Yoga For Stress Management  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Stress Management | Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have an awesome
practice for managing stress. So you are not alone, I am there
with you and today we’re going to find what feels good whether
you’re super stressed out or whether you’re wanting to
cultivate more preventative care practices in your life. So let’s hop into
something comfy and get started. (gentle music) Alright everyone, let’s begin
seated on the ground and I’d like to say if this is a
hard shape for you to start in, you can start in any comfortable
seated posture of your choice. If you want to give this shape a
go but you find that the spine is really rounding forward and
you’re kind of coming into this shape, totally normal. Just pause, grab a towel or a
blanket or a pillow and sit it right underneath the bum so
that you can have a little more support in sitting up nice and
tall which is where we’re going to aim to begin. Unless you’re a dog, then resume
some sort of shape like this. Okay. Thanks so much for being here. If you’ve selected this
video there’s probably a reason whether it’s for preventative
care or maybe you’re tending to something particular. Let’s begin sitting up nice and
tall and we’re actually going to take the hands right
to the heart to start. And trust me, trust yourself,
trust this practice, this moment that you’ve
really carved out for yourself. You’ve really done the hard part
already so go ahead and allow the eyelids to close here and just gently begin
to relax your shoulders. And as you get settled in, trusting that this
is the right choice. Ya done good. See if you can find
more length in the spine. As you start to
notice your inhalations. And then see if you can
relax the shoulders even more. Soften any parts of the body
that you might be gripping or holding in as you
bring your awareness, your attention
to your exhalation. So on the inhales we’re paying
attention to sitting up nice and tall, kind of creating space,
really easygoing like and then on the exhale is you’re
just finding places to soften. So right away we’re
anchoring the mind in these tasks of lifting, finding space on
a big conscious inhale. And softening or relaxing, letting go with a
nice conscious exhale. Now tuck your chin
slightly as you continue with these loving tasks. And if you’ve been particularly
we’ll say “stressed out” you might start to
notice an immediate release. Maybe of emotion or just
sensation in the body and if you’re feeling okay with it
today I’m going to invite you to not shy away from that. To really let the yoga serve. Let this connection of
mind and body do it’s thing. Continuing with the breath. Big inhale to
lengthen through the spine. And long, conscious breath out
to just soften anything that needs to soften and within this glorious task
of inhaling and lengthening and exhaling and softening just allowing any sensation, any emotion, anything
that your mind and body is communicating to one another. Anything that that marriage needs or wants to do,
just allow it to do just that. Great, take one
more cycle of breath. Perhaps on this next cycle of
breath it’s the deepest inhale and the longest exhale
that you’ve taken all day. Here we go. Nice and then
keep your breath going, best you can. You’re gonna draw
the chin to the chest. Perhaps the
forehead towards the palms, head to heart because this is what the discipline
of yoga is really. Inviting us to do is to marry
mind and body and in particular today we’re gonna focus on
doing that with the breath. Take a couple
cycles of breath here. Feel this great stretch
in the back of the neck. Such a simple
but powerful gesture to focus the connection, the communication of
your mind and body so that it can serve you, guide you back
to what feels good. What is a valuable. Awesome. Take one more breath here. And this time as you exhale
and relax your shoulders you can open the eyes, lift your
chin and smile just a bit. Life is good. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out
through the mouth. (exhales loudly) Twice more like that.
Big inhale in through the nose. And empty it out,
maybe sigh it out here. (sighs) Don’t be shy. One more, inhale,
lift your heart, your sternum up
towards your thumbs. And exhale out
through the mouth, release. Awesome, send the
fingertips left to right. Inhale, sweep the right arm
all the way up and overhead, big stretch, big breath. Exhale, come back to center. Right hand comes to the earth,
left fingertips reach all the way up as you
take a deep breath in. And exhale back to center. Twice more on each side. Inhale, right fingertips up. Exhale back to center. And inhale left
fingertips up high. And exhale back to center. One more time on each
side with your breath. Awesome, draw the
hands to the heart. Prayer Position. Take a deep breath in. Inhale, lift sternum
to thumbs once again. Exhale, press
the palms together, elbows left to right. So nice, firm
press in the palms. Inhale in again, lift the chest. Exhale, draw your navel in
towards your spine so you’re creating a nice
connection to your center, your core. Sweet, inhale, lengthen
through the back of the neck. Tuck the chin slightly. And then exhale,
this is a small move. We’re gonna slowly turn. Moving from the midline. Base of the spine all
the way up to the crown. Big twist to the right,
nice and easy. So big twist but no cranking. Keep it nice and subtle. Connecting to
the midline always. And then pressing
it back to center. Inhale in, lift your
chest and exhale. Just take it as far as
your body tells you to. Oh yeah. Beautiful.
