Women’s Health and Structured Alkaline Silver Solution

Women’s Health and Structured Alkaline Silver Solution

– Hello I’m Dr. Gordon
Pedersen, and women’s health is the most important thing in all humanity. Women have the children,
women run families, women have jobs, women multitask. Women have the most important
role in all of society. But did you know that one in four women at any given time have a vaginal problem? This vaginal problem
usually comes from bacteria, yeast, or viruses. And sometimes all three
all at the same time. And when I go to the doctor’s
offices and I talk with my doctor friends, they recommend Macrobid is the first drug to be
given when a woman goes to the doctor’s office thinking she’s got a vaginal problem like a yeast infection. Well the problem with that
the doctors confide in me say, you know what, that
only destroys bacteria, it doesn’t really cover the yeast in fact, it makes the yeast get worse. So then they come back to me
and the doctor’s advise us that now they have to put
’em back up on the table, feet up in the stirrups. And now they find out
we’ve gotta give them an antibacterial product and
or an antifungal product. This points out the big problem. Women go to the doctor
and they get a drug for a yeast infection like Lamisil. Or they go to the doctor and
they get an antibacterial or an antibiotic product. The problem is this, inside the uterus and
around the cervix and around the vagina you’ve got a problem, it could be bacterial and
it could be many bacteria. Staph, and strep, and pseudomonas and all these different
bacteria could be living in there all at the same time. And no one drug could kill them all. But at the same time you’ve
got a yeast infection like Candida and a drug like Lamisil is so dangerous to the woman, she has to have her liver enzymes
checked every month. And there’s another problem,
they might have HVP, human papillomavirus, that they’re worried might
cause cancer in their system. A doctor’s job isn’t easy, they can’t just prescribe
all three all at one time. And for that reason, women suffer. They suffer unfairly with
imbalances and bacteria. They suffer when they have
to take antibiotics and it makes the yeast problem
get worse or overgrow. So I’d like to give you a
little bit of a solution, in fact I call it the silver solution. Because silver in its finest
form can destroy bacteria and viruses and yeast
all at the same time. And the reason why is because it’s all natural and comes from God. You see manmade drugs only seem to work on one thing at a time, antibiotics. Work only on bacteria. Lamisil or antifungal
drugs only work on yeast. So we’ve got this situation
where women have a problem, they’re not getting it solved by going to their doctor and taking the drugs, but, when they come to a
solution that does work, people share it, women share it. So I’m here to give you some
facts that will back this up. Women have a need for silver. And we can use a gel and the gel can be used intra-vaginally. In fact, this is a water soluble gel. And that means that it’s
just like any one of your personal lubricant
products that are out there but this has silver in it as well, which destroys the bacteria,
viruses, and yeast. So right off the bat, women are going to want this because it helps
them during the sex act because it leaves behind silver to destroy the bacteria viruses and yeast that the husband may
have transferred to them. In addition to that,
this will take care of the bacterial vaginosis on
the outside of the vagina. So women if you’re itching
and scratching on the outside, maybe you’ve worn pantyhose
and there was a warm, moist environment and it
caused the bacteria to grow. Gel, put on your hands, rubbed in that area will destroy
bacteria, viruses, and yeast. And it will do it very quickly
in the matter of minutes. And at the same time, if
you put some of this gel on your finger and put it
around the vagina and inside the vagina,
wherever that gel resides, it’s gonna give you an ability to destroy bacteria and viruses, and yeast. So even if you don’t know
which infection you have, even if your doctors don’t
know what infection you have, you have a solution for all three. In addition to that, the
liquid silver can be used in a douche bottle and and
pumped intra-vaginally. So you can lay down in a
tub, elevate your hips, pump that up inside the vaginal cavity where it will leave behind, a rinsing and cleansing effect of silver particles. Gel and liquid used wisely
can be very beneficial, in fact, pumping the gel on a tampon. So imagine my finger were a tampon and we pump gel all the way
around it, inserted at night, take it out in the morning, you hardly even knew it was there. And if you do this very night
for three nights in a row, you’re gonna see a substantial
benefit on the bacteria, and the viruses, and the yeast. And it’s so safe, you could
brush your teeth with it. Now, reason that I say this is because if we have proper hygiene and we have cleansed the vaginal vault,
it will be important to us long term because we won’t
have imbalances in bacteria, we won’t have imbalances
in hormones nearly as much. Because all of this inflammation causes problems in that area. Now when you realize this
is a warm moist area, and any fold of skin or any
pocket like inside the uterus or inside the vaginal vault there can grow bacteria and yeast especially. So you’re going to have
a warm, moist area. First thing you do is
stop feeding the yeast. Yeast fees on sugar,
bacteria feeds on sugar. So we’re gonna take
sugar out of your diet, or at least reduce it down to where it’s not feeding
