Where Does Breast Cancer Spread?

once it spreads where does it generally
spread yes so as I alluded to in the anatomic diagram the breast spreads in
locally first of the area of the axilla or the armpit that’s where the lymph nodes and it does the first place where the breast
cancer will spread or metastasize this is a scientific word that we use
however once it spreads to the area of the lymph nodes under the axilla
then it has the potential to possibly spread to distant parts of our body such
as the bone the liver the lungs and the brain and the most common place where
the breast cancer metastasize spreads to distally is actually the bone second
most common is the liver followed by lung and then followed by the brain and how quickly does it spread Really hard to say you know some tumors are extremely aggressive and they can spread very quickly and others are very slow
growing and they can be sort of like brewing within the breast for a really
long time even before they have the potential to
metastasize so it’s really driven by the biology of the tumor and that’s an area
that we have really tried to unravel over the past few decades in terms of
better understanding the biology and why the certain types of breast cancer
prefer to metastasize to the lymph nodes and don’t go anywhere else whereas
others very quickly metastasize to the area of the bones and women can live
very long lives even with bone metastases because of all the targeted
therapies we have available these days

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