Why Young People Are More Depressed Than Ever Before

Why Young People Are More Depressed Than Ever Before

Hey Thoughty2 here. According to YouTube’s analytics roughly 80%
of people watching this video are under 35 years old. Marketers have invented a name for this demographic
of impressionable young people, they’re called “Millennials”, others have labelled them “Generation
Y”. A millennial is anyone born after 1980. That includes myself and most of my viewers. In fact Millennials now outnumber every other
generation. But according to multiple studies we are the
most depressed generation, ever. Psychology Today reports that the suicide
rate amongst young adults has tripled since the 1950s and terrifyingly suicide is now
the second most common cause of death amongst college students. Between 2005 and 2014 the number of clinically
depressed teenagers increased by more than half a million, three quarter’s of whom were
women. Every year more and more millennials are taking
time off work and are seeking help for mental health issues. An even greater number report extremely low
job satisfaction and say they experience difficulty maintaining relationships. Young people get a lot of stick, the older
generation have always experienced “juvenoia”, a fear or hostility directed at the younger
generation. This is nothing new. Baby boomers, born just after the war, had
a strong work ethic and believed that the amount of hours worked should be directly
relational to their income. Baby boomers heavily begrudged the generation
that came after them, generation X. They were more independent, they changed their
careers more often and believed in a fair work/life balance. And now it has come full circle once again,
Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers alike are resenting Generation Y, the millennials. Who have brand new values, such as collaboration,
work that’s actually meaningful and impactful, having fun in the workplace and of course
free food. Do previous generations look down upon us
just because we’re different or is it more than that? Even TIME magazine has poked the millennial
beast, calling them “Lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.” Ouch! But unfortunately, they could have a point. Unlike the generational divides of last century,
there is a lot of research and statistics that suggest every bad label millennials have
been tarred with, may be well-deserved, even if it isn’t through our own fault. The cold hard facts don’t lie. The volume of incidents of narcissistic personality
disorder is three times higher for people currently in their 20s, than the average. Are we really all in love with ourselves because
we received 50 likes on our latest selfie? Experts believe there are very real, observable
causes of this heightened narcissism. Millennials are the first generation that
were brought up on reality television, and every year more and more superficial faux-reality
programming is shoved down our throats. They advertise narcissism above all else,
portraying looks and popularity as the source of fame and happiness. In such shows, real human relationships are
often shown as being cheap and disposable. And then of course there’s the social-media
swamp that drowns us in a sea of likes, shares, pins and follows. Countless studies have shown that dopamine,
the pleasure chemical is released in the brain when we receive likes on our photos and videos. This system breeds narcissism at its very
core. It appears the more narcissistic we are and
the more selfies we upload, the more likes we will inevitably receive and sadly, this
actually makes up happier. Experts also accuse us of being entitled. A recent study revealed that 40% of millennials
believe they should be promoted every two years, even if they haven’t earnt it. Research shows that this entitlement to be
given handouts, regardless of one’s performance, stems from an unusual place. Remember school sports day? Even if you came in last place, you still
got a trophy, just for participating. But even if you didn’t as children we were
always rewarded for taking part somehow, “It’s the taking part that counts”, remember. Countless studies have proven that this attitude
creates a disingenuous and diluted sense of achievement and can be deeply damaging to
our future expectations of what it really takes to achieve something. This philosophy is unique to our generation,
Generation X-ers, Baby Boomers and those before them were all brought up in a deeply competitive
environment. It was instilled within them from a young
age that rewards have to be earned through hard work and graft. They were not told that they were entitled
to anything. The so-called silent generation that lived
through both World wars certainly didn’t feel entitled. They lived through the hardest period of modern
history and everything they had earned they had to cling onto with their lives. This meant that when they brought up their
children, the Baby Boomers, they instilled them with a strict mentality of saving every
penny and an extremely hard work ethic. They were told that nothing in life was free
or even expected. It was all up to them. The baby boomers grew up and had children
of their own, Generation X and thus they passed on the same hard work ethic. But then a huge shift happened in the global
economy that changed everything. Generation X lived through a time of great
prosperity, industry was on the rise and the world was finally dragging itself out of the
pit it dug for itself during the war. This gave gen-Xers a “can do” attitude. And so they taught their children, us millennials,
that if you put your mind to it you can do anything, become anyone and live a very successful,
happy life. You are special. This has created a generation of people who
all believe they are special, why wouldn’t they? Their parents have drilled it into their heads
that they are special and unique. Millennials are completely fame-obsessed too,
four times as many teenagers would choose to be the assistant of a famous person rather
than the CEO of a major corporation. In a recent poll, when asked what they would
like to do for a career 54% of 16-year-olds answered “Become a celebrity”. Far gone are the days when becoming a celebrity
was just a side-effect of demonstrating a unique talent to the masses. Millennials are also lazier, we have grown
up with technology that can think for us. And therein lies the biggest problem that’s
ruining the lives of young people today. Mobile phones. I know, you’ve heard it a hundred times, mobiles
are bad for you. But do you really know why, and just how damaging
they are for our mental health? Because the research is terrifying. So you’re out enjoying a meal at a restaurant
with family or friends. How many times do you check your phone over
the course of that meal? The average millennial checks their phone
over 100 times per day and they touch, tap or swipe on their phone over 3,000 times per
day. Why? Because we’re all addicts. I mentioned earlier that receiving likes releases
dopamine, well so does hundreds of other things we do with our phones. Taking a picture of your food, taking a selfie,
