Women’s Health: Talking about the pelvic floor – BBC Stories

Women’s Health: Talking about the pelvic floor – BBC Stories

From a user’s perspective,
vulvas are really important. The vulva’s where the party’s at. That’s where all the
nerve endings are. If you can see it, that’s your vulva, and if somebody’s rooting around
inside it, that’s your vagina. I fish about in fannies
for a living. I got into doing women’s health physio because I had experience of it myself. People that have had children, it’s really
common that they’ll end up with some sort of
incontinence. And very often we don’t
speak about it. What had been a perfectly
useful undercarriage was reduced to rubble, and no longer worked in
any meaningful way. So, to my shame, I had had
three kids, and was a bit leaky and didn’t bother my shirt, because I was busy. It’s fewer men than women because, well, it’s not their undercarriages that are torn apart by the giant skulls of their ungrateful spawn. It’s quite a difficult thing to
talk about with people, because it’s humiliating
for many folk. I think it’s still very much a bit
of a taboo to talk about it. But it’s not uncommon for me
to see women who have waited a long time. I had a lady who told me she
had been leaking since the birth of
her first baby. I was a bit surprised, I said to her: “How old is your baby?” She said: “He’s 43 now.” I was just asked, was I
doing my exercises?” I didn’t actually know
what I was supposed to be doing. Very little information on
that side of things. Imagine that you’re on a hot date with somebody you actually really fancy, like not necessarily
your partner! It’s going really, really well, then you can feel a wee fart brewing. You know that if you let this thing out… it’s not going to be cute, there no way you’re going to
be able to go: “Oh, was that me?” North Korea will phone you up to say: “Can we have some of that?” That action, as you’re thinking
about it, you’ll be squeezing your bumhole. That is you working your
pelvic floor. You’re going to hold that fart right in, right up until you’re married,
and the magic has gone. The action is to squeeze
your holes shut It’s only a wee, wee movement. It’s not massive. Like any muscle you’ve got to
exercise it in order for it to improve. Your pelvic floor has got an important
role in your sexual function. So one of the side effects of having a good, positive working pelvic floor, is it enhances the quality of
your orgasms. A lot of women report that
that improves within two weeks of starting their
pelvic floor exercise regime, which is a fairly
motivating factor. The second exercise is this So it’s a bit like this: Ooh, I’m going to fart… oh no, it’s gone away. Oh, that’s going to be horrible… oh it’s gone away. There’s no age limit that
this stuff works, it doesn’t matter whether you’re six weeks
after having had your baby or six years. There’s good evidence that
it works at every stage. The advantage of getting help early is that it means that you’re
not going to be subjected to the secondary side effects
of leaking. There’s no need to have your life
ruled by your bladder, it’s a miserable way to live. We know that having a good
functioning pelvic floor enhances people’s well being. I think it’s really important just
to evangelise about pelvic floor health and tell people you don’t have to put up with this dreadful intrusion
into their lives.


  1. Girl
    U r hilarious
    With this bomb of a problem heinous
    Unbearable situations THE
    Thank u Scottish LOVELY 😊

  2. why this was in my recommended, I don’t know.

    did I enjoy it, even as a guy? yes.

    this was strangely hilarious (and informative)

  3. U know the two thumbs down πŸ‘Ž ppl
    Does that mean they r in denial
    And will need a paddle and boat soon!?!?!?!?!??
    Just sayin

  4. I think I'm in love with this lady she is extremely funny and extremely informative all at the same time love it

  5. I am guessing this is the BBC being really edgy….Aunty just worked out how to share a video on youtube…Cue dinosaurs high fiving

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