What Causes Hormone Dysfunction In Women?

What Causes Hormone Dysfunction In Women?

[Intro Music] Can I talk about women’s health – anything for naturally helping fibroids, balancing hormones, getting rid of excess estrogen? So, what is the root cause? What is the root cause of all the situations that women are having right now and men are having right now. Where men have andropause, women have menopause. We have a epidemic right now of hormone dysfunction. So what’s causing the hormone dysfunction? Well, endocrine disrupting chemicals are
one of the major causes. All the pesticides, the phthalates, the BPA, the plastics, the cosmetics, the chemicals in your home, the shampoos, all of that, the soy. So, basically we have hormone or endocrine, basically what I call endocrine disrupting chemicals, everywhere. If you have air fresheners in your house, if you have fire retardants, you know, if you have that memory foam
mattress and you’re sleeping on, if you take your clothes to the
dry cleaners and get them back, if you wash your clothes with
laundry detergent that’s not organic, if you wash your dishes with dishwashing
detergent that’s not organic, if you use chemical cleaning products, if you’re spraying roundup on your yard, I mean the list goes on and on and on. So… if you use perfume, if you use sunscreen, if you’re slathering sunscreen on your body, I mean, all of these things are contributing to, if you eat out in any restaurant you’re eating genetically modified foods. All of those are going to affect you. So… lack of exercise, lack of meditation, lack of detoxification, lack of cleansing. So, fixing your hormones, and addressing your hormones, and balancing your hormones is going to be there’s going to be one solution for that, and the solution is going to be avoiding… we have multiple videos on
how to go through your home, and we go through your kitchen, we go through your bedroom, we go through your bathroom, we go through every area. We’ll post that link below, so you can watch all the videos of how to clean your home of all the toxic chemicals that you’re exposed to every day. And also clean your workplace and then clean your internal diet, and start detoxifying, and after that your hormones
should come back to normal. But when you’re taking in fluoride and bromine and chlorine and you’re taking in all these other things you have to avoid that. If you want some help with your hormones I would recommend that you talk to Dr. Loretta Lanphier at Oasis Advanced Wellness. She’s been doing hormone testing regulation. She uses the same cleansing programs all natural products you can find her at Oasis Advanced Wellness. Her name is Dr. Loretta Lanphier, she worked here at Global Healing Center for a long time. She’s an expert that I would recommend you go to if you want some professional help with balancing out your hormones. Which I think is a growing epidemic, and women are struggling struggling with this all over the world right now. [Outro Music]


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  2. When I started cleaning out my house and getting rid of all the toxic crap, I seriously thought to myself, "Is this world trying to kill me!!" I could not believe how many toxic things were in my home. And I always thought my home was safe.Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  3. I stopped taking hormonal birth control about 2 weeks ago, and I feel like a new person. I have not felt this happy in a very long time. I am at peace with myself and no longer have these crazy mood shifts or negative thoughts controlling my life. I take detoxidine every day as well as vitex for the past month. Balancing my hormones is now a priority & essential for mental health and healthy relationships. Thank you Dr. Group!

  4. It’s sad to know that women everywhere are suffering with this, it truly is. Blessings on all of us !

  5. I am so feakin' happy I came across Moringa in an Amazon search, then came upon Dr. Group! My health is going to improve as I learn to eat better, remove toxins around me, and supplement. Mahalo from Hilo, HI.

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