Women’s Health and Fitness Day

TODAY IS WOMEN’S HEALTH AND FITNESS DAY….DR. MELISSA LOVE, VOLUNTEER EXPERT FOR THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION AND A PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN AT OCHSNER BATON ROUGE IS JOINING US WITH INFORMAITON ON WHY TODAY IS SO IMPORTANT. Today is Women’s Health and Fitness Day and the American Heart Association is sharing some tips on how we can take care of our bodies and our hearts. Why is it so important for women to take care of themselves? 3 Our hearts are the core of our bodies much like our mothers, sisters, friends and families are the core of our lives.Yet, according to the American Heart Association, 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease. We can all help prevent this by taking care of ourselves through exercise, healthy eating, and putting ourselves and our health first. Women have a voice in their health and lives, but more often they turn that focus on others instead of themselves. But when women can focus on themselves their friends, families, workplaces, communities all benefit. 3 workplaces, communities all benefit.3 What are some simple ways we can all 3 incorporate fitness into our busy lives these 3 days? 3 3 COMING UP…PARENTS 3 OF TWO STUDENTS WHO DIED IN FRATERNITY HAZING RITUALS ARE FIGHTING TO KEEP THEIR TRAGEDY FROM HAPPENING AGAIN. WHY THEY

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