What Is Puberty (Puberty Explained)

What Is Puberty (Puberty Explained)

puberty Puberty is the time in a persons life when their sexual and reproductive organs mature this means their body becomes capable of
creating babies Long before any outward changes happen, special hormones begin to be produced inside the body of both girls and boys. These hormones affect many different things, including sexual development and growth. With girls, puberty will start around age 11. A physical change will become obvious between ages of 11 and 14. During this age girls experience change in: height, widening of hips, development of breasts hair growth around pubic area and underarms, vaginal discharge, beginning of menstrual periods and period pain. Boys enter puberty a little later than girls. The puberty starts around age 12 but physical changes are mostly not visible until age 13 to 16. The changes for boys include: Change in height and muscle mass, increase in size of testicles and penis, hair growth in pubic area, legs, underarms on the face, voice change, ejaculation of semen during sleep also known as wet dreams unwanted erections and breast changes. While these are average ages for puberty everyones body is different and changes might happen at different ages. Most changes that happen during puberty are physical, but a person will also experience many emotional changes. These include but are not limited to: coping with a persons changing body, frustrations of feeling different, mood swings and energy changes. childhood obesity is known to start
puberty earlier for girls at age 13 both boys and girls are around the
same height and same weight. At age 15 an average girl will
be 5′ 3.7″ inches tall and weigh 115 pounds a boy at the same age will be 5′”7 and
will weigh 124 pounds at the age of 18 an average girl will be
five-feet 4.2 inches tall and will weigh 128
pounds While a boy will be five feet 9.5 inches tall
and will weigh 148 pounds a recent study shows that girl that start
puberty earlier also more likely to become sexually
active sooner than their peers Acne is a very common condition
which teens struggle with during puberty Teens get acting because the hormonal
changes that come with puberty Teens whose parents parents had acne are more prone
to have acne themselves. about eight out of 10 people will have acne for most people acne goes away almost
completely by the time they’re out of their teens. narrated by Dorian Douglass animated by
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  1. OMFG thx im ready now cos i am getting little hairs all over my pubic area and my voice is a little wierder than last year…

  2. Well I got it at 8 and me is a boy

    (Im really tall, like taller than my teacher, I don't know if that has something to do with it)

  3. That weight is so wrong when I was 14 I weighed 160lbs and my friends were all around 140 none of us were overweight

  4. boys start puppetry when they re 10 or 11 and girls start when they are either 8 9 10 or 11 I started when I was 10

  5. I started puberty at 8. I got tall for my age. I was about 5'9" – 5'10" at 11 after only being 4'5" at 7, and 4'11" at age 8-9.

    I got other stuff…. but ironically.. I never really got any other signs of it until way later. I started facial hair at 13, but it only grew on my neck and a little bit of my cheeks. Then all of the sudden at age around 23 I became very muscular and then my facial hair decided to grow on my cheeks after 10 years.

    Not really sure what caused the trigger for my size and facial hair in my mid 20s.

  6. I don't mean to sound like a pedo, but when I was in 4th grade (oh boy) I already saw girls wearing training bras and already complaining about their periods. (again, no pedo).

  7. i am a 14 year old guy and weight 145 lbs and 5,8 feet tall i have facial hair a deep voice and much bodyhair but i never had any pimples or acne many people say i look older here i a pic of me https://www.instagram.com/p/BNS17tIggad/

  8. How is everyone in the comment section so tall I'm 10 and 4.5 feet tall

    I also weigh 75 pounds

    ;-; I have two pimples on my nose also.

  9. WHY ARE THERE NO HILARIOUS TROLL COMMENTS ;-; I assume it's because the only people who watch this are kids and their mums who made the kids watch it because they cant afford school or some shit.

  10. this video is not for explaining to children. it's rushed and trying to show a child this it's all to much at once.. anyone know any good links for puberty hormones info for 8 year old girls.

  11. TBH the height average is DEFINETLY not right. I just turned 12 and im 163cm tall, but I started puberty when I was like 8 or 9

  12. I know I'm in puberty because I got pubic hair above my penis and on my testis but that's about it. I haven't noticed anything else really other than random erections.

  13. I don't won't to go through this in only 10 poor me periods hurt u know I have to go through it my aunt went through it today btw this video not 4 kids come on sexual????that's inappropriate plus. Giving out what our body parts are plus I think it should be 2 separated videos for girls and 1 for boys

  14. (Im a guy)My puberty started when i was 13 yrs old.. Where i notice that i unexpectedly ejeculated while sleeping. (TBH i don't know masturbate at that time so i don't any idea that i ejaculated. Which making me think that ive only pee). lol

  15. So is started at 9 and I am suffiring so it's like this when ur little " ITS AWESOME BEING A GIRL BOYS ARE STUPID"that's how I said it then when I hit puberty and periods "OWWWWW I WISH I WAS A BOY" and girls go through alot of pain because there breast size grows they hit periods and they have to either have tampons to shove up sorry ur vigina and pads which are sticky AF and boys there sorry for this "penises" grow into ya know and they just suffer awkwardness so ya that sums it up

  16. Wtf? Girls around the age of 15 are only like 162 cm? I’m 12 and I’ve already passed that height! (And weight it’s not awesome).
    No wonder people always assume I’m much older than I acctually am! My english teacher at the start of the year (I’m in 6th grade) acctually asked me how old I was.
    Umm… I don’t know what to say anymore, besides the fact that I’m acctually supposed to a thing for biology class about puberty so now I’m searching and sh*t and I have no clue about what to write, so… good luck me.

  17. But why My height stopped at puberty???
    I was 5'7" before puberty (I was 13) and now I'm slightly above 5'9" (I'm 20 and that's for 2 years)

  18. Well I'm girl, I'm 10 and I started puberty around 9 and I had a growth spurt from 4"8/9 to 4"11 I've finished most if the things girls are supposed to have in this video I just haven't reached my full adult height and I have a lot wider hips then I used to

  19. I’m a 9 year old with puberty just starting. And why the heck am I strong like I’m on steroids. I know this scence I’m getting pimples

  20. This person doesn’t know what they are talking…. boys get hard-ons around 8.. no girl I have ever talked to got there vagina wet at this age… and if some girls did it was very rare. All and I mean all boys get hard around 8 years old… this means boys start it much earlier but can hide it much better than girls can.

  21. I am concerned. I am age 13, am 5 foot 1, and weigh 102 lbs. I have armpit hair, and some hair over my lip, practically a mustache. But the hairs on my mustache are white. I have brown hair and brown eyebrows. Black pubic hair. How is my mustache hair white. And nothing is happening. Is my puberty paused? I'm pretty sure something should be happening. I should probably have a deeper voice or something soon. Does this make any sense to anyone?

  22. Puberty started at 7-8 for me ( I’m 10 now ;;—;; ) and i just hiT my period. ;~;
    btw I’m in 2019. :3

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