Why Not To Go Temple in Periods? | All Myths | Menstrual Cycle in Hindi

Why Not To Go Temple in Periods? | All Myths | Menstrual Cycle in Hindi

Jokes, pranks, vines. We watch daily Today, let’s talk about work In India menstrual cycle has a negative image Today, I’ll tell you truths about menstrual cycle. That you don’t know Like why ladies are prohibited to go in temples, prohibited in kitchen, prohibited to head wash, etc Stuff like that So, watch this video till end . Keep watching Let’s wipe the lie why women are prohibited to go temple in periods India majority don’t know the logic behind it But following it blindly Few thinks a lady is impure menstrual cycle And temple is pure So, women are prohibited !! But !! If I see it in a logical way then In old era There are no floor systems Villages are on ground floor. But !! Temples are the only places where stairs are present Because temples are made on high places or on hills You can see temple of your home… They are on high places. Idols of god are on high places like walls, etc. We never make god idols sit on the ground floor That is the main reason why Women are prohibited to go to temple Basically, they are denied to climb stairs Because women are weak during menstrual cycle This is the main logic. But in today’s generation It has given a different approach And due to these practices, it has been said that you are not allowed to touch idols of god Which is totally wrong A strange myth Don’t wash your head People don’t know why not to wash head in periods I’ll tell you In old era, they consider menstrual cycle as impure Old villages was situated near rivers So, the people there Use water of rivers for their daily uses Because there are no showers & pipelines at that time So, they bath in river, drink in river, etc So, they believe that women is impure at that time And if They bath in river or wash their head then they’ll pollute the river water Which is totally wrong at that time as well as in present time But these practices are gaining popularity day by day So, please stop this A very common myth Don’t go in kitchen, don’t wash clothes, don’t go outside Etc, etc, etc.. Because during menstrual cycle human body is weak It can’t perform well This is the only reason which has been converted into a custom, nothing else. In South Indian first menstrual cycle or period is celerated You don’ know Who said if shadow of a women fall on a tree then it will get destroyed And who said you can’t hang your clothes after washing on terrace or in an open space And who legend said… You are prone to “Kala Jaadu” Black magic in periods Please stop all this It is a natural process that has been given to women by god You can’t stop this But for god sake please stop all these nonsense Please guys move on from these practices because it’s 2018 These customs are framed according to the needs of that time They are not required in present generation They were made according to then society At that time there was no technology Today we have advanced means At that time we don’t have enough facilities. But we have today Then why we hold all these practices today ? Please, change you mentality When a women get married, we celebrate When that women give birth to baby we celebrate But before these 2 steps there is one more step i.e., Menstrual Cycle Why we don’t celebrate but in South Indian people do celebrate Just a difference of thinking If you have any logical explanation then please tell me below in comment Because, It’s a social platform It’s my stand, It’s INDIAN GUARDIAN Give a thumbs up & Subscribe


  1. One more reason why women's are not allowed to come out of their house so often during menses…coz in the early days there prevailed more forests, jungles,etc.and thus more of wild animal.. and we all know that some wild flesh eating animals can smell blood…if a woman would go out and the smell of the blood could be smelt by the animals it would become dangerous for her and it could risk her life too…

  2. This is my first video to watch,. Before complete video i subscribed your channel…

    You give amazing.. knowledge..
    Thank you..

  3. Actually purane time main pads n all bhi available nahi the …n periods ke time heavy bleeding hoti hai…tho issliye bhi idhar udhar jaane ya kaam karne see Mana karte hoge….n even panties and all bhi bahut baad main aayi scene main… earlier ppl don't use to wear panties too…

  4. Loved ur videos and channel ??recommendation mai ayi thi videos and now i am watching each video of urs keep it up ??

  5. Sir, washing hair during initial days of periods is concerned with a health issue. Thats a great step that u are taking to stand against the illogical myths. Great work sir

  6. Thanks mans for providing this much super information like a no one can think like this. .
    We should change and u make us youth to be change…
    We all with u bro….

  7. I am so literally "PROUD", that you took initiative and SPOKE the word PERIODS. And I am so much Disappoint about the likes in this video. Honestly I like ua work, and, taking an act on wot most just think. Wishing you all goods and lucks. A genuine wish. ? And I, as a women THANK YOU, ?

  8. Bro ur totally wrong about Head bath
    Live Stress free – Have good thoughts – A Rajaswala needs to keep away from psychological stress, tension, anxiety. Stress during these days affects the hormonal levels in the body and may create hormonal disturbances in the long run. Hormonal disturbances are the root cause of many problems like PCOD, infertility etc. So try and keep your mind cool and calm during your periods.

    Avoid physical exertion -Travelling, walking, workouts increase the Vata Dosha (One of the three basic elements of the body according to Ayurveda) in the body which is already predominant in the body during the menses. Complete rest is mandatory to avoid vitiation of Vata Dosha. (Hence the traditional practice of sitting in a corner of the house for three days) Vata Dosha 

    Food – There is a natural decrease in the digestive power of the body during menses. Hence, the Rajaswala should have easy to digest food stuffs like milk, yava (a type of cereal), ghee, fruits and should eat in small quantity. (Hence the traditional practice of serving in a separate bowl which used to hold little quantity of food)

    No having bath – the water flowing over the back during a bath has a peculiar effect on the 7 Chakras (plexuses) one of them being the Mooladhar Chakra which is the closest to the reproductive system. This effect of water over the Mooladhar Chakra causes some hinderance to the outflow of the menstrual blood. 