writing a status update that you just cooked the most amazing omelette of your life. All of these acts release dopamine, even before
we upload them to the internet. Dopamine is released in advance because our
brains anticipate the multitude of likes and shares it should hopefully receive. Within seconds we start receiving feedback,
this is instant gratification, instant approval from our peers. And it goes on and on, round the clock, we
receive instant gratification when we wake up, peer approval before we go to bed and
through the middle of the night. The dopamine swirls and swirls in our brain
in an ever-lasting continuum of self-fulfilment and reward. This only serves to perpetuate our narcissism. Until it stops. When we upload a photo of our chia seed and
avocado toast and it doesn’t receive as much attention as we’d hoped. In our minds our peers have rejected us. We are now lost, without purpose, we are now
depressed. Does all this sound familiar? This cycle of massive releases of dopamine
followed by periods of intense sadness? Sounds very much like an alcohol or gambling
addiction doesn’t it? Wether we like it or not have become a generation
of addicts. We check our phone at dinner because we’re
addicted, it’s the reason we put in on the table next to our food. Putting the people we should be spending quality
face-to-face time with, in second priority to our little dopamine device. It’s the reason we don’t talk to people on
the bus, on the train, at school or work, we instead indulge wholly in our addiction
whenever we can. Because we are truly addicted, and most of
us don’t even realise it. A survey of more than 2,000 millennials found
that 93% use their phones in bed and 80% use their phones on the toilet. But it’s not your fault. Millennials are simply a product of the environment. This is the hand we were dealt. We grew up in a time of rapid technological
advancement. As long as mobile devices continue to generate
enormous profits, then companies will continue to develop new digital mechanisms and social
networks that provide instant gratification. And it keeps coming quicker and quicker, we
no longer have to wait for our next fix. It’s instantaneous. We have Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
Pinterest, WhatsApp any one of which can provide our next fix whenever we desire it. And if not we can simply connect some digital
candies to make us feel better. Our parents didn’t have these distractions,
they had to put time and effort into receiving the approval of their peers. They had to have meaningful conversations
and form strong, deep, and long-lasting relationships with both their friends and partners to get
their dopamine fix. At work they had to graft day after day and
when that promotion came along, my god had they earned it. In contrast millennials have become immensely
impatient, we are so use to instant gratification that if we don’t get a promotion ten minutes
after we start a new job, we get bored of it, because it isn’t the sort of timeline
we are use to. We say we want to make an impact yet we expect
to do so within our first 6 months at a new job. And when 6 months or a year has gone by and
we’re still the tea and coffee guy for the office it makes us feel disenfranchised, worthless
and depressed. But it’s not your fault, you have grown up
in a maelstrom of dopamine on tap whenever you desire it. So naturally you expect the same instant fulfilment
from your career and relationships. But we can’t tap a button to help us achieve
that, there is no virtual replacement for hard work and genuine conversations. We can’t swipe right to get promoted and I’m
sorry folks but it’s going to take more than commenting on your partner’s latest selfie
to make them feel genuinely valued and loved. Take them on a date for goodness sake and
don’t look at your phone the entire time, because the moment you do, they are now second
priority. So should we be worried about the future,
of a World run by these oh-so-terrible millennials? Are millennials really so ill-prepared to
fill the boots of the previous generation in 10-20 year’s time? These narcissistic, self-obsessed, lazy, entitled
young adults who want success given to them on a plate, who can’t tie down a relationship
or achieve satisfaction in the workplace because they’re too addicted to social media. Well, I wouldn’t be so worried. Yes, we young people have our issues but we’re
actually no different to the last generation, Generation X were also labelled as entitled
and lazy when they were young. As a society we need to recognise that the
World has completely changed, both technologically and culturally over the past twenty years. And millennials are the first adopters of
this strange new lifestyle, where you can build a billion-dollar business from your
bedroom, if you put your mind to it. All our apparent faults are merely symptoms
of trying to adapt to a completely strange, new way of life that our parents didn’t have
to deal with. We face new and unique pressures, stresses
and challenges and we need to find better ways to cope with them rather indulging in
social media. And for all our faults there are actually
a lot of good things to say about millennials, that are rarely brought up. Millennials are the most tolerant generation
ever. Research shows that prejudice has fallen with
each new generation. Millennials are far less racist, homophobic
and sexist than their parents. Pew research asked adults aged between 18-29
what their most important priority was during their lifetime. 52% answered “Being a good parent”. 30% said “Have a successful marriage”. 21% replied “Helping others in need”. Now that doesn’t sound like a generation that
is completely self-absorbed now, does it? And our inability to settle into a normal
9-5 job may not be entirely due to our reliance on social media. Maybe it’s because we all want more than the
monotonous normality of working for some heartless corporate giant. Research shows that millennials are the most
entrepreneurial generation ever. Spurred on by young do-it-yourself success
stories like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. As a generation we have an unstoppable appetite
to achieve something big and make an impact. Right after we’ve finished sending this hilarious
Snapchat. This mentality might be proving difficult
for large corporations who need to employ cheap young labor that can sit in an office
and push buttons for eight hours a day. But it’s changing the world in ways our parents
could have never imagined. There’s no doubt we need to spend more time
interacting with one another and less time on social media, all the research has shown
that it does bad things for our mental health. But we need to accept that the world is rapidly
changing. Millennials have their faults but they are
also contributing to the world in so many incredible ways. Just like the generation before us, and the
generation before them. Change has always come and always will, Its
inevitable, so we need to find a way to work with it for the better instead of spending
our time pointing out the faults in others. Thanks for watching.


