What is SIDS? | Baby Care Basics | Parents

What is SIDS? | Baby Care Basics | Parents

Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is
the unexplained death of an infant under age one. As a parent, I know that there is nothing
scarier than the idea that your baby might suddenly stop breathing while she’s sleeping.
To help protect your baby from SIDS, always put her to sleep on her back. When she’s awake,
spending time on her side and tummy is good for muscle development, and to prevent the
back of the head from flattening. Keep soft items, such as pillows, blankets, and stuffed
animals, out of her crib. Use a firm mattress and tightly fitted sheets. Skip all bumper
pads, too. They can restrict your baby’s breathing if her face presses against them. Make sure
that your crib slats or spaced no more than 2 and 3 / 8 inches apart. Offer a pacifier
at night. Research has shown that it can help prevent SIDS. Avoid cigarette smoke. Studies
show that exposure to second- hand smoke can increase a baby’s risk of SIDS, so can smoking
during pregnancy. Lastly, don’t sleep with your baby anywhere, even the couch. She could
be suffocated by a pillow or a loose blanket, or you could roll over on her. If you want
to be close to your baby at night, consider a co- sleeper that attaches to your bed.


  1. If you don't know what causes it then why are you saying don't put bumper pads? Isn't that suffocation that they would die from? So is suffocation SIDS or???? Just wondering 😊

  2. You can't prevent SIDS. It is unexplained. If we don't know what causes it, we don't know how to prevent it. This video would be better titled "how to prevent suffocation while your baby sleeps." By the way, increasing evidence shows that safe co-sleeping with your baby actually regulates their breathing and likely decreases incidence of SIDS.

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  4. Sids should be called vids. It's from vaccines. Vaccine infant death syndrome. All sids babies just got vaccines within 48 hours of the. Child getting sids.

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  6. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as crib death, was so rare until 1960s that it didn't exist on the list of 130 causes of infants death in the infant mortality statistics.
    What happened in 1960s?

    Mass vaccinating of infants started. Coincident?
    Is it also a coincident that majority of SIDS deaths happen at 2, 4 and 6 months of age when babies are vaccinated?
    Is it also a coincident for twin babies to die at the same time, within 12 hours of receiving vaccinating?
    What about when one family loses two babies 2 years aparat to SIDS, within 24 hours of receiving vaccination?
    There are between 3500 to 5000 cases of SIDS in USA every year, that's between 10 and 17 babies dying every day.
    Do you research parents.

    #Vaccineskill #vaccinesharm #whyidontvaccinate

  7. What's funny is that they said you should never sleep with your baby? – why? People in the South Pacific have been sleeping with their babies for thousands of years and no SIDS. I had 5 children and slept with them every night, when they became 1 year old, they got their own room. You have a closer relationship with your child as it grows. Cribs are very dangerous. As they grow, they climb out of it.

  8. Sids is literally suffocation, that's a fact, it only happens to babies of a few months, because they don't understand that they cannot breath, they roll over in their blankets and smother themselves.

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