What South Koreans Think Of Rising US-North Korea Tensions | ASIAN BOSS

Hey everybody Steve from ASIAN BOSS. After recent reports that North Korea is preparing for its 6th nuclear weapon’s test. The Trump administration respond by saying that the time for strategic patience with North Korea is over. And mobilizing a US aircraft carrier towards North Korea. In response, North Korea put long range missiles on display during a massive parade celebrating the country’s founder Kim Il-sung. Right now, The international community is freakin’ out and wondering how this escalation will impact South Korea and other countries in the region So we’re gonna hit the street in the Seoul and ask South Koreans how they feel about the latest developments. Let’s find out. There you have it We hope this gave you some real insight into what’s going on in the minds of South Koreans. We’ll continue to bring you the most authentic coverage on this issue as things develop. So make sure to subscribe to the ASIAN BOSS Youtube channel and get connected with us on social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which we’ll link in the description. I’m Steve from ASIAN BOSS and I’ll see you in the next video.

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