What A Sexist Libertarian Thinks Of Women’s Health Insurance

What A Sexist Libertarian Thinks Of Women’s Health Insurance

john stossel was speaking to Stephen
douche do see I now I know it’s upwards of habit I was
speaking to Steve douche do see I about Obamacare or the Affordable Care
Act and one thing that the Affordable Care Act we do is it would prevent women
from being charged more for health insurance as opposed to men that this is something that’s been going
on for a very long time and I should note that it’s never consisted in some parts
of the country women will get charged alike eight hundred percent more than
men and in other parts of the country though get charged 25 percent more than
men so there’s no consistency and there’s no
real reasoning behind it but usually insurance companies will say
well women use the service more and that’s exactly what john stossel
says in this next clip plus more so take a look yesterday President Obama stood in front
of a bunch of women in Massachusetts and said no longer with those evil insurance
companies be able to charge you more but when did you last go to the
doctor when I got the doctor Elizabeth could
answer quite quickly women go to the doctor much more often
than men maybe they’re smarter or maybe they’re
hypochondriac stay a little longer i who knows rights but if its insurance he
ought to be able to charge people who use the services more more by John you’re not paying attention
this administration this president wants to make everything fair it’s not fair if you pay less than she
does it’s fair if you pay for what you use
unless you’re destitute sure and and you know a number
republicans have made the argument why should I pay for you know it I’m in my sixties why should
I pay for your maternity coverage that such an awesome
reference to the park says you’re I’m in my sixties like my paper them
broads maternity failure or abortion yeah Dr control pill yeah I I love when they
accidentally make a valid point that they’re trying to block this president wants everything to be
fair got us I I’ll oh yeah like it with america up on Merkel’s for
just place that’s what I thought what but yesterday
and then at the end he’s like know you should be able to stifle tries
to counter it with you should be able to charge more people use it more lecture
destitute okay well guess that’s right that’s also
true yeah and by the way it’s not a simple is the number of times
you go to the doctor if it was well then in the whole health
care should be much simpler see when we go to the doctor more often
that that part is true right and but they pay like you know
twenty bucks co pay any costs a certain amount of money but it’s not very much men don’t go to the doctors often but
when they go there book yeah okay I J makes a really good
point there because I the argument that people make in any
private insurers will make is that you know women do go in for checkups
regularly and as a result the use the product more but a lot of times guys won’t go away
until their extremely sick and that’s gonna cost the the system
more money because they need it more to hear or adage that you know and
Council prevention is worth a pound of cure yes if you got a preventive treatment
that cost you know 20-30 bucks that’s great dude a hundred
times that’s why it back a lot of times for example you have water to free teeth cleanings a year because they want
to go in your teeth cleaned the United Health Group house exactly a so so only one other thing before you
jump in bed up and then there’s the argument that well women get pregnant
and you to go in for maternal care not much more expensive than anything a guy
has to go through but okay I mean women don’t have babies
for themselves they have babies for their families
right and just because a woman has the biological capability to bear
children doesn’t mean that she should be charged more than a man should that’s ridiculous something that you
can’t help so in a way it kinda discriminatory yet well and I’m pretty
sure we put it in yeah it I go a woman just make that
decision on her out as she just gets pregnant a guy had let me know thanks
for the hate you more yeah but there but it’s also important
to point out that the statistics you were talking about when we get charged
for those encounter as bait for Sep that’s a different is
right so like in arkansas for examples from a New York Times piece a right around when a Affordable Care
Act passed but one health plan charged a
25-year-old woman eighty-one percent more than a
25-year-old healthy male eighty-one percent more nearly twice as much then a similar plan
in the same state but a different part charged them ten percent more it like makes its red and if we’re
getting credit because they use it slightly more even though there’s huge
value in them using it more long-term I’ll it was 10 percent more no one will be up making a big mistake
about it we do it well the usual before their charge 5 10 percent more so be it right but eighty-one percent
more and the readiness of the regular ones paying for 978 dollars for
Planned the man’s pain 265 dollars for a month well that’s crazy everybody
knows that crazy and Affordable Care Act is gonna do something hideous and make
that fair yeah also meet these guys are very much into you know the republicans and the right
they’re like family liked that mean values well most women who are having babies if they had it there we will be in a
family so as a bad my wife is pregnant and she has Tim you
happen which has a baby I don’t necessary realize a savings by
by paying less her pay more exactly where the same
bucket you know its this is day said he thinks I’m a bike often pay for all
childcare because to came out for I Gold Cup not I did change that’s right I’m eiffel n you can tell where they’re coming from here in one
throwaway part of that conversation when Stossel
said um I don’t know if it’s because they’re
smarter and they go and they get taking they take care themselves for
their high but never dick like yet that such in your list you have
what I mean hypochondriac it’s like that’s him say like you know
how women you know how will that right name and do see is like I yahya I
love the comet me mainly because stop %uh such a manly man
all yeah I got slapped across the face I felt that there at all slapped to the ground quietly the and
requests of it you know standard question I think that the bank
with a good bike put I %uh what the hell hole we have open
and wah you thank you thank you prop my bring I error I almost got worse first like usual after that I feel bad
right about what she still second hit with a second it was that my
among the most vicious vicious anti-piracy I’ll I was told yeah it was horrible and
edits the one thing that makes you feel bad for john stossel for a second but is turned on each file is just or OKC I
mean here to get medical help for that or was
he a hypochondriac I just look at that point degree politically degrees per doctor I twice I maybe that’s why I dislike
Obama him


