What do I do as a Software Engineer?

What do I do as a Software Engineer?

Hey everyone! What’s happening? I was thinking the other day And I realized that while my day in the life video is cool, and chill and all. It doesn’t really do a great job of explaining What exactly I do at my job, and I figured that’s probably something you all want to know. So today I’m going to talk in detail about what I do at work. Okay, let’s begin! Throughout my career I’ve been mostly focused on writing mobile apps and to be specific, when I mean mobile apps, I mean apps that tend to be more productivity or social focused. These are some of the apps that I worked on. I’m what some people call a product engineer since the engineering that I do is directly related to the product that people use. Some engineers are not product engineers by contrast and they work to provide services for other software engineers or make improvements to websites and apps that they run faster and so that they’re up and running all the time. So in order to talk a little bit about my responsibilities as a product engineer, let’s dive in and talk a little bit about the product process. We have a product manager or PM, who kicks off this whole process by deciding on what we’re building. It then gets handed over to a designer who figures out how is this thing gonna look? and then finally it gets handed over to the engineer who builds the thing, so let’s walk through a simple example So say that you and I are working on an app for food delivery. The product manager might say Hey, let’s put a button on the home screen so that users can order their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant on one tap. The designer would then take it and then figure out how it’s going to look on the screen by creating mock-ups The mock-ups then get handed over to the engineer who implements and ships the feature to its users. The whole process is actually very collaborative and is usually not divided up like how I described as an assembly line. What actually happens is that we all provide our own expertise but then we end up making a lot of decisions together. So I would say a solid 20 percent of my time is spent doing exactly this. I should also mention that this process moves super quickly. It’s not uncommon for us to conceive an idea and get it out within a week or two. Because there are several people involved in this process to keep everyone in the loop, we have frequent meetings in order to communicate what we’re all working on Ok! So 20% of my time is spent working with PM’s, designers, and other engineers to discuss what we’re working on Next 70% of my time is spent building stuff. So based on the discussions we’ve had with the product manager and designer, it’s up to me and the other engineers to build the thing. My process usually goes something like this… Number one: figure out a plan for how to build the thing. I asked myself questions like do I need to coordinate with other teams in my company in order to accomplish this? What classes am I gonna make? Should I use what Apple’s provided me, or should I make my own custom version of it? How am I going to format the data that I want to show in the way that I want? And once I have a plan, sometimes I’ll review with other engineers to make sure that my plan makes sense. So lastly, I go and code according to my plan and sometimes it goes according to plan and sometimes it doesn’t But it certainly helps to have a plan so that it saves time and frustration. In addition to building features, I will be fixing bugs in the mean time or making improvements to our tests and tooling to make development easier. So this whole portion of reading, writing and fixing code takes quite a bit of time because of all the little problems I’m solving along the way and so usually a large portion of my day is spent doing this. and so the last 10% of my day is spent doing miscellaneous things. Things like: Having one-on-ones with my manager and other people to talk about career stuff Participating in meetings in other parts of the company to find out what everyone is working on and just working and participating in any other areas that I’m passionate about at work. Okay So if my math is correct that comes out to a hundred percent. 20% collaborating with cross-functional roles, 70% building and coding and 10% miscellaneous things around the company and not every day looks the same on the job There are some days where I have meetings all day and I code only for an hour or so and there are other days where I have no meetings and I code for the whole day The variety of my days helped me to maintain a good balance. Anyways, I hope that gives a little more clarity into what I do at work. Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for new videos And if you like this video give it a thumbs up and leave me comment down below if you have any questions Or if you’d like to tell us what your work day looks like. See you next time, and hope you have a great day talking about terrace house with my coworkers. going on coffee breaks. showing people pictures of my cat and dog


  1. エンジニアについて知るついでに、英語の勉強にもなることに気が付いてしまった

  2. You made this video more than a year ago, I hope you’ll see me comment. I have just two questions:
    1-Which programming languages do you know ?
    2-Do you need to know something else rather than programming languages ?

    Thank you

  3. I wanna work where you work so will you please help me with this. I am looking forward to work alongside with you.

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  5. Thanks I plan on doing this after college (currently taking java in high school and gonna take C++ next year) what coding do you use the most at your job

  6. When you search for "software engineer" in Google, the first link is Wikipedia and this video. Wow how did you do that?

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  8. Don't forget that there are engineers who assure the quality of the products and the engineers who make sure that they are deployed to the correct servers so that consumers can download the apps, well, for actual consumption!

  9. 60% eating/playing games on my phone/going to the grocery below our office
    39% being vocal about how annoying my work is
    1% actually working

  10. i feel like everyone should just open tech/coding videos with "whats poppin?" to collectively mock Joma (<3 joma)

  11. Hey Mayuko, ur description of the job looks more like a developer not an engineer, I think software engineering includes more aspects besides the developmet of an app!

  12. Normal day of work for me as a Software Engineer:

    40% discussing workflow with coworkers
    30% planning and assigning roles
    10% writing code
    20% beatings for not meeting quotas

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  14. Very useful information, i went searching for hours of how software engineer works and this explain everything. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME BREAKING IT DOWN INTO STEPS .. this is a great job but not for me.

  15. I doubt very much you'll see this. But could you or anyone in the comments tell me what the best way to get your foot into the door in this career? What would be the first thing you should learn or go to school for. Should I get into a program or a type of trade school for coding? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Did you graduate with honors cause if you did man i better step up if i do this major it looks overwhelming but i like the challenge its like a video game to me

  17. This girl seems majorly retarded. I have high doubts she knows how to do anything competently.

  18. Amazing information and a great host. This video is just amazing . Thank you for all the game 🏁💙

  19. Hi. If I want to create a weather station that displays information on a stand alone lcd screen controlled by an app Siri, google home and Alexa. What kind of engineer do I need to program the screen to work independently from the app? I know what kind of engineers I need to build the app part. But what about the hardware side. What’s needed to program that?

  20. 02:10 2 weeks for a button on an app? That's why I stopped working with IT and do everything myself. I always wonder why does it take you guys so long to deliver even the most basic product?

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  24. This is really helpful! I am currently pursuing a degree in IT and I am a bit confused on the different career paths. This video validated what I really wanted to do! ❤️👏 Thanks!

  25. Your title says …your work as a software engineer, but the whole thing describes the job of a product engineer … I'm confused !!!

  26. 2:31
    I need questions exactly like them before start coding
    It would improve my thinking through the process

  27. What languages and what should someone learn in general if they want to eventually become a software engineer? Or what types of software engineers are there and what languages should they know?

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