Woman Faked A Pregnancy Test To Test Her Ex (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Faked A Pregnancy Test To Test Her Ex (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Jones v. Morones/Smith.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day everyone! Ms. Jones. You’ve reached a
critical point in your life and you’ve entered this
courtroom to determine
the biological father of your 2-year-old
son Jordan. And Mr. Morones, you are
possibility number one, and you’re praying that Jordan is your biological child, but you have doubts. Yes. All right. So outside of
the courtroom Mr. Smith
is candidate number two, and sadly he’s requesting to
sign over his parental rights if it’s determined he is
Jordan’s biological father. Let me go to you
first, Mr. Morones. How did you first find out
that he may be your son? Um, she sent me a text
message one day and said,
“I’m pregnant” and that I could only be
the only possible father. That was it. SONNIE: That’s not true. It’s not true? No, ma’am. He… (INHALES) I sent Mr. Morones a
text message saying
that I was pregnant. Um, I never said that he was
the only possible father. So when you told him you were
pregnant, you were just like, “And I wanna… Your
address to invite
you to my shower”? (LAUGHS) Right. No, Judge,
um, I told him that I was pregnant. Um, I sent him a
picture of my
positive pregnancy test. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. She also sent me
one that said,
“You can breathe now, “I’m not pregnant.” I never sent you a
fake pregnancy… JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yeah. So then you felt like
she was just joking? ANTHONY: Right, yeah. So what do you
think this is about? To play with your emotions?
What is this about? Yeah. She was just
pushing my buttons. So, Mr. Morones,
how did you find out there
were other possible fathers? We were sleeping
one night and she
came the room and she was like, “I need to
get something off my chest.” That’s not true either.
That’s not how it went. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness! So, she had to get
something off
her chest ANTHONY: Right. What happened
after that? She was like, um,
“I was with my
ex-husband “and I was trying to
get my family back.” The two boys that
I took care of… That is not how it went, Anthony, and you know that. So wait a minute,
finish this, Mr. Morones. You said, she wanted to
get her family back… Right, so when
we were on our break, she decided to sleep
with her ex-husband. So how did you find out that there may be yet
another father? About two months later,
after that, she decides to
tell me that,
uh, a friend, somebody I’d know, she went out to the bar
and slept with him. SONNIE: That is not
the way it happened. Okay, and so now you see that
there are other possibilities, and yet in the beginning,
you say that she told you you were the only
possible father. I was the only
possible father. And so how are you
feeling at this point? Completely confused? I was destroyed. I was destroyed. I mean, you’re
screwing with my head. So, I was terrified but… So then, when baby Jordan
was born, what happened? ANTHONY:I mean, he came out,he was blond hair, blue eyes
and I was terrified. Because I didn’t think
I was his father. Especially after she had confessed all these other
relationships she had. And so, Mr. Smith, one of the
other possible fathershas blond hair,
so you felt like
it may not be your child. She used to send me pictures
all the time saying, “Why do you
wanna see him?
He’s not even your son.” It was side-by-side
pictures of him… JUDGE LAKE: Are you
just trying to play
with his head? SONNIE: He knew
the whole time that there could be
other possible fathers. So your contention is,
he knew that this
could possibly not be his biological child
but he was still willing to raise the child and
be a part of the
child’s life regardless. Yes, Judge. So when Jordan
was born,
you looked atthis beautiful baby,
and who did you
really think was his father?
I’m… I don’t know for sure, um, I slept with Mr. Smith,
I slept with Mr. Morones and I also was
with my ex-husband. Um… Did you feel like he
looked like one man more than the other? I think he looks
like Mr. Smith. Okay.
Mr. Smith is the man
that’s about to join us. All right. Mr. Morones,
unfortunately as she speaks and as she testifies,
your greatest fears
are becoming a reality. ANTHONY: Absolutely. Becauseyou felt like he
looked like Mr. Smith.
Now you hear she felt like he
looked like Mr. Smith. And you desperately want
this young boy to be yours. Absolutely. Ms. Jones,
you’ve provided pictures of Jordan and Mr. Smithwhen he was a young man.You think they
look exactly alike.