  1. The Young Turks are nothing but a liberal mouth piece that spews constant idiotic nonsense. They don't think intelligently about any issue; all they do is create a false image of conservatives and Republicans. I was a liberal for many years until I realized the errors of my ways. If you want to know why liberalism is a detriment to society (and why conservatism is much better) then I suggest you check out my YouTube videos.

  2. men usually eat more food than women. why dont we force restaurants and supermarkets do charge as much for the steak and they do the seafood salad?

  3. men usually have more expensive hobbies than women. why dont we force harley davidson to charge no more than items at an arts and crafts store?

  4. America is built on capitalism. It's pretty unfair. People should be treated fairly (as far as civil liberties) but not EVERYTHING can be fair. What America is really about is OPPORTUNITY, not making everyone equally happy/unhappy, that's socialism. 

  5. God fucking dammit, fuck TYT. First they complain about John making a generalizing comment, implying hes a misogynist, as if they would even bat an eye toward a similar comment generalizing men. Then they show a clip of him being assaulted and fucking make fun of it. These bleeding heart types are such hypocrites. Oh sure they have compassion for people who think just like them.

    This is a pattern I've seen with these cunts. If some one is on the right and/or disagrees with them they derive joy from seeing them suffer, if hes a man at least.

  6. Well, if Stossel wants, I guess all women could go on strike and not have children.  I guess that would cut insurance costs down.  Of course, the society would die off because there wouldn't be any children but, hey, we won't have to pay for maternity care.  That's the important thing – not paying for "women's issues."

  7. What does being a libertarian have to do with being sexist?  Why even mention the guy's political views unless you're trying to make all libertarians look sexist.

  8. @F8sassassin well insurance companies care about $ only. the young men <25 y/o (the group i fall under incidentally)pay more because they pose a risk (by choice for the most part.. ie. speeding) to the public, whereas women didn't choose to be born women

  9. That's a nice urban myth argument you guys are making but in this time of medical over testing.

    And in a free market couples could get maternity insurance to prevent complications. But the left leaning (or should I say tipping) politics of the last 60 years gets everybody to expect THEIR needs to be taken care of by the government.

  10. The leftists rhetoric is tiresome.

    Women don't want to pay more, and openly cry about it. Yet women will justify men and boys having to pay more for things like car insurance.

    Fuck western women.

  11. Isn't The Douchestache…AGAINST EVERYTHING GOVERNMENT???
    Doesn't that include…a wrestler's right…to SLAP HIM???
    If so, then why is The Douchestache NOT defending that right to the death???
    Why is he NOT 'Standing His Ground'??? I don't think that's very BRAVE!
    And why the hell is The Douchestache…RUNNNG AWAY???
    And why the hell is 'away'…TOWARDS a PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER???
    Isn't a lawyer…actually a PART of…SOMETHING GOVERNMENT???
    Where's The Douchestache's INTEGRITY??? I certainly don't see ANY!
    Wowzy Wowzy WOO Woo! Slap my head 'til * I * sue!
    Now! Reread those questions…but in The Douchestache's voice!

  12. how bout women start paying for what they use when they start getting paid equal amounts for the same work than men do.