the problem so badly. Now we’re gonna wash that area, keep it clean and keep
gel on it afterward and use your finger to put
it internally or put it on a tampon to get it up inside at night. Now when you realize this, you realize that you may or may not even need the drugs your
doctor has prescribed. Follow your doctor’s prescriptions. Listen to them because they’re the ones who have a diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis,
you get to be the doctor, you get to do the treatment on yourself. You get to decide what goes
in, on or through your system. Be wise, be wise and recognize there is an all natural product that can work in combination with prescriptions. Now silver is important
because it’s all natural. Silver is a natural purifier of water, we use it in air filters,
we use it in water filters. In fact, the swimming pools
for the Olympic Games, use silver in their filters
to purify the water, keeping bacteria, viruses,
and yeast at a minimum. In addition to that,
you got silver that will destroy these pathogens by what we call stealing an electron. It resonates silver,
conducts energy better than any other mineral and
resonates, it vibrates. Now when you hold it you
might not be able to feel it, but the atomic structure, built
into molecular strictures, resonates in combination with oxygen. And we know oxygen
destroys bacteria as well. So oxygen and silver together
are gonna steal the electrons, resonating in a frequency
that destroys bacteria when it comes in contact with it. Just like Ella Fitzgerald used
to sing on a commercial on TV at such a high frequency she could totally fracture a wine glass. That’s kind of how silver
works inside the bloodstream, when it comes up against a bacteria. Vibrates, touches the
bacteria, shatters it. Opens it up, now the
body can clean it out. This is how it works naturally. Now imagine we have a liquid
that can go inside our body into our bloodstream and go wherever circulation will take it. And at the same time
the gel can be used on the outside of our body
or inside the vagina. It’s so safe, you can
brush your teeth with it. So these are important
things because of this, and we also want you to
recognize that there are some good silvers and
some not so good silvers. Homemade silvers are not so good. People are making them the same
they did 60 or 80 years ago with a nine volt battery and they’re using a direct current that doesn’t give you the
proper type of of silver. While the new silvers
that are manufactured in good manufacturing practices
at the highest standards are giving you silver that
is an alternating current, a pulse vibration that’s able
to destroy more bacteria, more viruses, more of the problems in your body including yeast. And do so faster, safer,
and more completely. Now the history of silver
is very fascinating to me. I love the fact that the Greeks used silver to purify their water. In other words, they had containers that they poured their water out of that were made out of pure silver. Now the water that went in there didn’t go bad as
quickly, bacteria didn’t grow. It was safer and it tasted better. Then pioneers in America were
trekking across the plains and they had water tanks. And they’d go days and
sometimes a week without getting water but they’d throw
silver coins in there, in the water tanks so that
the water wouldn’t go bad. And it helped them. And so silver has been known for a long time to help with water. Now they used to milk cows
into any container they had. But if you ever noticed milk
containers now, they’re silver. They stand about this tall,
they’re about ten, 12 gallons, and they’re made out of silver. Still they’re using silver, milk containers so that the
milk they pump into the jug is going to not develop a bacterial growth. Still to this day they use
silver in the milk containers. This history is very fascinating to me because the history is
taking us to the future. We’re using silver in needles now, we’re using silver in clothing
now, we’re using silver into the future for air filters, water filters because it
destroys in an all natural way, the bacteria, the viruses, the yeast. And I love the fact that
we’re rediscovering it, in fact did you know that silver was in the physician’s desk reference way back 100 years ago? Silver was used in
prescription drugs, 42 of them. 42 prescription drugs
are made from silver. And the very finest silver is now used in burn units everywhere. So you’ve got drug approval on silver, you’ve got benefits from
silver but guess what happened? Penicillin came along. Penicillin came along and
it was the wonder drug, and it destroyed bacteria and
solved pneumonia problems, and sexually transmitted disease problems. So guess what? Silver took a back seat, they ignored it, they moved forward and for
the last 60 years we’ve developed antibiotics,
antibiotics, antibiotics. Until now we’ve discovered
that manmade antibiotics work really well for a short time until your body builds resistance to them. Your body rejects them, in
fact you can become allergic to the antibiotic if you continue
to take it long enough. And the bacteria respond by not responding to the antibiotic. In other words the antibiotic
can’t kill the germ anymore. So we’re putting ourselves at risk, because we’re developing
germs that are so strong, there are no drugs that
can solve the problem. We call these hospital
acquired infections. Because we’ve developed them in the hospital using antibiotics too much. And now the time comes for silver to come back into play because