SONNIE:I think they
look a lot alike.
the picture, Mr. Morones? Yeah, and she’s sent me
pictures, you know,
by text message, you know, side-by-sides
of Mr. Smith and,you know, there’s
a lot of resemblance.
I mean, look at him.He’s… He has
blond hair, blue eyes,
I’m not either of those.
(SNIFFS)So it scares me.What are you feeling,
Ms. Jones?
Um, Mr. Morones wants to
be there for Jordan,Mr. Smith doesn’t want
anything to do with it.
And that hurts my feelings. I’m disappointed in myself. We need to
hear from Mr. Smith. Jerome, can you
escort Mr. Smith into
the courtroom, please? Mr. Smith, please have a seat.
Thank you for joining us. We’re here of course
concerning baby Jordan.Now, Ms. Jones has statedunequivocally that she had
sex with more than one man
in the window of conception. You are one of those men. You acknowledge that. Yes, Your Honor. You admit to being intimate
with her, am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. So how did that happen?
Take me back. Her and I was drinkin’ and so she ended
upcoming over, and we ended up goin’ in
my bedroom and things
started going from there. And we had sex but it maybe
lasted three minutes until… That’s not true. (ANTHONY LAUGHS) I didn’t finish nothin’. And this is the excuse
she gave me that I
could only be the father is because he too
drunk to perform. AUDIENCE: Oh! Okay, so because your act was
not completed,
you felt like there’s no possible way
I could be the father. Yes, Your Honor. But we know that
biologically that’s
not the case. You know that,
right? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, also have
you seen the pictures she posted
with your picture when
you were very young? And Jordan’s picture
This picture here? NICK:No, I have not.JUDGE LAKE:When you look
at this picture do you
see a resemblance?
NICK:A little.JUDGE LAKE:A little,
you do see.
But you really have
your doubts because
your energy like you right here
next to me, your energy,
you’re really not sure? No, not sure at all. And why don’t you
believe you’re his
father because both Ms. Jones
and Mr. Morones they feel like you
are the more
likely candidate because they feel
like he looks like you. My counter time
of remembering
doesn’t match up. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you’ve
done some math? Yes. Okay, enlighten the court. SONNIE: Mr. Smith was drunk… Too drunk to remember. You have a calendar? Yes. Let me see that. So according to this calendar, in March or April was
when you remember being
intimate with Ms. Jones. NICK:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:But Jordan was
born on May 1st.
So counting back,
that’s almost a full year.
So you’re saying that
puts you out of the
window of conception. NICK: Yes. Now, Ms. Jones,
is that how your math
adds up as well? I don’t know when
I was with Mr. Smith… That’s ’cause it’s
before my throwing season. That’s when I know. Your “throwing season”? NICK:The Scottish
Highland Games uh,
like caber tossing…
Oh, okay, so you have
that time ear-marked
in your mind? You know those dates. Yes. So it would have
to have been these months. Yes. Okay. How did you find out that you
may be Jordan’s father? From a Facebook post. Did you bring
that as evidence? Yes. Let me see this. (AUDIENCE MUTTERING) NICK:She posted on
Facebook and then said,
“Who’s the baby’s daddy?”There’s me, her ex and
Mr. Morones and Jordan.
Ms. Jones you posted this? Yes, ma’am. But what would possess a mother to post a picture… It’s not a game show. I wanted people’s opinion. So when you saw this post, this is the first you ever
heard about this child? Yes. SONNIE: No. JUDGE LAKE: Really? JUDGE LAKE: And you
say that’s not true? He was told that I was
pregnant and he said
that it crossed his mindthat Jordan could
possibly be his.
Your Honor, I’ve never
seen Jordan until now. You’ve never
laid eyes on him? NICK:The one
picture and that’s it.
You never held him
never hugged him, never… No. Never visited him? SONNIE: He didn’t want to. No. You actually stated that you
want to sign over your
parental rights, should it be determined
that you are Jordan’s
biological father. Yes, Your Honor. Now, have you
thought that
through? Yes, Your Honor. And you understand
what a huge decision
that is? NICK: Yes. And you would walk
away without even
having the experience of knowing a
young child that
could be yours? NICK:Yep.I would just say
to you before you
make that decision, truly, truly think
through your
decision. Yes, ma’am. Okay? Now let’s move on.