    Complete Abstinence – A Rajaswala should not have sex. A hormone called Oxytocin is related during sex and causes antiperistaltic movements (from below upwards) in the uterine walls (while normally it should be from above downwards for the evacuation of menstrual blood)

    Read these for correct reason.

  9. Head wash k lie mna krte he lekin me to ab krti hu 2nd ya 3rd day kbhi kbhi 1st day b tb bhi sab bolte he kyu dhoya etc. Nd khatta khane nhi dete or kisi pavitra chij ko chhune ya kaam krne b nhi dete i dnt know why. Blood hi to he or kya? ?? Cant change mentality.??

  10. Awesome Bhai!!!!
    Hardly do I coment on any video but I Did On This Coz i also believe in this Thought!!!
    I Wish Ye Baat Sab Samjhe!!!

  11. Real truth of life…. still some jaahils r available in this country who thinks that by menstrual cycle girls can't go temple but they never understand the pain behind that ?

  12. Can u plz cover these question in ur video that in Hinduism we are not allowed to eat non veg in days like Monday,Tuesday, Thursday??
    I m a huge gymholic person bt suffering these problem because of these culture can u plz help me regarding these

  13. You are doing a great job.u are spreading awareness regarding one of the taboo topics of India.Good job.Keep it up.Guys like u has the potential to change the society.Seriously loving what you are doing.Proud on you.

  14. Yup…thanks 4 d knowledge.. n I will definitely spread dis knowledge n hope 4 d better..!! Btw it's nice to see dat men are talking about this too..!!great work..!!!!

  15. Bhai sab bakbas h women k bare me…yr Bo bhi to Insan h…sab villages k chlan h …jo ab totally band hona chaiyea….ku ldkiya bhi to Insan h…ye periods sab natural h….ese se life aga badte h…PTA nhi India me log kyse h jo andha vishvas krte h ildkiyo Ko mandir nhi jne deta ..ghr se bhar rkhte h…ese log totally fools hote h…girls are also human being …they also hv right to live free…I respect each nd every women's nd girls

  16. You're right in every way and Indian people should learn this. But you're wrong that they/we are weak during menstruation. Please don't follow that myth too. Yes the body goes on a lot of changes but that doesn't mean that makes them weak.

  17. Bohut badiya dost…??
    U thinking matches me…u r going to rock..if you can erase these kinds of superstitions from atleast 10 people also..u r successful

  18. There is a scientific reason behind this. Firstly you should know about Apana which is the downward energy flow. And kundalini which is the upward energy flow. Now when we go to temples it has been designed in a way to raise the energy up. When a menstruating woman enters the temple the energy flow is reversed. Also if u constantly go to. Temple on periods you get a medical state called retrograde menstruation where the menstrual blood starts flowing upwards and is stored in the abdomen. So you should not go to temples in periods.

  19. Proud of u bro and keep it up….I watch ur videos regularly and u really make awesome videos to spread awareness ???

  20. There are lot of things in ancient period which have a scientific reasons but as the time passes people started giving rubbish reasons for those things.

  21. But merai ghar pe aasae treat nai kartae and I'm really luck ye sab restrictions koi bhi nai manta merai ghr pae I'm free whatever I want to do in my periods.

  22. Please take an interview of women who touched god and did Pooja for 5 years and still she is happy and successful

  23. All of you enjoy your life in your own way . Just dont beleive on myths of ancient time. I think thats why india is not a developed country.People only believes on veda and these all and make a boundation on girls. Every thing can be judged only by the friction of science and if it is not mentioned in it and u r still following it blindly then aapse jyada bewakoof aur koi nhi ho sakta hai.
    I hardly try to break this thought in front of my mother and grandmother and didnt follow their actions against periods.
    Thanks Bro i was searching only this type of video with a modern thought and i got this..

  24. Soch rahi hu mummy ko dikha du

    Periods m ek to dard saho
    Upar se feeling aise ati h Jo bhi kuch ho raha hota h usse ki mere periods arahe h to mene bahut bada pap kar diya

  25. Actually, headwash is not allowed during periods because of swelling of utreus wall and it's really very hard during pregnancy and also many women die at delivery due to this swelling… BTW I really like this video☺️☺️☺️

  26. I am a south Indian and i think i know so 1 st period because it is step to giving birth to a baby while we are pregnant they celebrate. The first step of pregnancy is a first period so they grandly celebrate it ok

  27. I want everyone to share this video bcz there do exist people who still believe in all this stuff… These myths r a part of every girl's life…. N seriously I just hate all this… I don't know why people living in 21st century still have such a mentality regarding periods….

