Women Share Their First Period Stories

Women Share Their First Period Stories

that sort of began my hate hate relationship with my period my mom had me prepped for my period like I was gonna get it at the age of four she like read me books gave me so much information gave me books we talked several times about it whether it was uncomfortable or not but she was like oh you’re gonna know but she’s like you were showing symptoms of your period since like fifth grade she was like I was making sure that you were ready I think it was like six or seventh grade esh I was at home and one of my best friends was over and we were playing or whatever and then apparently I went to the bathroom started my period I walked out to my mom and I looked at her he said I started my period and I don’t want to talk about it and then I walked away looking at my life now that’s how I handle a lot of my crisis’s my first period happened in sixth grade I know nothing about periods at this point I period had started for the first times we were passing out papers and the papers come around to me and I had to stand up a little bit to get to the papers and as I stood up this kid in my class was like hey Stacy like what’s on your butt and I was like what what is on my pants I don’t know what is on my pants so I looked down and on my grey chair there was like this huge stain that was brownish red I was like oh I don’t know what that is and then he said oh did you like sit in mud or like chocolate or something and I was like yes I definitely sat in mud or chocolate I went up to my teacher and I was like hey this is happening I stain the chair I stained my pants what should I do and she looks at me and she’s like oh so I went to the nurse’s office to ask if they had any things that could help me and no they did not I ended up going to the bathroom and I did the whole like wrap toilet paper around your underwear that didn’t stop my stain so I had to take off my favorite blue fleece cap sweater and tie it around my waist and I had to sit on the white letters of my sweater and stain them permanently with my first period I was ten oh I just remember one day healing so bad I’m also lactose intolerant and so it felt like I was having the worst gasp of my life then over the next couple days I started noticing this like brown stuff in my underwear I legitimately thought I was cheating myself because it was brown I had always thought that blood was red but I wasn’t even thinking this was a period I remember just being so scared that like last piece of dairy I had or something it was like ruptured a hole in my intestines and I was just like shaking my pants and then I had just never told my parents because how could I their 10 year old with pooping her pants like how shameful is that it was like two or three days of that going to sleep every night and being surprised to wake up cuz I just figured oh this was my time there’s something wrong with my body I’m just going to die and no one will have to know that I died because I was myself I finally went to my mom I just like broke down in hysterics and she didn’t even know what was happening cuz I couldn’t even get the words out I finally told her pooping myself and had been for the past five days she’s like can you show me your underwear and I was just like no you’ll never see it just leave me alone to die I finally showed it to her and was just like and she was fine like oh I know what this is Clara you just got your period I’m so proud of you and she hugged me and I think I just kind of blacked out so I got my period towards the end of eighth grade which to me was like a late-bloomer age because basically all of my friends had already gotten their periods and I could never join in on their little period complaints nobody ever said it was a good thing but I really wanted it because I didn’t want to feel like a kid anymore towards the end of eighth grade I was just on the toilet in the morning I looked down I saw blood and after a minute I realized that it was my period and I was super excited I went straight to my mom and was like mom I think I just had my period thinking it was going to be a really big deal like in The Cosby Show because in The Cosby Show they make it a big deal like it’s called Woman’s Day and they go out they go to a spa they take school off they just gives you all kinds of girly womanly things and then the mom educates them about their period and I thought that’s what my mom was going to do then my mom was just in the middle of doing her makeup and kind of glanced at me and she just said okay and tossed me a pad it was super boring I got my period when I was exactly 10 years old I got it on my birthday I was having my birthday party in the park I wake up and I’m getting ready and I’m really excited to go and I go to the bathroom and I do a little peepee but it’s not a little peepee I look in the toilet and it’s like red I thought I was dying and I was dying on my birthday like cried but I didn’t cry cuz I thought I was dying I cried cuz I thought I was gonna miss my birthday party you don’t want my mom to know I was dying cuz I loved my mom I don’t want to make her sad so I just did him a bathroom for like 30 minutes I I guess my parents were like what a weirdo and then eventually my mom came in it was like we got to go to your park birthday party child I was crying and she was she thought something was really wrong she was like are you okay are you sick and then I was like a toilet and she was like oh it’s just your period here you go and I was like it’s a diaper like what this doesn’t fix the dying problem and then she was like oh no it’s like this thing that happens you just like bleed out of your vagina once until you die that’s why she didn’t even tell me it was like I called a pad she just gave me this thing she put it on your underwear I was like okay and I went to the party and I was very uncomfortable because it was my first time wearing a diaper [Music]


