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Welcome to Memorial Health and You.
When it comes to health woman
very often responds differently from a
man. Anne Musgrove is a Memorial Physician Clinics Nurse
Practitioner, with a dual
certification in family practice and women’s health.
Anne what are some of the
unique health needs of women? Well,
Susan, menstrual irregularities pregnancy and childbirth,
cervical and ovarian cancer, as
well as menopause are obviously health
conditions unique to women. But women experience certain
illnesses more frequently than
men. For instance, chronic headaches, thyroid disease,
depression, arthritis and
osteoporosis. Women also have higher rates of
generalized symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue
and chronic pain syndromes. Because many times they are
care givers and put the health
of their families before their own, women may
accept these symptoms as normal
and ignore the signs of life
threatening illness such as
heart disease. Because a woman may not
recognize a heart attack it’s
more likely to be fatal. So what can a woman do
to protect her health?
The most important thing is to establish a primary
care provider. As a nurse
practitioner I work with women on a daily
basis performing general
physical exams, screening for silent killers
such as hypertension and high
cholesterol, treating sinusitis and
allergies, counseling women
about how to prepare for pregnancy,
childbirth and menopause. We
also perform pap smears, breast
exams and osteoporosis
screenings. Women are complex but their
health care doesn’t have to be. The first step in forming a
lasting health partnership with
a primary care provider is just making the
appointment. [Susan] Thank you,
Anne. We’d like to send you this free
women’s health brochure plus a Memorial Physician Clinics
Directory just call us right
now at 228- 868-6500 or visit www.gulfport memorial.com

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