  1. First off, we’re depressed because we are the most educated of the generations. Higher education means you learn the truth about the government and how you don’t mean anything to them. Then there is the student loan debt which is like paying a mortgage. Then there is earning a degree, which was preached to many of us by our parents. We get our degree, only to find out that it doesn’t guarantee success at all. We often end up going back to school for a graduate degree, gaining more debt. We are no longer buying houses or having children until much later, if at all, because we cannot afford to. Also, come to my college and tell the students they are lazy and don’t work hard. The majority of them are full time students and work full time as well. They are running on fumes! Are there some lazy, self-entitled ones out there? Sure, EVERY generation has them. If you take a closer look, you’ll find the REALITY of our situation. Also, I NEVER GOT A “PARTICIPATION TROPHY“ AND I DON’T KNOW ANYONE WHO DID!! You either won, or you didn’t!

  2. Baby Boomers don’t feel entitled? They thought they had a right to lynch a person if they used the same water fountain as them if they were not the same color as them. They were entitled to your tax money but you were not entitled to the same rights! The “Baby Boomers” are the ones that fucked this generation up.

  3. We're depressed because our generation are waking up to the reality of the world we live in is controlled by central banks & most feel helpless to change it (sadly a large majority are brainwashed & in the matrix). Let's not forget the federal reserve is a 'private corporation' paying shareholders 6% per year, who create Fiat currency out of thin air, not backed by anything. Look how easily we've all accepted things – 2 parents are now expected to work & are still broke. Compare to 1970 – when one breadwinner provided for the whole family, bought a house, raised 2 kids. Equivalent wage compared to today of a 'menial job' was $360k. Printing more money decreases currency value due to inflation & strips wealth from the people to private corporations & government. Wake up everyone. Research yourself – this is all fact, not a conspiracy.