  28. According to me, one of the biggest reasons why women were not allowed in temples was because blood is not satvick in nature. It has nothing to do with menstrual cycle itself but everything to do with blood.
    As you know, we can't use tamsik things in worship of satvik Gods and Goddesses. We can't offer alcohol, blood, etc to God Hanuman, Vishnu and other satvic dieties in Hinduism, but we can offer tamsik things to deities who are tamsik in nature, like Goddess Kali.
    That's the exact reason why they are not allowed in temples during their monthly cycles, because satvik deities are also worshiped in majority of temples.
    Take Goddess Kaamakhya for example, she's often depicted as a young girl who's menstruating. Why would a girl on her monthly cycle would be advised to not worship Goddess Kamakhya? Don't you think it has something to do with worshiping her in a satvik way?

    Now coming to black magic and spiritual possession – Yes, it is very possible that a girl can get a negative entity, ghost, etc attached to her during menstruation. Blood creates a direct link to the person and there are many entities that just love to harass innocent people. This could also be a major reason why girls are not allowed in cremation grounds.

  29. I was crying while watching this video, i am going through my periods, I am going to water my tulsi plant today and will go to temple also, first we females need to change our thoughts

  30. Aap jaise agar 100, 200 admi aur le Aao india mein Sara bakwas band hojayega inn logon ka. Bura toh isiliye lagta hai ki yeh sab hame ghar pe jhelna padta hai

  31. One reason i read in an whatsapp msg was head wash in start 3 days leads to death of a woman while her delivery.thats why headwash should be avoided.

  32. I come from a Brahmin family and secretly I don't like to perform any rituals. I believe in God and spirituality but not the rituals. Unfortunately these are the things I have to do when I'm on my periods.
    The moment I come to know that I got my period I've to stand in a room near the bathroom and inform any women in the house that I've got it and from that instance I'm not supposed to touch anyone and any cloth that is near the room. Then she will provide me some bed sheets and a mat to sleep. Every cloth I touch needs to be at least soaked in water before being touched by others. Every person I accidentally touch or every person that accidentally touches any fabric that I touched after getting my period even if he/she touches the chair I'm sitting on needs to take a shower before touching anything and returning to do any activities inside the home. That means the moment I get my period I'm untouchable and everything I touch becomes untouchable. I'm not allowed to enter other areas of my home unless there are no such things in that place that become untouchable if I touch it. They provide me with separate utensils to eat.This way I've to spend the initial 3days of my period when I'm at home. Fortunately I'm allowed to attend the college. at the 4th day I've to wash my hair while bathing. But before bathing I'm supposed to soak every cloth I touched including the bedsheets and the mats in the water inside the washing machine.The washing machine is inside that room and the maid won't even step inside that room If I don't PURIFY that room before bathing at the 4th day and the funny thing is that I'm supposed to sprinkle the mixture of cowdung and water all over the room,? inorder to PURIFY it. But the maid will still not enter the room If I don't mop the floor . After I bath she will give me holy water to drink and then I'm purified and finally allowed to return to my usual life but still not allowed to enter the temple. Then at the fifth day I'm supposed to wash my hair again in order to enter the temple. So complicated and stupid.
    The people who created these kind of restrictions didn't think of any logic but simply acted out of the myth that women are impure during their periods. I've seen some people who justify these kind of senseless restrictions stating that these are meant to give rest to the menstruating women but being locked in a room and not being able to do what you want isn't REST. Being not able to touch anyone isn't rest. Being untouchable for 3 days isn't rest. Being not able to enter the temple isn't rest. For me rest means you are free to do whatever you want for a period of time. But still I do all the above mentioned things because I don't want to hurt my family members. For me periods suck because of these restrictions . Sometimes I wish I weren't a Brahmin. Sorry for my poor English.

  33. ek mata v h jinki murti s periods hote h unhe
    youtube p periods wali mata ka mandir ya us mandir k naam h kamakhya temple karke search karna apko vedio ki puri info mil jaegi

    or isse y pata chalta hai ki periods k blood ganda ya apavitra nhi h

  34. Great gob bro but e purani mentality k loko ko koi nahi samja sakta Jese Jesé education badhegi ye sab shayad Khatau ho jaega sabse badi problem to ye he k girls ye sab undhwishvas Jesi chiso ko bina dimag lagaye follow karte he

  35. Bhai Jese pehle ladies Ko ghar se bahar bhe Rehna padta tha menstrual cycle ke time per…uss samay ye logic tha k agar lady ghar se bahar rahegi toh unke pass koi kaam nahi hoga karne Ko aur vo aram kar sakengi but aaj k time Mai bhe ladies Ko room ya Zameen per Sona padta hai…ye sahi nahi hai

  36. india ki progress kabhi nai ho skti agar wo aisi wahiyad vicharshani rakhenge to, yaar log chandra aur mangal tk pohch gaye, grow up guys… kabhi kabhi proud feel hota hai ki haan yaar i am proud to be indian lekin kabhi kabhi yaar ye sb dekh kr bahut bekr lgta hai. aur bhi bahut kuch hai bolne layak, but isse humara hi gussa badh jayega and i don't want to spoil my whole day behind this all the things, but quality honi chahiye and ye msg and ye video sare parents k liye hi hai jo apni hi daughter k dimag me ulta gyan bharte hai…… jay hind ?

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