  13. Men pay more for car and life insurance.  Also, most money paid into social security is paid in by men; women live longer and get more out of it.  (that's the retirement part. I don't know about disability)  It is a well established fact that more money is spent on women's health care, and these clowns act like it's just some sort of rumor.
    These guys are the Fox news of the left.

  14. So why is it still ok for the insurance company to charge more for older people? Isn't that just as discriminatory as charging women more than man. FYI Insurance companies aren't looking at number of times you use the service…they are looking at dollars paid out so yes the fact that those that don't go to the doctor as often have more expensive problems would be factored in.

    I love at the end where you give examples of the amounts charged and how different parts of different states charge different amounts and how it makes no sense…you can thank the various and numerous State regulations surrounding insurance. I'm not sure how you can comment on the different prices without checking into what justification was used or how the prices were calculated. You just can't assume evil intent. Poor research or poor story presentation…either one does not reflect well on you.

  15. I think the hosts misunderstand 'women use health services more'.  Insurance rates are based on the actual money paid out, not the number of doctor visits.  Insurance companies have to justify their rates to the state insurance authorities. They do this by showing that actual money paid out in claims broken down by whatever demographic they are allowed.
    For the same reason that men's life insurance is more expensive than women's; higher mortality, women's health insurance is more expensive than men's; higher morbidity.  This is insurance 101, people.

  16. 4 people that don't like John Stossel sit around a table and make fun of him in the most childish way I could even imagine, all four of these people act like 15 year old girls for most of this video.

  17. problem with tyt is that they look at everything through almost exclusively the liberal viewpoint and that is rarely a good thing.  criticize fox all you want, but at least they have the common sense to allow the liberal viewpoint to be expressed so their viewers are given the liberal, conservative AND libertarian point of view.

  18. men pay more for certain kinds of insurance, elderly are charged more for certain kinds of insurance, same goes for the young and women.  that's because each demographic spend more on certain things.  its not sexist, but simply CAPITALIST.

  19. Just saying if men want to take over giving birth and monthly period be my guest if not than deal with it haha and I agree women may need to go to the Dr more especially if they are pregnant but men put us there haha

  20. Fuck, I'm a woman and I'm never going to breed. I can't stand kids and I'm not risking pregnancy. And I realize being part of society means helping people that aren't just yourself

  21. Its not "fair" for those who use less of a service to subsidize the cost for those who use it more. Forcing everyone to participate with the reason "for the good of the whole", doesn't make it ethical.

  22. Hyperbolic as always, TYT. How about, for once in your lives you put down the strawman and take the opposing viewpoints for its spirit and not spin it until it hums?

  23. Hey look, someone we don't agree with. Let's show that irrelevant video of him getting hit in the face and laugh! Pretty moronic.

  24. Liberals have a warped view of fairness.  Government has no right to force people to buy stuff.  Even if you want to argue that men should pay for maternity because they are responsible for impregnating women, what about single men?  What about people of either sex who don't have kids?  The way they classify libertarianism as sexist is just illogical.  They're the sociopaths who want government to steal people's money, and they're the ones who think women should get special breaks.  That's sexist, collectivist, and immoral.

  25. The Young Turds love their hyperbole, name calling, and basic trolling.  They should be selling tabloids; these anti-men, anti-Christian metrosexuals….woops, better scratch that last part.


  27. So you ignore the realism of his statements. Call him sexist for pointing out how markets work. And then go on to laugh & glorify a physical assault against him? Smh, these guys are the epitome of ignorance.

  28. The Young Turds pointing out and acknowledging the differences between men and women in their use of healthcare, but still feel women shouldn't be obliged to pay more. Are these guys really that slow?

    And it's always "the woman's choice" when it comes to abortion, but if she decides to keep it, the man is now magically responsible too? Two-faced schmucks, the lot of them.

  29. OK women are hypochondriacs, I'm sorry, smart, and so they live long like elephants, people in their 80s, 90s, 100s are more likely to be women than men, those oldies require very expensive medical care, if a man dies in his 50s then that's it, cheaper insurance is a form of incentive for not caring for himself, so he has no use of his pension and the society can take it. Of course if women want to live 1000 years they should pay more in premiums.  

  30. So it's not sexist to charge men more for car insurance, but it's sexist to charge women more for health insurance?

  31. so he's sexist against women because he is against forcing insurance companies to give away free services to women by charging them less than what they take out…?! dammit tyt get it together, this isn't sexism, sexism is discrimination of genders for the sake of being against women and no reason; if a particular gender, however, happened, provably, to cost more money, then they are losing money with this scheme – why should they be forced to lose money?