  4. I am a millennial, more depressed at the same time more happy than any other millennial I've met or seen. I am nothing like the millennials you describe. But then again, i didn't grow up and live through school over with the things most millennials have. Until 2014, i never even knew about cell phones. I used a smart phone for the first time when i was 22. I didn't get to even use internet until 2007, which i only could rarely at a library. I don't use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I am busy night and day creating things, learning, working, etc.

    A lot of the things you even mention i see people over 55 doing more often than the millennials i know.

    Millennials appear to be lazy, because they're discouraged, feeling hopeless to achieve goals as time quickly flies by as they distract themselves with technology from their negative thoughts and negative feelings until they die.

    Most millennials appear to have been child abused, neglected, looked down upon, not having a mother and father, being bullied all their child hood and school days, etc. Millennials have always been huge copycats to simply fit in to be accepted and wanted, being someone they are not, then when they show a little of their true selves, those people kick them out of their lives.

    I mainly blame the boomers. They just got their focus on meaningless things like careers and money, therefore learning their children not knowing their purpose in life and being bored without technology offering much in their child hood, so instead, music and alcohol and drugs and sex for fun was the huge focus for them because others encouraged them to do it as THE COOL THING. Most of those from then will tell you that's why they started. And when those people grew up and had babies, many of us millennials had parents who don't know how to be good mothers and fathers to help us find our purpose in life or achieve anything for our future, because they were too focus on doing drugs, being alcoholics, partying, having sex and giving us half brothers and half sisters, abusing us, not caring to listen to us, not approving of the new things we do, etc. And right around that time, music just began to get great video games started expanding massively in every kind of way, and as time went by, personal lives and family were getting worse and more evil, school and jobs became more boring and useless and low paying, everyone always made excuses not to be with each other personally except for holidays and big celebrations as long as they get fun or pleasure or gifts at it for themselves, etc. The only thing even decent to do before considering suicide, millennials would turn to things to distract them from their depression of feeling like life is hell and there's no reason to live other than to distract yourself until you just die, and this is why they mainly use smart phones and video games and seem lazy, because they want to be away from all the crap and idiots in this world and personal hateful people and rather just have peace in technology. Though millennials parents were a lazy generation, they are lazy for parents just boosting them around with useless rules and showing them no purpose in life to be busy because boomers only found meaningless things important. Now boomers who are old and dying are crying looking back how they wasted their lives and ruined their families even up to their grandchildren today. But millennials parents stayed focused on their own pleasure and being against their children or simply not caring.

    But I'm not like any millennial or the previos generations

  5. While I agree for the most part there's some parts you've omitted or not thought through properly.
    Firstly,… EVERYONE is born into a "strange new, technologically advanced" society. *EVERYONE*.
    Every single person on the planet regardless of when they were born has had to learn and adapt, for the entirety of their lives, so you can completely erase that "point". It's just wrong.
    You've also omitted the fact that younger people are born into a (comparitively with what came before) prosperous world where you can pay rent, pay for food, pay for luxuries, have next to unlimited entertainment available night on free, etc., etc. without lifting a finger. Many are more wealthy now on benefits than hard working people of previous generations. This has contributed to the entitled attitude of many younger people and helped paved the rise of the idea that if you bitch and moan load enough, you'll get your own way, regardless of how ridiculous.
    Im 43 years old, and I'd be lying if I said my generation has done a good job of raising todays younger people. While we were the 1st truly open minded generation, something we tried to imbue into our kids, many forgot about context and subtle nuances that are hard to articulate, a result of which is people without the capacity to guide themselves in a healthy manner (I know some people give the credit of being the 1st genuinely open minded generation to Millenials, but these recent changes of ideas in the world are anything but open minded. Stupidity doesnt equal open minded, even if there's no real precedent (ie. people being able to chose gender, transgender athletes competing against people born biologically female, having quotas for inclusion everywhere rather than best person for a job (which completely and utterly guarantees mediocrity and regressions in the world) etc….. allowing this is close minded, not open minded. Sometimes saying no and risking offense is more open minded).

  6. It doesn’t matter Mr 2, if you’re a millennial I will listen on you, I will comment to you and I will pick on you. lol.

