When you get multiple positive ovulation tests per cycle | Do you ovulate more than once?

When you get multiple positive ovulation tests per cycle | Do you ovulate more than once?


  1. Alright. So from what I understand. My body is trying to ovulate multiple times but it just isn't quite managing?
    I typically have 32-37 day cycles. I have been ttc for about a year and I am now a 23 year old woman. Whenever I take the lh strips they are almost always a legitimate positive. Meaning I typically have higher than average levels of lh I would assume. But about 1 time a week since my period started 6/21/18 I have dark positive lh tests. Today on CD30 and yesteday CD29 I have the darkest I have yet to see. I am a very petite girl at 5'1" and 96lbs. Would this have some effect on my cycles? They aren't too irregular, but sometimes I do have a 45 day cycle. I have also had 1 miscarriage and I got my first bfp on CD37.

  2. Can a chemical pregnancy with embrio retention cause this multiple positive ovulation strips?
    You see im a regular girl my period comes every 28 days.. But something happened this month..
    On day 25 of my period cycle i took a pregnancy test and came positive.. On day 28 my "period" came and as soon as i saw blood i took other pregnancy test and this time showed negative. I bleeded only two days.. Did not see big clots there were some but not big of that many. And my regular period normally last 4 to 6 days but this time only Lasted two days.. So im like what is going on and dont know if any tissue of embrio still inside i haven't go to the Doc cause i dont have health insurance. Im waiting on my period to come ans see if notice im back to normal.. According to my period track app im ovulating since Oct 22 till the 28th… I have been taking this ovulation strips test since the 22nd and all strips show both lines dark well marked the same…
    Im thinking i probably had a chemical pregnancy and likely still have the dead embrio inside but dont know if is posible to ovulate when this is happening and if with the next period starting I'll come clean inside or if by letting more time pass my health could be compromised…
    What is your opinion please let me know…

  3. I get the signs of the white egg yolk mucus but some months I can see the white egg yolk mucus 5 days before my period

  4. I had a missed miscarriage and decided to go with the abortion pill on Thanksgiving day, 1 week and a half ago my hcg levels were at 4000 and last week at 406, i still was getting both positive pregnancy and ovulation tests positive… now im only getting negative pregnancy tests but positive ovulation test (7 daysin a row now)… I've been having sex with pull out method.. any change i could be pregnant again?

  5. I was on clomid 100mg one a day for 5days but on the last day of takin the last pills I had a positive ovulation test is that normal?

  6. HI I HOPE YOU CAN ANSWER ME πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  7. If I’m getting higher LH tests at 18 dpo does this mean I am pregnant? I went to urgent care to get blood test today, find out in 5-7 days

  8. I did ovulation test via sticks for the first time. I had peak on day 15, was 0.95 and day 18 I had high, and then I felt cramping on day23- 24 so I did test again I had another peak on day 24 and was 1.35!!

  9. Does your temperature only go up if you’ve ovulated? Like if it doesn’t at all that would mean you didn’t ovulate? I have the egg white mucus a week before my periods

  10. I usually don't get an LH surge until CD 15-CD-20 which gives me a shorter luteal phase. Is there anything I can do to help my surge come on sooner?

  11. I’ve been using the Ava bracelet to track ovulation as well as OPK strips. The first time I had the positive OPKs my temp rose, but has continued to go up since. I’ve now had 10 days of positive OPKs! Today is the first day it’s been negative. Would that mean I JUST ovulated?

  12. Just a question..my husband and I have been TTC for almost 10 months now. I have one kidney and one adrenal gland from having adrenal cancer I was actually pregnant when I had them removed. We lost that baby at 26 weeks to preterm labor but..my question is will me having one adrenal gland and one kidney effect my ability to concieve? I chart every month and I am ovulating every month.

  13. Is there a way to stimulate follicles to maturity? I get dark tests, keep track of temps, and have sooo many immature follicles it’s like they are packed too tightly to let anything(estrogen) in or for a single follicle to be become egg and be released

  14. We are currently ttc. I got a positive opk on digital and a test strip on Aug 31 which was cd 17 but I usually get positive opk on cd 22 or 23 (I'm breastfeeding) so.. according to my positive I'm about 14 dpo today but all test have bn neg. I did however have a vvvvery faint line on first response 2 days ago but following morning it was neg. I also usually have a luteal phase of 7 or 8 days this first time it's ever bn long again according to my last opk.. so question is cud I have gotten a positive but not actually ovulated and ovulated on the day I wud normal ovulate?πŸ€” I had lots of cramping around the time I wud normally ovulate also but not much around the time I got my positive

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