  1. my period story

    first day of 8th grade but im cyberschooled

    whipped out my laptop and my binder

    started writing notes

    saw a blood stain on my pajama pants

    thought it was cherry stains cause i was eating cherries

    went to the bathroom

    gave birth to a red jellyfish

    started crying because i thought i was dying

    rembered my mom bought me pads the week before because she thought i would start my period

    put a pad on

    went back to my pc

    gave up

    went to sleep

  2. I started my period in an exam. It was really awkward trying to get a pad out in a silent exam and then explaining to my teacher that I really did need to leave and I wasn’t trying to cheat. Ffs

  3. Me at 9
    Me goes toilet
    Me: Oh, what is this?
    Me seeing a red-brown stain
    Me: Is this tomato sauce?
    Me: how did it get on here?
    Me: Mum what is this?
    Mum: oh, it’s nothing, you’re fine
    One week later
    Me: it’s gone
    Me: I guess I’m fine 🙂🤷‍♀️

  4. i’m too scared to tell my mum i got my period cause she’ll go into like a 5 hour long discussion abt periods when i just want her to buy me pads

  5. my first period story:
    went to the toilet
    wiped down there
    saw blood
    ran downstairs
    told my mam
    stormed upstairs
    went to bed

  6. My first one was on my brother’s birthday, the day before there was like brown stains on my clothes and I didn’t do anything. Then in school I noticed that there was like red on my pants and I looked down and I was with my best friend and she was talking about something and as I looked I said “wow” and she said “I know” even though I wasn’t talking about what she was talking about, I was talking about the fact that I thought I peed myself with blood. Then I went home, went to bed and then I remembered what had happened and I just casually said to my mom “oh yeah, there was blood on my pants today, goodnight” and then she just told me all the stuff and yeah.

  7. My perriod story:
    I went to da toilet and saw blood

  8. my period story:

    i was at school

    it was 3rd hour

    i was talking to my guy friend William

    i feel something in my pants

    at lunch the next hour i go to the bathroom

    i have this giant stain in my underwear

    i go tell one of my besties and i go get my little “emergency kit” in my locker

    i was shaking the whole time 😂

  9. My story:

    About to go to bed
    Feel a leak
    Goes to bathroom
    On my period
    Tells mom
    End of story
    Got it in 6th and I’m in 8th, why was I so excited about it

  10. I also thought I was shitting myself because it was brown so I didn't tell anyone until I was washing myself and I saw blood. I said oh, this must be my period. I was going to tell my mom but she was talking to our neighbor and I was too embarrassed. I ended up telling my sister the next day.

  11. Mine was very simple
    I was a nerd so I watched "education" YouTube video about things. I felt uncomfortable the day before and due my knowledge I assumed it was my first period. So I stole one of my mother's pads and hid it in the bathroom downstairs. I woke up the next morning in my blood covered silk nightgown and walked downstairs to put the diaper on. I walked around my bathroom trying to figure out how do I walk normally in this thing because I ain't want everybody knowing my business. Still in my blood covered nightgown, I walked back up the stairs, trying to make sure my thighs did not touch the diaper, and I sat there crying because I didn't want to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. My mom came home 3 hours later and I casually mentioned to her that I started my period and didn't want everyone to know. Then went in her bag and took 2 ibuprofens and went back to sleep while she just stared at me trying not to laugh.

  12. I'm watching this on the toilet and I don't have my period yet. I'm 11 and obsessed with period videos and symptoms and wanna get it sooo bad

  13. My first period

    Got it at the age of 13


    Saw brown stain

    Didn't expect much and changed underwear after shower

    Got home

    Took off pants


    Me "Oh shit…..I can make babies now."

    Took a cold shower

    New underwear with pad

    Didn't tell mom

    Until she found out

    The end

    (Ps, I hate it when I leak, it happens like everyday bro)

  14. Oof I'm on my period and I was a week late my period story was like it was summer I was going to 7th grade we was at ze bowling alley and then I had to go pee cause drank a lot then there was a lot of blood on the toilet paper so I walked over to my mom and I look at my mom I was like mom….I'm on my period…. She was like you sirenians was likening mean was bleading she was like oh you probably peed to much was like okay then the next day it was still going on so I was like mom do you bleed everytime you pee to much she was like no…. I was like ok I'm on my period, and right now am to 😭😭💀

  15. mine first happened in 5th grade. i was getting braces soon but first they needed to put in spacers. i came home from the orthodontist with spacers and a very pissed off vagina.
    by far my favorite period story was one i saw on the internet somewhere: someone got it during the shrek movie and said "i went in to see shrek a girl and came out a woman."