  7. Gen X'er here. It was all part of a snowball effect. The 1970s was when the whole "Self-Esteem" movement was coming in to play. Then you had the pop psychology and "self-help" of the 80s, and then in the late 80s we were introduced to political correctness, which grew in to a monster in the 90s. Now the 21st century is just a complete and total disaster.

  8. Because these people live in the age of fucking retardism…. Before all this social media shit we were riding our bikes outsides with our homies.
    Now everybody wants to put his idiot face on instagram for other idiot people to see how "awesome" their life is.
    Youtube made alot of people woke ( the ones making an effort in "looking into" things like Joe Rogan would say). School was used to program us to be stupid herded sheep….
    That's why this turn information also almost made me kill myself.
    The world is such a nice place but run by very evil people and we are just a fucking testtube.

  9. I don't use social media at all and I'm still depressed. Wanna know why? Because 90% of my life I've lived in a car. Only recently I've been able to move in with my aunt so I don't have to worry so much on food and gas, and actually get this student loan debt from college paid off because I had to drop out halfway through because I couldn't afford it. Who cares about them, right? 7 dollars an hour in a part time job? Yeah that'll fit them just nicely…

    But no… It's because I have a phone.

    And it's not work ethic… I've worked my ass off with no help from my parents because I was kicked out the day after my 18th birthday.

  10. I can't waste time on being depressed. Life is wonderful – IF you make the right choices. 😉
    And also – it depends on how you use modern technology. Of course you are depressed when you see other people's vacation photos, when you are between 2 working days and you have 3 hours to sleep. Use it for information! And then use information for ideas, and ideas for success and then success to create the life you want.


  12. When you study twice as hard, compete against twice many people and rack up millions in debt, and don't gey a job or get one that pays for none of the given things, you should logically feel sad. I am speaking only about the ones who would have been normal otherwise.

  13. If you tell your child you can achieve anything you want it's making childs depressed…
    If you tell your child you can't achieve anything you want it's making childs depressed…

    So whats the right way ???

  14. I am GenX and I do see that millinials ate MUCH more unhappy than just a few years prior to them. Yes we do find millinials annoying. Not ALL but most.

  15. I grew in social isolation so I don't use social networks much and often don't even know what's popular among people of my age. And right now I sure hope I can at least get a job to get by. My parents are pretty disappointed with my career. I don't have much of it.

  16. "millennials" is such a stupid group. I have nothing in common with people born 10 years before me, they grew up in a far less digital age.

  17. I remember my dad when he was still alive telling me that that was what was wrong with the world. Everybody thought they owed them something. But nobody owes you anything. That was about 20+ years ago now before all this entitlement craze started. Didnt realize how right he was at the time but i sure do now. Its really sad knowing the only people those kinds of people are truly robbing are themselves. Its sad. I hope we get through this and people realize that kind of attitude doesnt work. But knowing human nature it will get a lot worse, loss of life etc before it gets better.

  18. The difference between depressed people and the ones who aren't are depressed people have already commit suicide and others just say they are depressed.

  19. I'm a millennial and depression in america amongst millennials has to do with the intense mind washing we received growing up in public schools. I mean every single thing we ever have known has been a lie and alot of people are waking up. Its depressing because once you dont live under the umbrella of ignorance anymore, you have to face the fact that your entire life and beliefs are all lies. This is the generation of awakening. Alot of us are waking up to the indoctrination forced into us by authority figures growing up.

  20. Its probably got to do with the Boomer"s Millenials(Boomer Kids) and the Xer's Millenials(X Kids) I from a X'ers and my other 80s friends are from Boomers they instilled different values that clash with mine. Like the boomers political activism during Vietnam war that transferred into the 80's SJW's and all the Boomers who are the university professors who indoctrinated with revisionist history. Half of Millenials are doing fine its the mid 30's and approaching 40 year olds who are having a shitty life. Thank the Lord that my brother generation Z is finally saying fuck college and the SJW indoctrination political machine on the way left created by the Woodstock boomers. We will get our education elsewhere, no institutionalized crap for us and I will take care of my parents since the boomer shitted on the social welfare system and massive debt on top of all the failed wars leading up to the crappiest government like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Nadler. Before you criticize stop divorcing creating the most broken family systems America has ever seen, and just let X Millenials lead the way and have Z finish the job.

