the mid of June 13 and June 14. The biopsy I had gone on June 14 and they said that that
biopsy results would be in on Monday, so my husband and I went through our weekend. It’s
hard not to feed you mind with too much what if and what if I have this and just trying
to live somewhat neutral during the weekends, and yet we both felt like something was going
to change. Monday came, we were both at the office working and I had not received the
phone call yet, so we closed my husband’s office door and made the phone call to my
doctor where the nurse practitioner read the breast cancer story. I have invasive ductal
carcinoma. My husband and I just looked at each other and said okay now what?

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