Why is PCOS Diagnosis Difficult?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome presents in a number different ways. And that is one of the factors that makes it very difficult to diagnose. I can walk through the mall and see a PCOS patient across the
mall, oftentimes, and know exactly because of her physical
presentation. There’s also a subset of PCOS patients that are very thin, don’t have any acne, no
physical presentation except they come to you for irregular
periods, and their lab work tells you something. So every permutation in between that is also possible. So it really is… it really is hard. You can’t just… it’s not a
physical… a persistent physical symptom. It’s not a persistent lab value. It really is a spectrum disorder in
every sense of the word. The physical symptoms — patients can
have one symptom or they can have them all. They can have one lab abnormality or they can have them all. Or they can have any combination
thereof. And that makes it tremendously difficult to diagnose and then formulate a treatment plan.

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