silver’s all natural and doesn’t have side effect problems. Doesn’t have a big list of,
if you take it it’s going to destroy your reproductive
system or some of the drugs out there that talk about heart disease and strokes and epilepsy. That they cause just by
taking their product. No, silver doesn’t have any of that. Silver doesn’t have any side effects. Silver doesn’t even require a prescription because it’s all natural. Because it can function
day to day in your body. Now when we talk about
silver’s function you have to realize, there’s more to
silver than just chemistry. You see when pharmaceutical
people get together and they talk about drugs, how they work and why they
work, that’s chemistry. In fact that’s biochemistry. And then you start thinking
about it and you say, but aren’t there certain frequencies of magnetic pulses that
help the body with pain? Well yeah there are. Aren’t there specific frequencies of energies like light energy
that can help your body? Yeah, and there’s even
certain frequencies of light that destroy bacteria
and they use ’em in the hospital all the time. And they use ’em in
laboratories all the time. Well that same frequency can be put into silver and silver can
circulate through your body in tiny particles and it can
work just like it works in the lab, destroying
bacteria, viruses, and yeast. So when you talk about chemistry it’s not the only thing that works. There’s more to silver
than just chemistry, there’s energy, there’s biophysics. There’s vibration of the
molecule, there’s the ability to resonate up against the pathogen and shake it ’till it ruptures. Well these are all unique
because God made them. Man continues to focus on chemistry, when there’s a lot more
energies that help the body. Now people say well is it safe? It is safe, it doesn’t
have any side-effects. Silver does not. Some people say silver caused
the blue man to turn blue. That’s only because he made
his own homemade silver and he made it out of nitric acid,
and he dropped a silver coin in there, add some salt, and
when the chemical reaction got done, he would drink a half
a gallon or more everyday. That’s nowhere near the silver
that’s being used today. We use pure silver rods, we
use purified structured water, and those are the only two ingredients. But put together in the right frequency, pulsing at 10,500 volts. We can take magnetic energy,
put it into that water, electromagnetic energy,
put it into the water. And the chemistry of the silver
with a resonant frequency, we have four mechanisms of action that can work inside or outside the body. Now people say well wait a minute, I don’t wanna start
puttin’ silver in my body, I’ve never done that before. Not true. In fact, if you realize if
you’ve ever eaten a mushroom, that a good portion of the nutrients in a mushroom are silver. Many people use mushrooms
as an immune-stimulant. Immune support, and help against all kinds of pathogenic problems. Guess why it works? One of the biggest reasons is
because it has silver in it. And people who that eat
mushrooms eat silver every single day, in fact, all
meat has silver in it. You eat the meat, it
digests into your system, the silver absorbs into your body and it gives you an ability to destroy
bacteria, viruses, yeast. So every single day you’re eating silver. In fact, according to
some governmental studies, they suggest that you eat
20 to 50 micrograms of silver everyday and it’s part
of eating a healthy diet. So if you think this is
the first time time you’re ever going to put silver
in your body it’s not true. It’s an all natural substance. And in fact, when rain comes
down and it hits the soil, percolates down through the
soil and runs into the creeks, as it’s running down the creek we say that rainwater that’s entered the
creek is the most pure water. In fact I’ve seen beer
commercials that advertise, our water is so pure it comes from the high mountains and it’s
because of its creek water. The reality is silver exists everywhere. They call it ubiquitous, it exists everywhere in all soil types. So that whatever rain
falls and whatever area, trickles down through
the silver in the soil, whatever soil type and then
when it gets to the creek, it’s already been purified by silver. So silver is used in
nature many different ways. So it’s safe, it’s
beneficial, it’s all natural, it has a wonderful history about it. And your body’s already used to using it. In addition to that,
when you ingest silver, it is the most natural thing
to your body because of this one thing, chemically
silver goes into your mouth, goes all through your circulation, passing through all your vital organs. Kidneys strain it out, it pools
in your bladder unchanged. That means silver is un-metabolized, it doesn’t change in your body. It cannot produce a harmful metabolite. It passes from your mouth to
your bladder totally unchanged. Which is great for people who need help as a urinary tract benefitter. What that means is women will get an infection in their bladder. This bladder infection
is usually caused by bacteria pooling in the bladder. And it never can urinate
it completely out, it stays for days, months, years. It burns when you urinate, it gets into your system it
causes all kinds of problems. It is an infection. Doctors will prescribe
you an antibiotic and another one and another one
and we hope we get rid of it. But guess what? Silver if you drink
three or four ounces of it right now, which would be kinda like taking this much of the product. You drink this much right
now and every hour after that drink another cap full, you’ve now had enough that will pool in your bladder, unchanged. Still doing the same exact thing in the bladder that it did as