  21. Y'all can kiss my arse, I'm generation X!

    Yes, you millenials are special but not in the way you think….

    If you can "fill a boot"? Just wait to the next war and you'll see. It's coming sooner than you like

  22. A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

    — Robert A. Heinlein

    I'll guess millenials are insects, oh my…

  23. strong men create strong times
    strong times create weak men
    weak men create strong times

    so basically our children or grandchildren will create great times

  24. I believe the media groomed us into being entitled in order for the leftists to assert their agenda of building a bigger government by utilizing and taking control of the media. This way millennials will take up liberal view points, which will lead them to voting for democratic presidents. Remember everything to do with the media is the best way to portray to the masses. People love to watch T.V. and engage in social media because this is the best way to groom people to become liberals. This is why Hollywood is so liberal. The liberals argument is simple.

    1. If we can dumb down the people, then we can create a liberal government which bases its ideas on socialism.

    2. We are dumbing down society right now.

    Therefore: We can create a liberal government that supports socialism.

  25. Of course y'all are depressed. Y'all are f*cked up in the head. I also blame common core. Y'all are lazy, entitled and think y'all know everything but don't even know what gender you are.

  26. Leftist policys like breaking up the family demonizing men and breaking up the fabric of culture tradition and every thing that gave our grandparents meaning is the main reason.

  27. Because they want everything a 55-60 year old has without doing the work we have done ! That is for sure why , and they are so dumb they don't know which bathroom to go in and not to eat tide pods ! I blame our schools for teaching them nothing ! And NO common sense at all ! Spoilt brats !

  28. Being famous forty years ago and today,mean nothing,no money in the music business,if there is,artists never see it,it is the epitome of exploit ation,always has been.

  29. strangely Im the only guybin my group ho doesnt uses any social media…….coming from a mediocre family…i hardly have timne for these after working to make money…..lol Im a generation mismatch

  30. Well it's time to start importing people by the masses tear down that wall on our Southern border. I've worked in construction for over 18 years as a carpenter it is almost impossible to get young people into the trades it's actually work hard work who's going to fill our shoes?

  31. Makes a lot of sense what this guy says and I'm 47yrs.my gen were ravers …no sure what I can tell u about that..ahem

  32. You hit the nail on the fucking head, mate. Thanks for elucidating upon this so well. It will help me make my point more clearly next time I get into an argument about the subject, I'm sure.

  33. I bet nobody has done the one piece of research that would answer this issue… the appearance of these problems vs the decline of religiousness and religion.

  34. This is SUCH a complete LOAD OF SHIT. Money is ruining our children. Just the fucking EXISTENCE of money. Money is the control tool keeping the general population from thriving. Everything anyone does anymore is for the purpose of money. THAT’S the fucking problem!

  35. Tbh the phone thing, what else are you gonna do when you have nothing to do, I spend 99% of my time on my phone not because I want to but if I wasn’t on my phone I’d just be staring at the wall? Bit weird. Yes hobbies etc exist, but whenever there’s down time I’m on my phone, it’s like males who constantly grab their junk. I constantly grab my phone ?.

  36. I never had a phone and dont have any device besides this school ipad here (which means no games). I dont have any social media besides youtube, a tiny bit of discord for communication, one wiki fandom, roblox (when i could game…), and Wattpad.

    Plz do explain why i have been diagnosed with depression some time ago. Had for over 2 years. And I’m 14 now.
    Idc about likes or whatever that’s similar to them

  37. Does millennial refer to anyone born before January 1, 2001 and dies on or after that date? Or does it refer to a person who was born in one millennium and dies in the next millennium?

  38. Millennials have been robbed of the "American Dream". Productivity is at its highest and income is at its lowest. Besides everything being polluted; education, food, leaders, money, war, media, society etc.

  39. It’s not like previous generations have had to deal with extreme life situations like a Great Depression, Poverty, Crime, Wars and so on. Millennials blame everything and everyone else for their problems instead of dealing with the obstacles life throws at them. You know, like all the generations before them had to.

  40. Am I the only person who never cared for "likes"?
    I don't do selfies, and I don't post many pictures… In my 12-13 years on Facebook I've only posted 8 pictures…
    I can't say I fit into the millennial masses, or any other generation.