  32. Stossel is probably right. Using ad homonyms is taking away the substance from the debate. I think he was merely saying that in jest when he mentioned women go to the doctor more because they're smarter or they're hypochondriacs based on his sarcastic tone and from what I've heard him say before when discussing health care and insurance. I guess I'm a misogynistic sexist pig now…? 

  33. Why are you labeling this man as a libertarian. He is not at all Libertarian, he is conservative. A libertarian would argue that there should only be private healthcare, and you should not be forced to buy it.

  34. These people obviously don't understand basic economic principles. It is so easy to attribute the higher cost that women pay for health insurance to greed and discrimination. That women pay more for health insurance because they on average visit the doctor more and on average live longer than men, is a statement that less emotionally appealing. It, however, is the correct statement. Women on average pay less than men do for car insurance because they tend to be better drivers, contrary, to the women-are-bad-drivers stereotype, yet I have never met a liberal who advocates equality in car insurance payments. Lastly, let us not equate fairness and justice to taking from some and giving to others through coercion. That women are different from men is not a nefarious notion, but instead a simple reality. Shame on The Young Turks.

  35. The young turks has got to be one of the most uneducated channel on YouTube. It actually makes me cringe to watch them report anything.

  36. Stink Uygay… Ha ha ha ha!!! Anal Barbarian… Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Big Mansandwich… Ha ha ha har har har!!!! Good God. This "tolerant liberals" show is pathetic.

  37. i love how the one guy talks about getting the offer for one or two teeth cleanings a year. his perception on why they do that is warped. its not to prevent people from getting cavities, its for more MONEY from the person. Recent studies show that profressional dentist's teeth cleaning are no more useful to someone who brushes regularly. this is a perfect example of how dentists and insurance companies work together to fool americans by making them believe certain "preventative services" are needed, when in fact, many of them aren't. can't you see how amplified things like that would get if we switched to a single-payer system? we as individuals would know even LESS about what care we actually need and how much it should cost. Once again, the Young Turks are just misinformed.  

  38. i love how they say "what stossel said was just a needless jab" then they show a video of him getting beaten up. there seriously needs to be a button that next to subscribe that says "not in a million years"

  39. It is absolutely stupid to think that helthcare insurance fees are determined by sexism. The fees are determined by statistics and demographics, in some places is more expensive to ensure some people than other people, sadly, most of the time, women are most expensive, in some cases by little, in some cases by much.
    An insurance company is all about profits, as it should, don’t be so narrow minded to think that any insurance company would sacrifice a dime of those profits for the sake of sexism.

  40. Omg that jokes at the end was terrible who jokes about a guy getting assaulted imagine if it was a girl though no one would dare joke about it.

  41. 3:30

    What a load of horse shit.

    Women have the choice to either:

    A. Have no baby and spend no money.


    B. Have a baby at the cost of money.

    Men have one choice:

    A. Have no baby and spend no money.

    Biology acts in favor of women, dimwit. I swear, these liberals are total philosophy virgins.

  42. Wow these people are honestly WORSE than a liberal equivalent of Faux news. I mean FOX panders, is sensationalist and speculates based only on their own ideologies, but these guys take it to a whole other level. It's funny that they basically just shit on FOX most of the time, when they are honestly beneath fox news. And that says a lot.

    Seriously though they couldn't be bothered to do like an hour of research before uploading this? Basically anyone who understands how insurance works can see right through their bullshit here. I'm sure even hard leftists would be embarrassed by these folk.

  43. http://www.dmv.org/insurance/how-gender-affects-auto-insurance-rates.php
    "Why Women Pay Less for Car Insurance
    Auto insurance companies calculate their risk when they determine your premium.

    Calculating risk means using historical data to make an educated estimate of the likelihood of a covered person being in an accident.

    The statistics tend to show that as a group, women are less likely to:

    Get into a car accident.
    Commit moving violations, like speeding and driving under the influence (DUI).
    Buy cars that are more costly to insure.
    Drive as many miles as the average male driver.
    For the reasons above, car insurance for women is typically cheaper than it is for men."

    Strange, it's almost like businesses charge more or less overall based on gender because the genders are different and tend need more or less of certain services. Try not to short out that weak little brain trying to process this.