And then back to center. Twice more on each side. Inhale to lift the sternum. Connect to your
center as we exhale, palms continue
to press together. Twist to the right. Head, heart and
pelvis in alignment. And then slowly
release back to center. Inhale. And exhale. Keep the
head and the heart and the pelvis in one
straight line here. So if that means you
don’t twist as much, it’s okay. And then release back to center and then one more
time on each side. On your own, with your breath. I’ll meet you back in center. When you’re ready
we’re gonna inhale, head over heart, heart
over pelvis and then exhale, release the hands to the ground and come forward
on to all fours. Take your time getting there. Move like you love yourself,
nice and easy. Immediately syncing up with
the breath here for Cat-Cow. Here we go,
drop the belly, inhale. Open the chest forward. Tailbone up towards the sky,
forehead soft. And then exhale round through. Soften your gaze
here or close your eyes. Chin to chest. And then inhale, drop the belly,
shoulders rotate out and open chest nice and wide. And then exhale,
curling through. Starting at the tailbone,
crawling all the way up through the spine.
Finding that wave. And then twice more on your own. Moving with your breath. Maybe close your eyes here. Nice, now inhale
come to Tabletop Position, nice neutral spine. Notice if the lower belly’s
kind of ducking down here. Really reach your tailbone towards the back
edge of your mat. Draw the navel up and in. So the core connects here
and then send the crown of your head forward. So if the neck is
dropping down here, gain awareness all
the way through the neck. Remembering it is a nice, beautiful extension
of the spine. Great. For beginners or
someone who’s new to the mat, new to this position, I got you. You might already be shaking
and finding some warmth here. If you like to find some
warmth and be a little more, curl the toes under,
take a deep breath in. Press away from your yoga
mat and then on an exhale, just gentle, graceful
hovering of the knees up. Maintain this nice connection
from crown to tail and everyone start to breath a
little more fully. Add more depth of breath here. Widen your inhale so feel
the inhale in your back body, your side ribs. Great. Whether the
knees are lifted or not, everyone send
attention to your hands. Draw your palms in
towards the center of your mat. And then your toes in towards
the center of your mat for one more breath cycle in.
And out. (shushing sound) And then if the knees
are lifted, slowly lower. Release the feet, everyone bring
the big toes together to touch. Knees as wide as the yoga mat. Then we’re gonna actively
walk the palms out here. Inhale, upper arm
bones rotate out, drop the belly, look forward. And then exhale, send the sits
bones all the way back towards the soles of the feet. Try to keep a nice active
reach here if it feels good. And then melt your heart down as
we begin to open up through the shoulders, the chest. If the forehead
doesn’t come to the earth, you can maybe stack the forearms
here to bring the earth up to you or you can just
maintain a lift here. Breathing fully
again, nice, wide breath. If the forehead does come to
the mat you have the option here rock gently left to right,
nice loving massage on the third eye point, the brow. Now find that nice
depth of breath here again, that wide inhale breathing into
all four sides of the torso and here in your own
private little love cave, let go of the day thus far. Choose to let go of whatever’s
to come and allow yourself to be really in the present
moment for this practice. It’ll go by before you know
it so give it your all here. Choosing to be
present with your breath. With the sensations
that come up in your body. Then in order to listen to the
sound of the breath we’ll start to invite just a soft
restriction in the back of the throat.
