Workout Wednesday:  National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Workout Wednesday: National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by the his national women’s health and fitness day and it is the nation’s largest annual health promotion event for women of all ages yeah joining us today is doing a Ferguson the owner of Ferguson Fitness welcome back thanks for coming on thanks for having me so talk to us a little bit about national women’s health and fitness day and how you are celebrating okay well yeah like you said it’s a big health promotion event nationwide to just remind women that you know it is important to take care of yourself it is important to you know you know be active and be fit and be healthy for all the people that depend on you and just for yourself you know it’s really really important for women to do that yeah I mentioned the important word remind because I think like you said we take care of everybody else we forget about ourselves right that a lot in in your field of work absolutely and you know that’s you know my little soapbox moment is you got to put yourself first in the in the sense of you know if you don’t take care of yourself than all the other stuff is gonna it’s gonna fall apart at some point like on the airplane if the masks fall you’re supposed to put it on yourself before exactly exactly all the women I know are the glue for their family and you know you got a you got to keep that like machine running well fine-tuned so is there like a guideline for women and when it comes to fitness yeah absolutely we have national guidelines for you know for for everybody but you know particularly for women you want to be active every day you know that is really important we’re finding that sitting is the new smoking so the more just general activity you can build in play with your kids go for walks meet a friend you know all of that stuff where you’re just not sitting for long periods of time is important taking breaks you want to try if you’re want to improve your you know cardiovascular fitness 30 to 60 minutes a day you know three to five days a week starting out and and and that kind of stuff and that can be anything that gets your heart rate up strength training is soup important for a women is important for your health it is important to just be strong and confident and do the things that you need to do flexibility and especially as we get older balance training and you know just coordination agility and are important as well okay you have a couple of exercises just show us because you posted it on Facebook an interesting question yes yeah trouble areas right right and I knew these I have a trainer I hear these all the time so I brought my handy-dandy loop that you can take anywhere to do a couple of things I’m not gonna put it on for the leg stuff cuz it’ll take a minute okay but a lot of women you know have trouble with with inner thigh outer thigh blood area lunges are your friend and varying your direction so one of the things I do a lot with my clients is you know taking it to the side so you know traditional lunges we just go forward and back and you know we need to vary the direction another one is just taking it behind like you know that’s we call it a curtsy that’s a that’s a girly term but and also call it like a bowlers lunge where you’re just varying direction and you’re gonna target those different muscles on the sides and the in the areas that are harder to get so that’s definitely one I put in a push-up exercise yeah because that targets your arm so well but you know they can be modified hands and knees so I’ll start there and you’re just keeping the hands wide you want the chest to come between the hands not not head down okay and if you want to add a little bit of extra booty work yeah I like doing multiple things all at one time and core is super important this one kind of gets core legs arms a little bit of everything but it was just a deadlift and we’ve got resistance with the tube like I said you know the band you can you know gun yep you got your arm you can actually add a little rose okay a little curl ladies you know take care of ourselves yeah I need to do that and if you want more information on Ferguson fitness website you’re on Facebook yep we’re on Instagram and I’m gonna post more exercises on my stories today so good examples yes thank you very much

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