What is a Well-Woman Exam?

What is a Well-Woman Exam?

>>NARRATOR: When was the last time you went
to see a doctor or nurse, not because you were sick, but just to make sure everything’s
okay? It’s what’s called a well-woman visit.>>Many people feel a little nervous or scared
about them. That’s totally normal.>>First, call a health center to make an appointment.
Tell us if you have insurance or need help paying for the visit and we’ll estimate the
cost so you don’t have any surprises.>>Once you’ve arrived, you’ll fill out some
paperwork. If you need help, please ask us.>>Next, a medical assistant will ask you a
few questions about your health, your family’s health, and your sex life. Don’t worry, it’s
100% confidential and we only ask because it helps us know what you need. Tell her if
you want more information about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, or anything
else. You can ask us any question you might have– nothing is off-limits.
>>After that, we’ll give you some privacy to change into a gown. Now you might feel
uncomfortable about being partially naked, but that’s completely normal. We are here
to help you. And if there’s anything that you’re worried about, let us know and we can
talk more about it. We want to answer your questions.
>>What’ll happen next will depend on your age, medical history, and when you last saw
a doctor or nurse.>>If you need a breast exam, the doctor or
nurse will ask you to lower your gown so she can check your breasts while you are sitting
up and then lying down. It won’t hurt.>>If you need a pelvic exam, she’ll ask you
to lie back on the table and will guide your feet into the foot rests. This position may
feel weird, but it will make the exam more comfortable for you.
>>If you feel nervous or tense, try taking a few deep breaths or imagine yourself somewhere
peaceful and relaxing. During the exam, we’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing. The exam
should not hurt, but if you want to stop, just let us know. You are in control. And
the whole thing takes just a few minutes.>>After the exam, we will talk to you about
any questions you might have, any more tests or exams you might need, and when you should
come back.>>And remember, your information is completely
private. We won’t share it with anyone – , NOT your partners, your friends, or even your
parents.>>Well-woman visits are important. It’s how
we work together to keep you healthy.>>No matter what, we’re here for you. You
are always welcome at Planned Parenthood.


  1. Definitely a great start, but could've used less ciscentric language. Considering transmen & other gender-nonconforming folks who were assigned female at birth are at markedly increased risks of ovarian, endometrial & cervical cancer for a variety of physical, psychosocial & socioeconomic reasons, more needs to be done in the name of inclusiveness.

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