We call this Ujjayi breath. So you don’t have to look at me,
I’ll guide you with my voice. But you’re just gonna bring the
tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth here. And as you inhale, create a soft
restriction in the back of the throat so you kind of
hear this ocean-like sound. And then for the exhale, we’ll
try to maintain that connection of tip of the tongue and
the roof of the mouth and maintain that sound. (breathing) Give yourself a couple
more moments to locate or try to locate that sound. And notice how it can
affect your body as you breathe downward towards the hips. Great. Press into the fingertips,
keep this ocean breath going. On your next inhale, carve a
line with a nose nice and slow, controlled movement here,
to look forward. From here, we’re gonna keep the
legs where they are and walk the hands slowly off the
left edge of the mat. If you need a little more, gotta
have more have your right hand come to the top of your
left hand and then gently bow. Think chin to chest here. Connect to your center. Inhale, ocean sound,
feel that stretch through the right side body. Super yummy. And then exhale,
walk it back to center and we’ll take it
to the other side. Hands slowly
walking off the right edge. Take the left hand
maybe put it on the right. Tuck the chin into the chest. Think Cat Pose here as
you connect to your center. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Great, release,
come back to center. Press into the tops of the feet. Use your center connection,
your core connection to draw the navel in and up. And then slow and steady
walk the knees back to center. Walk the ankles in
line with the knees. Back to that neutral spine. Great, hips circles. Soft bend in the elbows. You’re just gonna start nice and
slow moving the hip points down, around and up. And then think about moving from
your tail once you get going here so you can grow
this just a little bit. Again, soft bend in the elbows. Now returning to that Ujjayi
breath or that ocean sound. Going inward. Reverse your circle and take this
opportunity before we go into Downward Dog to just check
out the integrity of your hands. Your hand to earth connection. Maybe you need to
spread the fingertips. Awesome, then
come back to center. Curl the toes under and we’re
gonna peel up from the tail so nice and slow, with your breath,
Downward Facing Dog. Take your time. When you get
up there, continue moving the hips,
pedal out through the feet. Let your breath reign here. So reside in the breath. Let your breath
be your main focus. We have the shape. Claw through the fingertips. One more cycle of breath here as
you pedal through the feet and find what feels good. And now find stillness. Close your eyes. Careful that you’re not
holding in the neck here. Don’t worry about the
heels coming to the ground. Stay focused on your breath. Nice, then slow and steady,
you’re gonna bend the knees and you’re just gonna slowly,
nice and easy, nothing fancy, you’re gonna step
the right foot all the way up and lower the left knee down. So we’re coming
into a nice low lunge. Great, then left hand’s gonna
come to the earth and you’re gonna inhale, reach the right
fingertips up high to the sky. So spread
through the right hand, right palm,
right fingertips mindfully and open up through the chest. Back toes can be curled
or pressing into the ground, yogi’s choice. Inhale, open your heart.
One more breath. And then on your
exhale come back to center. Beautiful. Plant the palms,
lift the back knee here. Then inhale, open the chest,
let your heart radiate forward. Grow light on the fingertips. Connect to your
core and then exhale, plant the palms,
step it back, Plank Pose. You got this. Breathe deep. Start to wake up all of
the muscles but also bring integrity, connection
to all of the joints. The way you’re placing,
setting yourself up for greatness with the hands. Reaching back through the heels. You’re here for five,
you got it. Four, lift the heart center up. Three, two and
then Downward Dog. Hips up high
and back on the one. Awesome work. Back to that Ujjayi breath. If you need to let out
a big sigh at any moment through the mouth, do it. One of the perks of
the home practice too, if you’re practicing alone,
surprise yourself (huffs), let something go. Cool and then nice and
steady when you’re ready, we’re gonna
bring the left foot up. Again, nothing fancy.
Just slow and steady. If you need to use your hand
to bring your foot up, do it. And then we’ll
lower the back knee. Stay present in
every moment here. Body’s opening up. Mind and body connecting, yes. We’re off the cell phone. Beautiful, front knee
over front ankle. Using our time wisely. When you’re ready,
right hand comes to the earth. Left hip crease pulls back. And we find our twist.
Nice and open. Breathing deep here. Find a softness in the face. And then one more breath, really open up
through the chest. You got it,
full body experience. Breathe wide in all
four sides of the torso. And then on an exhale,
release it down. Awesome, awesome.
Here we go. Open up through
the chest. Inhale. Heart radiates forward. Awesome, on an exhale you’re
gonna lift that back knee. Plant the palms, step the
left toes back, Plank Pose. Really pressing away from the
yoga mat and lifting the heart center up between
the shoulder blades. So you’re not dipping down in
the hips or the upper back body here but rather the whole front
body is really levitating up to meet the back body. Reach the heels back. This is our strengthening moment
today so stick with me here. Send your gaze straight down. We’re here for five,
breathe deep, you got it. Four.
Breathe, breathe, breathe. Three. Breathe. Two. Big breath. One, Downward Dog.
Awesome work. Hey, look at my
little downward dog here. One more big inhale, you got it. And then exhale,
slowly lower to the knees. Swing the legs all the way
around and come back to a seat. This time with the legs
all the way out in front. Great, take a moment
to really flex your toes up towards your face. And again, if you sat on
a blanket or a towel in the beginning of class,
go ahead and grab it now. Sit up on your bolster.
Makeshift bolster. Great, hands are
gonna come to the sides. Fingertips or palms on the earth
depending on the length of your arm and your anatomy and then
slowly we’ll begin to lift the heels if we can,
if not that’s okay, we just want you to engage
in the tops of the thighs. Femur really hugging in
towards the hip socket here. Dundasana. Great, breathe. Think about all
four sides of the torso. Lifting and lengthening and
then just like we did at the beginning of this practice,
use your inhale to find length, create space and then use your
exhale to let go and ground in a soft gentle manner. So sometimes we’re super
stressed out and we don’t realize that we don’t need much. We just need a little
time and space to let go and settle into
the present moment. Find stillness here for
one more cycle of breath. You got it. Great, then hands are gonna come
back to heart center and as you do this careful not to round
forward here but think about your shoulder socket, right, going around and in and that’s what allows your
heart to lift up. Sternum to thumbs. Inhale in, exhale slowly
dial heart center to the left. Little wringing out of
the abdominal organs here to help you feel good.