Ms. Jones you’ve
brought a witness. Please state
your name. Tina Jones. And how are you
related to
Ms. Jones? This is my daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. What would you
like to add, ma’am? I’m hoping that
Nick’s the father. JUDGE LAKE: You are? ANTHONY: Oh, wow! Mr. Smith. Why are you hoping
Mr. Smith is
the father? I don’t think that
Mr. Morones is good enough to
be Jordan’s father. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s a very
strong statement. You don’t think
he’s good enough? ANTHONY: I have Jordan four
or five days out of the week. And I take care of
him very, very well. $25 a month does not even
buying diapers. ANTHONY: I pay 50 bucks. Most of the month. So even though it has not been confirmed
that you are Jordan’s biological father,
you’re paying support? Yes. Are you on the
birth certificate? ANTHONY: Yes. So if you had doubts,
why would you sign
the birth certificate? ‘Cause I wanted to be his dad. It’s my baby. All right. Ms. Jones, thank
you so much for your
testimony. You may be seated. It’s almost perplexing
to this court that your mom stands up and says
she wants him to be a father and then I look at him and he
says, “But I don’t wanna be.” She wants me to be because of
financial reasons,
but I’m not. I have the documents here
saying, stating all my… What I pay in
child-support and
that already. I see here that
you are paying and supporting
your other children, but you do realize that
if it’s determined that
Jordan is your child, you are legally responsible
to financially support
this child as well. Now, is that the
reason why you wanna
relinquish your right, is to get out of
the child support? Part of it,
Your Honor. (ANTHONY SCOFFS) Well, I’ll tell you what,
the court determines what is in
the best interest of
the child, not your pocket. Nope. Not your heart. Not your soul.
It is for the child.Mr. Morones, what are
your hopes?
ANTHONY:My hope’s
that I’m his dad.
So I can, you know,
put it to rest and just
know that, that’s my blood. I mean… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Every time you
look at his picture
you well up with tears. You love that
little boy. Very much. Very much. It’s that I’m on
opposite sides
of the spectrum. I have one man that
looks at the baby and can’t do
anything but cry, and I got one man that’s
never looked at the baby
and is ready to walk away. And then I got
the grandmother
of the baby saying she wants the man that
doesn’t wanna be the
father to be the father and not the man
that’s crying every
time he sees the baby, and I’m sayin’ to
myself, “Who’s thinkin’
about the baby?” (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m ready for the results. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics. And they read as follows.
(EXHALES) You okay, Mr. Morones? If you
have to you may sit down. No, I’m fine. You’re okay?
All right. (ANTHONY SNIFFLING) In the case of
Jones v. Morones/Smith,
pertaining to whether
Mr. Smith or Mr. Morones is the father of
2-year-old Jordan, it is determined, In the case of
Jones v. Morones/Smith,
pertaining to whether
Mr. Smith or Mr. Morones is the father of
2-year-old Jordan, it is determined that Mr. Morones, you are his father. (SOBBING) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) ANTHONY: Thank you. MAN IN AUDIENCE: Whoo! Thank you. (SNIFFLING) I see the joy
written all over your face, pouring out of your heart. And I love that. Thank you. Now, Mr. Smith,
I know this is a relief
for you. NICK: Yes, Your Honor. You know, I can’t imagine
being a child in this world where my father before he ever held me or knew me,
decided he didn’t want me. I don’t think that
that’s fair for
any child. So I’m not just
relieved for you,
I’m relieved for the baby. Now, Ms. Jones,
I will say this. Day after day after day,
I see mothers coming to this courtroom
and look across that aisle and say what a man has
not done for their child. For whatever
you don’t like about him, at least be able to
appreciate the fact this man loves your child. I do. JUDGE LAKE: All right? I wish you the
very best of luck.
Court is adjourned. Jerome, will you please
call Mr. Morones up? Mr. Morones, I’m so happy for you. My heart is filled with
joy at the way that you
have wanted and just been so excited about being
this little boy’s father. Now you’ve
got somebody else that’s counting on
your good decisions. Do not let him down. I won’t. All right? Thank you. Good luck to you.
I’m happy for you. Thank you.


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