  16. my first period story
    • i went to the toilet
    • i saw blood
    • i told my mum
    • my mum gave me a pad
    the end

  17. Hi so when I got its start on vacation bout don't thing its not my first time and now I really hate it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. My first period story:

    I woke up and 2 hours later my stomach started to hurt I sat on the couch and then I had to pee and I saw blood on my underwear and I told my grandma and she did not have pads or tampons so I went to my cousins house and she gave me pads and at night I was really scared to sleep (idk why)

    (Boring story right?)

    (Was 9 years old btw😢(

  19. My first period story:
    It was the morning, a Friday, I was getting for school. I saw red on the toilet paper.
    "Mom I got my period!!" (In Spanish)
    "Ok sweetie, come here I'll show you what to do."
    * Puts on pad for a second *
    I ran into the bathroom, locked myself in there, and stayed in the bathtub for the next 15 hours.

  20. Same as Jazzmyne, my mom gave me SO. MANY. PERIOD. TALKS. I also have been fortunate enough to NOT have gotten my period DURING school 😂😂

  21. the asian girl had me dying laughing which im on my period now so a niagra falls might happen like it did in another vid XD rip

  22. My first period story-
    At a lake house
    My mom was working
    Had it one night didn’t tell my Gigi
    Next morning wake up with horrible headache
    Told my Gigi she gets excited
    Told my mom when she got back
    She got excited
    Still had to go in lake with family

  23. Right near my class room there is a storage room with boxes and boxes of pads and tampons. The obnoxious boys in my class always sneak in and steal a bunch of them. And then they throw them at people. And then they shove them in people’s desk. Aaaand then they they throw them around outside. That’s my class

  24. Why do moms congratulate they’re daughters for getting they’re periods… like why are you congratulating us for BLEEDING from our VAGINAS


  25. The fact that periods start on important days is really sad. my first period was on my nephews 1rst birthday.I'm on my period rn and after 2 days I'm traveling😞

  26. My story

    I went to basketball match(we won)
    I felt weird
    I came home late.
    I slept


    BOOOOM … my period😂😂😂😂😂

  27. My first period story:
    I woke up. I went to the bathroom. I saw some blood on my underwear. I called my mum. She got me tampons bc she said pads are uncomfortable. Lol. I was lucky that I was at home.

  28. I got my first period on vacation at 11 PM. All the stores were closed, so I had wear my 2 year old sisters nappies until the store opened at 10 AM😨😳

  29. I was in a dollar tree when i got it and I think that really reflects me as a person

    I threw my soiled boxers away in the dollar tree trash can. When I told my mom she nearly shrieked and I just remember being like "shut up" as she ran to buy pads

  30. Oh goodness gracious, I’m just got to 4th grade. In 2 years I might get my period.

    Wait one of the girls said she was.. 10 Years Old. Im turning ten.


  31. My first period

    Woke up
    Got ready for shower
    Realised there was blood on my undies
    Told mum
    Had shower
    Put on pad
    Stayed home for the day

    This was in year 8

  32. I got my period in 5th grade. When I saw blood I told my mom and she just said "congratulations". I LITERALLY cried for an hour because I didn't want it.

  33. I thought I was farting until I went to the bathroom then the next day my mom gave me a congratulations gift the card said : “the red aunt visited!”

  34. my first period story:
    i woke up
    i saw i was bleeding
    i used my moms pads until my mom got home
    i told my mom
    my mom got me pads
    i continued with my day

  35. My first time getting a period
    I go shower
    I take off my underwear
    Sees a lot of blood
    Starts having a panic attack in the shower
    I tell my friend that started her period
    Goss to my mum and says that my underwear was really bloody
    She congratulated me for finally becoming a women 👧

  36. Mine was in 5th grade, I was ten. I was having a Bath and farted blood. Uhm. And then. I yelled to my mom “MOM IM A WOMAN!” Uhm, so yeah. That’s was the day I was going on holiday for a week.

