Woman Claims Sister Has Faked Being Pregnant Three Times

my younger sister Courtney is a lying stealing manipulative bitch of her mouth is moving she’s lying yeah I know when I told I’d pan back what are you pay him back when I can she absolutely cannot be trusted I really started noticing Courtney’s lying when we were in high school one time I couldn’t find a necklace my parents had given me and I saw her at school that morning and sure enough she was wearing my necklace I totally lost it and we both ended up in the principal’s office she ripped it off her neck and it flew across the room she was such a bitch about it as an adult her lying has only escalated Courtney will lie deny and cry until you have her backed into a corner Courtney has taken jewelry closed the money the list goes on she’s even stolen my son’s medication there’s two things in my world you don’t mess with as my kid and my money and she’s done both one time I was out with Courtney and I gave her my ATM card to grab me something from the store she’d used it to wire herself a couple of hundred dollars a few years ago Courtney stole my driver’s license from me so she could legally drive one of her friends cars she was pulled over and arrested for having something illegal in the car or maybe drugs I don’t know she didn’t show up for court and there was a warrant out for my arrest I was forced to sit in jail until it all that sorted out it’s always the police’s fault or somebody else’s fault it’s never her fault the craziest thing that she’s done is she’s faked being pregnant on three separate occasions a couple months ago she was pregnant for the third time there was just a few things that did not add up the top part of the sonogram was cut off in the picture and I asked her why she told me she couldn’t get an actual print out because insurance wouldn’t cover it I knew it was last week she told me that she miscarried and I thought Oh shocker pretty also claims that she has a mental illness I feel like she uses her undiagnosed mental illness to justify her bad behavior at this point I’m just completely done with her okay now Stacey you’re obviously not completely done with her because you wrote in crap so is this kind of like your last ditch effort yes but if she doesn’t get turned around here John’s out and you’re done cutting her off yes she started stealing your money credit cards all that what did she say when you would confront her about that she just bought like bold-faced lie about it just straight-up lies yes

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