what is an apostille

what is an apostille

bjbj Welcome to the apostille.us YouTube channel.
This video will focus on the apostille and legalization procedure in general. So what
is an apostille in the United States, and how to get it? Here in the states an apostille
is a separate page which is attached to the original document. The main purpose of the
apostille is to validate the authority and capacity of the official who signed the document.
It was established by the Hague Convention in 1961. In other words, apostille validates
that the public official who signed your document had the authority to do so. Why may someone
need an apostille? Whenever you have to use a document which was issued in the United
States in a foreign country, you will have to get that document apostilled or authenticated.
One of the issues with dealing with foreign governments is that not all countries accept
apostilles. Without the apostille the is no way to prove that the foreign document in
your possession is in fact a document and not just something which you printed at home
the night before. If you country is not part of the Apostille Convention, you must follow
a chain authentication procedure which will be discussed in our next video. If you are
not sure whether you need an apostille or consular legalization, feel free to call us
and we will let you know. So how does one get a document apostilled? There are several
options which are available to you. First of all you may always do it yourself. To get
an apostille on your own you will have to determine where your document was issued,
contact the competent authority responsible for issuing apostilles, verify that your document
is eligible and then follow the procedures laid out by your state or federal government.
Another option is to hire a professional service agency to process your documents. There are
many agencies which you may find on the web by performing a simple search for an apostille
services agency. In general many of such third party service providers offer similar services
for different fees. So why should you use our services instead of doing it yourself
or hiring a different agency? Apostille.us has been specializing in document processing
and authentication for over 20 years. As the result we have developed a network of associates
in virtually every U.S State to ensure that your documents are processed on the expedited
basis as well as ensuring the safety of your document. We will only use FedEx or a reliable
courier service when transferring your documents from one point to another while in processing.
We offer a free review of your documents and consultation to ensure that your documents
are acceptable before you even mail them to us. We will work with your deadline and if
we will not be able to meet your needs we will advise you before you make any payments
or send us the documents. Also we are able to translate your documents and authenticate
them in the consulate of the target country if necessary. Our flexible fee schedule will
allow you to complete part of the process yourself if desired. How can you place an
order for an Apostille? It is very simple. You can do it online on our website You may
call the office You may fax your request If you already have the document you may attach
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  1. Hello. I am not from any of the countries that has signed up the Apostille convention. But I a country needs an Apostille from me. How do I do it?

  2. I just got my long form birth certificate authentication by my county & supposed to get it apostilled by the department of state but someone told me not to& just send it to the secretary of state for authentication then united States secretary of state so i am a bit confused

  3. What's the difference between an Apostille/Certified Notary and a Notary Public with a commission number? I'm not sure if I need to obtain an Apostille in NJ.

  4. Very Interesting post! Thank you for such an interesting resource!PS: Sorry for my bad English Thanks From Lucas:) Athttp://www.apostillecanada.org/

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