  37. Got my first period yesterday : / i woke up and i thought that i peed myself and i touched it to feel if my underwear was and i got blood on my hand🥺

  38. I started in 5th grade and it happened to be the year I had my first male teacher. I thought I just had to pee, but it wasn't just pee. I stood in the stall bathroom for a while just staring at the toilet😂 I asked my teacher if I could call my mom, so he let me. When I told her what happened, my art teacher just happened to walk by and here everything but my mom just laughed at me. She told me to go to the nurse, so I asked my teacher I if could and he kept asking me why. I ended up raising my voice and he could tell I wasn't in a good mood, so he let me go. When I get to the nurses office, she hands me a pad, right as two kids from my class walk in. I didn't feel like trying very hard to keep it a secret anymore😂 As soon as I get back to class, all the girls huddle around my desk and start asking me questions. I'm a little short-tempered so I tell everyone to leave me alone. Then i remembered something, it was the same day as my first basketball practice, and my coach (who is also male) never shows sympathy at all. Somehow I had boys asking me if I was ok, I already knew one of the girls told others, which ended up a complete mess when someone started a rumor saying my mom had a miscarriage to cover up the whole me starting my period situation it was quite a day but at least I made it through practice😂

  39. My Period Story:
    Woke up to use the bathroom
    Saw brown stains on my white underwear and thought it was poop
    Changed my underwear and threw it out
    Went to a pool party
    After the party i took off my swimsuit and saw more "poop" stains
    Went home
    The next day woke up again to see poop stains
    Finally had enough of the stains so told me mom
    She asked to see my underwear
    And then she congratulated me and gave me pads and a red bed sheet

  40. i got my first period at the age of 10
    so one night i nothised brown in my underwear but i tauth nothing about it and i went to sleep
    the next morning at sChOoL i felt something like if i was peeing myself
    a did have the tauth i might be having my period tho
    so the first thing i do when i go in class is *MAY I GO TO THE BATHROOM
    and i notice I DID HAVE MY PERIOD
    i just paniced cause i had no pad's and the blood was everywhere
    so i decided to stay on the toilet thill lunch where i would go home
    but then i hear my name being called….. by the (you know that thing they say messages at)
    obviusly i DO NOT go
    so a little bit later i hear the Direrector(that was a girl at least)
    come into the bathroom and ask if i am there
    i finally said *yes* from the bathroom stall cause i did not want to freak out the teachers thinking i would be gone
    at first she tauth i peed myself and that i should not be ashamed about it
    but then when she asked if i got my period i said nothing so she like knew that was it
    she asked me if i needed a pad but i was to traumatised that i just said no
    she ended up calling my parents and i left school for the rest of the day
    And all my friends asked me why my name was called (it was VERY alkward)

  41. I was 10 and my mom told me what a period was at 9 and cried my eyes out and then when I got it I didn't cry a single tear

  42. To the girls who are excited to have there period :

    Well honey you don't know the torture you will have but good luck for you but don't be excited that much cause u gonna regret it …..

  43. So I’m 11, and I haven’t had my period yet, does it hurt? Because you guys say “so I peed and I turned around and saw blood” campy someone confirm for me?

  44. I got mine on my 11th birthday. I remember feeling this pain in my stomach so I just went to the bathroom and when I pulled my underwear down, I SAW BROWN. I thought I was pooping my pants and I didn't want to tell anyone. We were gonna give out presents so my mom came to the bathroom and said "Aren't you gonna open your presents" and I showed her and she said "OMG YOU STARTED YOUR PERIOD, YOU'RE NOT POOPING YOUR PANTS". She told me all about it and she showed me how to put the pad on and everything and I just went back to my party like nothing ever happened.

  45. OmG the girl that said she thought she crapped herself is what I have we have blood clot bc it been like that for 3 day and now I have blood soo ya

  46. people that have late periods are really lucky i had my period when i was in 4th grade worse thing about it is i have the most over flowing blood wets ever!!! more than 30 minutes not even an hour it would fill up my whole pad and change back again :')

    Edit:its a nightmare!

  47. My Mum congratulated me, proceeded to buy me flowers, and chocolate. I still, 3years layer, have the foggiest on why she did that.

  48. I'm like kinda the same as Claire because I was like going to the toilet to pee and saw my underwear brown sooo I thought I was literally pooping myself.. Im 10 years old too and in 6th Grade
    I told my Mom about it and she told that I was gonna have my period soon…..

    Like it was the worst memory to me🤣

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