What Happens If You Eat Too Many Gummy Vitamins? | Not Dumb Questions | Women’s Health

What Happens If You Eat Too Many Gummy Vitamins? | Not Dumb Questions | Women’s Health

— I haven’t had white bread in years.
— And I haven’t had wheat in years, that’s so horrible. — So what happens if you eat too
many gummy vitamins (which I did today)? — You become a superhuman?
— Maybe! — The Flintstone ones! Remember those? — The crunchy ones?
— Those were disgusting; I remember VIVIDLY… — They were just really big pills and they’re like powder?
— …being given these giant chalky Flintstone gummies. — You just pee them out? — I ate like seven of them,
so I can’t wait to hear this answer. — It says “calories and sugar content aside, you can OD on nutrients like vitamins A,
iron and zinc.” — “And that can mean scary consequences like liver failure”… woah.
— What? — “See your doctor as soon as possible if you’re overdosing.” — So…
— …I should probably make an appointment. — How long can you really eat pizza leftovers for? — First of all, who has leftovers
when they’re eating pizza? — A week? Mm, no. — Mm, I would say just the day after. — Ever.
— Right? — Forever.
— Yeah. — I feel like pizza doesn’t have an expiration date. — I don’t like the taste of leftover pizza.
There, I said it! I just don’t like it. — So it says “if you leave it out on the counter,
throw it away after two hours.” — “If it’s refrigerated, you have 3 to 4 days”. — What?
— I’ve been playing with fire. — That’s good to know because my
girlfriend never puts her food in the refrigerator – I can tell her
she is gonna get sick now! — What exactly are “bad carbs”? — Pasta, rice… — French fries? — Sugar?
— Do you know? — I…
— Is that a carb? I don’t think that’s a carb. — Like I know that there’s a difference
between complex and simple carbs.
— Yeah. — Bread, or like pizza… — I don’t think there are any bad carbs! — White flour, or, you know,
like unprocessed grains… — Like ninety percent of my diet is
carbs. I love all the bread. — Bread, cereal…
I mean, everything has gluten in it. — So, bad carbs… it’s a label often used for processed carbohydrates that contain
added sugars and refined grains. — So basically calories, but no real nutrition. — Yeah.
— Yeah. — Yeah. Okay.
— Okay, — I feel smart.
— Cool. — Alright.
— We are smart. — What are those brown spots on avocados? — Is it like, the way that bananas
get the brown spots? — I feel like it’s something about oxi…di-zation?
— Sure. — I don’t know… but when I see them I don’t
purchase or eat. — Girl… Stop playing. I’ll be eating that thing.
I’ll be putting some lemon, some salt… — Really? No.
— Yeah. — Okay, I can tell you. They are usually bruises or oxidation; eating one is not harmful, but it probably won’t taste great. — And it says an entire brown
avocado is rancid. — I don’t think I would ever eat a brown avocado.
— No no no no no. — I was kind of right. — Ohhhh.
— Mm.


  1. this chick thinks eating 7 gummy vites is smth to worry abt lol my dumbass j accidently ate abt ~50 (I had them in a bag & they j r so fuckin gooood the 1’s i have i legit could not tell they were vitamins until i gotta pounding headache…. but id feel like a lil bitch going to the hospital for eating a bunch of gummies lol

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