Why Spiritual People Are Depressed

Why Spiritual People Are Depressed

Dr. Pillai:>>Why spiritual people are depressed.
It is depressing to consider this, but I love the spiritual people. I have known them forever,
not only in this lifetime, but in many lifetimes also. Why are they depressed? It’s a very
important question. Historically speaking, the spiritual people already go through an
exploration of their own Consciousness which involves depression, and eventually they are
able to come out of it, at least some of them. But the whole search is depressive because
it is anti-world. It’s very interesting that Osho, when he was alive, someone asked
this question, but the question was slightly different. The question was, somebody asked:
“Why spiritual people are so poor?” He said: “It is very simple. IBecause they
are spiritual people; they are not material people.” So here the question is: “Why
spiritual people are depressed?” I can think of one ancient text called “Yoga Vasishta”.
It is easily 1,000 years old, or according to some other people, it is timeless and many
thousands of years old. There is this Yogi who has been meditating for a long time and
he sat in the Himalayas and he was “OM’ing” all of his life. One day he happened to watch
some procession going on and then this was a procession that was on the occasion of the
king’s birthday. There was music, there was dance, and people were, you know, in a
very happy mood. And then he said to himself, the Yogi,: “This is life. What am I doing
here, “OM’ing” all of the time? I have become so depressed.” Then Yoga Vasishta
says, “As soon as this thought came into the mind of this Yogi, and because he happened
to be a Yogi, he quickly finished his lifetime and then was reborn as the King.” You know,
it makes sense. So. the lesson here is: One has to really develop a proper relationship
with the world of Maya, the world of Illusion. Illusion is what is going to give you, you
know, joy or happiness. So when deprived of senses, you are likely to go into depression.
So I want to talk about this at some length through a [Google] Hangout. The title will
be the same: “Why People, Spiritual People Are Depressed?” Look forward for the announcement.
God Bless.


  1. I didn't know that spiritual people are depressed. Those who are really spiritual vibrate on different level than the energy of depression takes place. It is impossible to stay in those upper high frequencies and be depressed at the same time. Same like it is impossible to be depressed when you are really laughing from your heart.

  2. Thank you Datah…This hits home. I haven't listened in a while, but this subject may be helpful, I cannot find peace with the material world…. Everyone is mind control to look outside themselves for what they think is lacking. It makes me sad & …..much love!

  3. As a spiritual person myself depression cames with the territory. I look forward to hearing more on this. Love  listening to Baba,have known Baba Dr Pillai like he says from many lifetimes.Thanks for makeing these videos. Much love and blessings

  4. Interesting how Vasishta was brought up, though a different passage was used- when I am depressed, I often think of how Rama was as well, and that brings me some hope and joy. Though I have yet to fully conquer it!   At the same time, it frustrates me, as I see it as a sign of my immaturity, and how far I have to go.

  5. Great.. veeery great.. very usefull… also my opinion and my experience… it is a cutting off.. we dont need to cut of something.. and if you have a big house and a car enjoy it!!!

  6. wat I thought is… depression occurs only in the course of spituality. ……. not after attained enlightenment. ….. because the one whos enlightened goes to inner nothingness….in.which he feels absolutely nothing…… . so theres no question of depression or anger. …its all in the material world.. not in spiritual world…

  7. I became spiritual after I was depressed. I wanted more out of life and that was why I was depressed. Although I can dip back into it when I become completely submerged in it.

  8. Thanks this is some great information that you have to develop a sense of the world and yes most often spiritual people are depressed, I think they see things around them happening opposite to their thoughts and the religion, I think they worry about the world, people and anything that can be relatable, so they have a sense of depressive symptoms

  9. I m very depressed n lonely too.

    Most ppl never mingle inspite of my compassionate, empathetic nature as my karmas is done off.
    This is due to unattachec approach to life.
    Feelung of not belonging to botj humans n devtas exist

  10. Yea I beleive there are way more fake people who are vibrant than real people who are depressed. Great Topic for keeping it real. TY

  11. The story about yogi is actually a story of Leela and Saraswati in Yog Vasisht Scripture. Amazing and mind boggling story..

  12. Often spiritual people are depressed, because they see that the ego's job isn't necessary anymore, but they identify with being responsible for the ego's job of creating attachments.

  13. I thought it was because the rest of the world of the world wasn't like them I could only imagine what life whould b like if everyone was on the same spiritual level

  14. I agree with you. Use maya as a tool to get rid of depression. In a controlled and moderate way. Bless.

  15. Depression is a sign to change. Figure out why your depressed and change how you define that experience. I used to be alone, but i redefined that feeling to all and one, which i derived from the word all+one, the key is change. Remember, letters are abstract, just like symbols.

  16. It's just a natural cycle like night and day, effort & reward, depression (deep – introspection, ( get in it but snap out by prayer/meditation/activity/service & enlightenment.
    Om Shanthi Shanthi Shantihi 🙂

  17. Spiritual people are depressed because they see the world and people around them as the same, so the suffering of the planet and people around them who havent found out that everything is connected makes them feel depressed.
    Depression is part of the process, realization is the solution, peace.

  18. I'm finally coming to terms with my depression. I never really thought about it that why . "Because they are not material people, they are spiritual people" I need to reconnect

  19. Spiritual people are depressed because their inner soul or spirit is longing and crying to meet God

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