soon as it entered your mouth. This is why it’s so
beneficial for women’s issues. A bladder infection can be as simple as, drinking four ounces right now. One cap full every hour for
three more hours and all of the sudden it’s pooled in your bladder. It’s had time to be in contact
with all that bacteria and it cleanses the entire bladder
as it comes out of your body. The other issue is, we need just to have a gel or a liquid up
inside the vaginal vault so that it can do the same kind of cleansing. This is important because
when your silver can have the properties of going into your body and being totally unchanged,
that means no matter where it goes it’s going to have a benefit. So women if you wanna destroy odors, maybe they’re foot fungus
and they smell bad. Or vaginla odors or even armpit odors. You can just take the little spray bottle, spray the silver on there and silver will destroy the cause of the odor. Bacteria, or yeast, it will destroy. Now you can see why I say
this is for women’s health. Women specifically are gonna
take care of themselves, and now what do you do
for children, oh my gosh. A little bit of gel, put on your finger, put it on your hand and wipe
it on the bottom of a baby. If the baby has diaper rash, oh my gosh, it heals in an hour and a half. In addition to that,
you’ve got five hours of protection for your hands. So you can handle children,
you can shake hands, you can grab the sink handle that everybody’s shared their germs with. Or the refrigerator handle or did you know your
cellphone has 18 times as many germs on the cellphone as
is found on a toilet handle? So in your world the liquid
silver can be a spray bottle, in your world it can work intra-vaginally just on a tampon at night. In your world it might just
be as simple as rubbing it on and no more itch. Sometimes in as quick as one hour, these are benefits for moms, these are benefits people
don’t wanna talk about. These are benefits that
people have on a daily basis. One lady I talked to even today, she shared with me her history. She said, six months ago
I had so much illness, I was chronically fatigued. They diagnosed me as having a nasty virus, the virus that causes mono. Epstein-Barr virus is very difficult and we don’t really ever get
rid of it, even with drugs. Antiviral drugs like
acyclovir and ribavirin are used but they don’t always
get rid of the virus. Yet she started taking the silver and she started drinking two
ounces twice a day and it took her about six weeks
to ger her life back. Well she came to me today just because she wanted to thank me. She wanted to say how
horrible her life was. Her hormones were out of balance, she had depression because she didn’t have any passion for anything in her life. She could only be up and
physical two hours a day. Chronic fatigue, drugs
she had tons of them. She’d been to six or
seven different doctors, she could not get on her
feet and get well again. It was interfering with her relationships. She said to me, “I’ll do anything.” And she did. And she followed every single
step and what she found was that the silver was
destroying the pathogens that were causing her problem. She did a vaginal cleanse,
she did a digestive cleanse. She did a blood cleanse,
all with the silver. And it took her a few
weeks before she felt it started working but she got on top of it and step by step by step
she now has a normal life. Her life now is as happy as her name. I probably shouldn’t say her name but Joy. She is the definition
of joy in my life today. It was beautiful when she looked me in the eyes and tears welled up, she was so grateful that this product and this program that helped her so much and I reinforced in her, you are the doctor of your own future and your own wellbeing. And this product works, without side-effects
because it came from God. So I love that there are many, many different women’s issues. But remember, silver destroys
bacteria, viruses, and yeast. It can be used inside the
body, inside the vagina. Outside the body, it can be used anywhere there’s
bacteria, viruses, or yeast. It’s safe, it works in a very unique way, far better than products
of the old and of the past. And you can be sure that when
you learn how to use this, you believe in it enough
that you will use it at exactly as written that
you’re gonna have a benefit. Because silver doesn’t just
boost the immune system, see herbs boost the immune system and over time your body has to
do all the extra work and sometimes the immune system
crashes from being made to work too hard too long. Silver takes the workload
off your immune system. And if it’s alkaline structured
silver it’s now gonna work with the immune system instead of all the other silvers that are all acidic. The new silver, the
structured alkaline silver is going to work with your body, with your immune system and it’s going to take the workload off your
already overworked immune system. There is hope. I really am sitting here talking to you not about silver but about hope. There is hope and there
are women’s issues that specifically will respond very quickly. (uplifting music)

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  1. Dr Pederson, I work with clients that have IC and chronic UTI's. I have been using structured silver with them and myself successfully. I would love to network with you to come up with additional strategies for chronic cases that have stubborn biofilms in the urothelial lining. You can reach me at [email protected]

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