  44. The profit margin for health insurance is 8.3 percent according to yahoo finance. Not very much. I'll take the expertise of actuaries over people talking out of their ass on camera

  45. Ana is the most stupid person in this planet. Even after excluding prgnency, women go to doctors more than men. On the other hand thet pay less in life insurance because they live 7 years (average) more than men.

  46. -men pay more for car insurance because they are statistically more prone to be involved in car accidents.

    -men pay more for life insurance because statistically they die faster then women.

    -women pay the same amount of money as men for health insurance because statistics show that they use more medical services.

    something doesn't add up here…

    the young turks should really stay away from anything that requires logic.

  47. By their logic, it's sexist and unfair that women have to pay for tampons and pads while men don't. Just because they have vaginas and menstrual cycles doesn't mean that they should have to add an extra expense when they have no choice over the matter and "in a way it's kind of discriminatory." If anything, these hosts are the ones that are discriminatory. Is it fair that people with poor vision have to wear glasses and add an expense? Instead of fighting for only women and minorities, why don't they fight for all people with disadvantages in society? Isn't it kind of discriminatory that you never hear them talking about how we need to stand up for people who were born ugly? After all, a recent statistic showed that people who are beautiful and tall are more likely to get a higher paying job. That's kind of unfair. I thought America was all about justice and fairness. Isn't that our goal?
    These people are absolutely ridiculous. Maybe if they took their premises and carried them to their logical conclusions they would realize how foolish they are, but they would probably just say "but-but that's totally different! you can't compare the two!" because of some minute, inane details.

  48. How is this different than young males paying more for car insurance based on "use" (getting in more accidents that cost more money)

  49. You know why many Americans under the last years have abandon the typical Redemocraic Party to go the Libertarian-Volutantirst Ideology?, because of people like you, who think inside the box, the democrat-republican debate is always the same, the government should spend on here, the other says no spend here, but overall is the same thing, now LIBERTARIANISM, is THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, for US the problem is not that women pay higher premiums, for us the problem is PREMIUMS THEM SELFS, government has LEGISLATED AMERICA INTO PREMIUMS, before that, people had insurance only for MAJOR EXPENSES SUCH AS CANCER OR A LARGE OPERATION OR AN ACCIDENT, but for day to day medical care?, no we think that it should be like retail, you buy each individual product at the best price, IMAGINE A FOOD INSURANCE, HOW INEFFECTIVE IT WOULD BE!!!.

    That is why you are no different from Rachael Maddow or MSNBC

  50. 2:55 Did TYT have any actual data on this hypothesis (that men wait longer to get care than women, and thus pay a disproportionate amount of money per doctor's visit vs. women) or is it just anecdotal speculation? Women give birth, they need special care during pregnancy…of course things things cost more. We can attempt to balance the costs between men and women, but how is that truly fair?

    On an individual level, of course it's not: if I'm a single man, it's not fair for me that I have to bear extra costs simply because a woman (who I likely don't know) chooses to have children (and thus uses far more health care services than I likely will in that time frame), while I continue to live my own independent life, which likely involves far less need for health care services. Isn't it far more fair for each individual (and groups willing to help each other out, like families) to shoulder their own costs (as Stossel reasonably points out), excepting for those in poverty? Seems totally fair and reasonable to me…trying to "equalize" health care costs for every man, woman, and child seems bizarre and unfair, in comparison.

  51. This arrogance is why I unsubscribed. TYT doesn't even consider that it is possible to disagree without throwing slurs at each other.

  52. Tyt and all you supporters of them are disgusting leftists and are immoral and disgusting that you think you are owed specially just because you have a vagina. Way to go with the hyperbole used to fund the stupid Obamacare Single Payer fiasco, but especially patronizing to women who aren't useless pathetic modern women. After all we don't see Women complain about paying less car insurance, despite it BOTH being down to the likelier choices and realities of difference between the sexes (even though driving is not strictly mandatory the analogy still stands because it reflects a trend reality divisible between the sexes) Dazzling HYPOCRISY and CONCEIT are ALL Disgusting disingenuous Leftists have.

  53. Amen TYT, amen. Women have been discriminated against for ages, disband all insurance companies that’ll stop this. Make a flat fee and screw these doctors over less pay for the services. Socialized medicine makes sense we have already paid for these hospitals and doctors offices three times over.

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