Why Do Women’s Hips Sway When They Walk?

Why Do Women’s Hips Sway When They Walk?

Regardless of culture, the sway of the hips
is associated with beauty and femininity. If you look closely at the woman in the yellow
dress, you’ll see that the when her right foot leads forward her right hip appears to
rise and swing outward. As her right foot moves behind her, her right
hip moves down and swings in slightly. So why do women walk this way? It boils down to some key differences between
male and female anatomy. A key difference between the skeleton of men
and women is the pelvic bone. The female pelvis tends to be wider and shorter
than the male pelvis. It needs to be this way because women’s
hips need accommodate something totally crazy: pregnancy. The female pelvis needs to accommodate a baby
that weighs 3.5 kilograms on average and be able to push the baby out during childbirth. In spite of being a doctor, I still can’t
get over the fact that women literally have a human growing inside them for 9 months. It’s totally nuts. Anyway, getting back to the point – because
of the extra width of the pelvic bone, the hip joint is different in women as compared
to men. The hip joint has two parts: the ball of the
femur, which rotates within a socket in the pelvic bone, called the acetabulum. If you look at the hip joint from above, you
can see that the acetabulum in men is aligned straight across the ball of the femur, while
the acetabulum in women tends to angle forward. This is called the acetabular anteversion
angle, and women tend to have higher anteversion than men. This means that in women, the pelvic bone
needs to move along with the femur as women walk, as compared to men where the pelvic
bone stays roughly in the same position while men walk. Now looking from the front again, you will
notice something different when it comes to the angle of the femur. In men the femur has a small angle moving
in towards the centre of the body, but in women, the angle of the femur is much larger. This angle is called the Q-angle and on average,
the Q angle is 4.6 degrees greater in women than in men. This doesn’t seem like a lot but it makes
a big difference in how women walk. In women, a combined result of a wider pelvis,
greater anteversion of the acetabulum and higher Q-angle, means that the pelvis has
to rotate in order to allow a woman to walk. Combine this rotation in real time, and you
get the classic hip sway of the female walk. I hope this answered your question and satisfied
your curiosity. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in
the next one.


  1. It's interesting that an educational video like this has a comment section reminiscent of an "anti-SJW" echo chamber

  2. Isn't the greater Q angle why women are more prone to ACL/MCL injuries during high impact activities (such as jumping while playing soccer)?

  3. Very informative and succinct video! Also, so many views but so few likes and subscribers. CHANGE THAT, PEOPLE!

  4. This video is blatantly false. Men and woman are the same. How fucking dare you brainwash our children into thinking otherwise???


  5. can u explain then why guys have wide hips? guys have no reason for it because child birth doesnt take place in guys. is guys having wide hips then a genetic abnormality?

  6. That was fabulous, thanks.
    There was a UK doco (on bullying) that got London bouncers to look at CG wire frame people (motion captured for movement) and guess from their gait whether they were bullied or not. They were over 80% correct based just on how they held themselves when they walked. BUT this was a 100% make sample.
    One of the experimenters then threw in a couple of female walkers (the wire frames still looked the same)
    All the bouncers commented on how 'cocky' the wire frames looked (they didn't know they were female).

    Is there something in 'cocky' males that make them walk like women?

  7. I keep hearing people on the news tell us that men can be women and women can be men just by claiming to be so, but this video seems to make an argument that men and women are biologically different. It that is so, then the idea of a Trans-male penis is bullshit…


  8. You seriously want me to look at the woman in the yellow dress with that blond still in the frame? Impossible! You should have cropped her out if you wanted that to happen. I really tried…I just can't. XD

  9. I thought there wasn't a biological difference between men and women and gender was just a construct of society.

  10. My question is why are men attracted to it? Does it signify better child bearing capability the more exaggerated it is?

  11. It may be more comfortable and natural, but they can walk (and run) exactly like males if they want to. They walk like the way they do because they are embellishing whatever minor differences you are trying to explain in quicker fashion than the viewer can scan through the time bar.

  12. Why would men retain the trait of having long thin hips? How is it an advantage>
    Why would evolution bother?

  13. You're saying women walk differently than a man does? I'm very offended that's so sexist! Men and women are equal!


  14. All true, and it's also the reason women can more comfortably cross their legs while sitting and why men sometimes need to spread out a bit for comfort.

  15. Based on the comments barely anyone read the description where it says that males can have hips like females do and females can have hips like males do

  16. I was looking for R/bad woman's anatomy and this was in the related. I was curious, so I decided to check it out. Nice and educational.

  17. I just had to comment. Your initial part of the video showed a girl in yellow walking with a "sway". If you notice, the other two women did not have the pronounced sway. Whereas some sway may be due to be women, you will notice the girl in yellow is putting on foot in line in front of the other. And as any Latino mother will know, that make you have more sway. The other two women did not have the pronounced sway, and they were putting the feet in a normal walk somewhat spread apart. But as you said, they still have that unmistakable sway.

    Just a humble observance that I noticed.

  18. Sir my best friend walking girl lugs please solution my friend 4 time suicide atom please is possible to surgery how much cost

  19. Man, the more I learn about this the more I see the greatness and intention of God!??? This is awesome praise Jesus!!!

  20. And I think another reason is some women are purposely exaggerate their hip swing in order to look more attractive. And how about the glute medius weakness?

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