  41. Excellent presentation! Thank you! People who have cell phones can be tracked 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The slave masters know where you are all of the time! We are all slaves who live in a matrix created by the cartel. Your birth certificate is their document of slave ownership. Your Slave Name , not your real name is written on your drivers license in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, which is a sign language and is not part of the English language! The sad truth of the matrix we are all trapped in!

  42. 42, I believe that the peer pressure between the M's is a HUGE factor for these issues. I heard a saying a long time ago, "If you don't like the program, change the channel". I am not an M. I was born in 1962. I've learned about you kids and to be quite frank, I could definitely relate. Your lives are very similar to mine as a youth. But, I left home just before I turned 16. My mom, well, I definitely did well without her insanity in my life. I learned a trade that carried me throughout my life. I enjoyed construction. I took a lot of pride in my abilities. A major difference is most definitely the crazed narcissism of the kids today. In fact it's down right frightening. Blah, blah, blah. Here's what I have to say in addition to the said saying… "Turn the damn program off ! Enjoy the forests before they're gone. Leave your damn "I" whatever at home". As long as your life is dependent upon how many followers or likes you receive you all will suffer greatly. Society actually doesn't give a damn about you or whatever it takes to live your life well or poorly. If you've got money, maybe you're useful. If you don't, well then your no use at all. Unfortunately this is the way that it's always been, and this will be the way that it will always be. No matter what a generation is dubbed. Even your own peers will shit upon you. A better "reality" doesn't have anything to do with your electrical devices. They are real, but they lie. Best of luck to you crazy diamond Millennial's. Personally, you guys are alright by me. You guys have your whole entire very very short life ahead of you, use it well because sooner than you can imagine, you're going to loose it, by your own hands or by the ravages of the speed of light time called a lifetime. Like it, believe it or not, that's the reality.

  43. You know, those "participation" trophies were started for me in the eighties. More than anything we "Gen x'ers" understood that the trophy represented your "participation" (duh). That IS a reward in itself. Many people NEVER do many things at all. The ability for someone to prove they took part in something wasn't as rewarding as "1st place", but the experience was awesome.

  44. As someone born in 1977 I’m on the edge of generation X & Y. My husband and I have raised our 3 boys the way we were , honest and respectful and helpful, but that’s made them not fit in with their classmates. My youngest son just started grade 10, he just started getting grades and is now able to fail a class, kids should know how to work hard for what they want at an earlier age. Sadly I honestly believe society is crumbling and social media is speeding up the decline!

  45. Great video except the "it's not our fault" part. Surely there are causes to everything and more than one side to blame, BUT, I believe that it is wrong to make it seem as if it is not our own responsibility to set our lives straight, control our addictions and be a better person for the world. I believe that our generation is too feed up with all the rights and the way nothing is ever our fault, there is no responsibility in our lives, thus our lives seem empty and meaningless and the closest thing that gives us at least some meaning, are of course likes on social media. And as soon as we lose those, we become depressed. Seems fairly reasonable to me. My advice to anyone about my age, if you are struggling with life, unable to find a satisfying job, good relationships, or generally enjoy life – get rid of ALL of your smart-devices. At first it will seem either meaningless or difficult, but after a couple of months, you will notice the difference, I promise you. But don't cheat. Don't lie to yourself. Do what you know is actually best for you.

    -Someone who got rid of his smartphone because it broke, never got a new one, noticed a rapid increase in meaningful relationships with other people, enjoyment of small things and life, and general happiness, also deleted every social media account except youtube some time later. I now have a fulfilling job that I absolutely love with unbelievably amazing career possibilities and genuine will and confidence for the future. My life has completely turned around and skyrocketed towards the stars during just this one short year. Take the responsibility. Care for yourself. Sacrifise what is meaningless for what will make your life worth living. What's the worst thing that can happen? You lose a year of social media likes. Is that really so important? More important than actually becoming something, someone your whole family and perhaps the whole world can be proud and thankful of? It's up to you, no one else.
    (Born in 1995.)

  46. Prejudice hasn't gone away, it's only changed it focus. No human is immune to hate, especially when it's socially acceptable and encouraged. It's up to all of us to see brothers and sisters instead of races, religions and affiliations. Identify as human first.

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