Bring it back to center. Keep breathing and
over towards the right. Nice and easy.
Doesn’t have to be big move. And then over to
center and to the left. So good for the body
and then back to center and one more time. Awesome. Back to center,
release the fingertips. Bring them behind the thighs. You’re gonna pick your knees up
just a bit and then we’re gonna inhale, draw
the navel in and up. We call this
Uddiyana Bandha so actively, especially if you
have your belly here, right, which we
all do so no judgment. And in fact, this is a great
moment to say drop the judgment. Yoga’s a great practice for us to come to terms with how much of our stress really
comes from, you know, our own selves
being hard on ourself. So, here’s a great moment. Just a little learning
moment for all of us. Bring your hands to your belly. Love this belly. Draw the navel in and up. It’s all here, find that power. And then imagine, hands come
back to the backs of the thighs, you’re gonna go over a
little beach ball here. A little any ball. Hey-o. Right here at the belly, you’re
gonna think up and over as you come into a modified
Seated Forward Fold. So we’re not just going in
straight in and straight at it. We’re coming
into this connection, finding that belly lock and then
lifting the heart up and over to maybe drape the belly
over the tops of the thighs. From here the hands can come
to the earth or to the feet, yogi’s choice. Try to keep the
shoulders relaxed, away from the ears. And then in time you can
work to straighten the legs but I like to start bent. As you’re ready, allow the
weight of the head to relax over and once again,
trust yourself, trust me, trust this practice and this
time by closing your eyes. Reconnect to that ocean breath. Connecting to every
cell of your being here. Yeah, the breath. So you should really
be able to feel the inhale and then the softening. Catch a different
type of wave here. And again, we create
a lot of stress and undue havoc
on the mind and body through self-judgment and a lack of self-care, self-love so take a
couple quiet moments here to just bask in your breath. Let got of toxicity. Let go of any place you
might be holding or gripping. Particularly the neck. Yes, and then slowly bat the eyelashes open, release. And come all the way up. Beautiful.
Notice how you feel. If you feel any
different from when we started. And you’re gonna use your palms
to come all the way down to the ground and when you get there,
find what feels good. So I’m gonna suggest immediately hugging the knees
into the chest. And then from here you can
lower the feet to the ground and take a Bridge Pose. Nice, easy hip bridges. Or if you’re ready for
relaxation you can go straight to laying down. If you’re ready
for Setu Bandhasana, hug the heels up. Excuse me, step the
heels up towards your bum. Make sure your knees are in
alignment with your thighbone and the hip points. Press the palms into the earth. Here we go,
toes pointing forward. Gentle peeling up
of the hip points. Think about your sits bones
really reaching towards the backs of the knees. Then we’re gonna keep it soft
and easy today so bring the shoulder blades underneath,
open the palms, and imagine you’re
squeezing a little ball. There’s that ball again. In-between the inner thighs. Chest comes to the chin. And chin to the sky. Find your breath, chest to chin. And chin to sky. Awesome.
Slowly release. All the way down. Yeah, let out a big
sigh just like Benji did. And when the hips kiss the
ground just windshield wiper the legs left to right,
nice and easy, back and forth.
Back and forth. And eventually
the legs will come all the way down to the ground. You’re gonna inhale, reach the arms all the
way up and overhead. Nice full body stretch. Spread the fingers. Spread the toes. Relax through the jaw. Take one more deep breath in. And then exhale,
rain the fingertips down. We’ll come into a
Corpse Pose here just to reset. Option here to bring an index
finger to the thumb very lightly and to part the lips gently. Now close your eyes and allow
your body to be heavy and still. Then as you’re ready, begin to
wiggle the fingers and the toes. Then slowly
bend your right knee, slide you right foot
back up to the ground. Feel your foot on the earth. And then slowly
bend the left knee. Sole of the left
foot to the ground. Really feel it connecting. Take a deep breath in. On an exhale, draw your navel to
your spine finding your center as you turn on to one side. Any side, find
your fetal position. Smile. And then as you use
your palms to slowly, with control,
press back up to a seat. Leave whatever’s
stressing you out, anything that might be bothering
you on the ground just to fertilize back into the earth. And come up feeling a
little bit lighter maybe. Little more open to
moving in a different way. Managing, navigating
things with a little more ease, a little more grace. Hands come
together at the heart. Sit up nice and tall,
take a deep breath in. Just take a moment of
gratitude for yourself, for doing this practice,
taking the time. And we finish by bringing the thumbs right up
to the third eye. Take in a nice, big inhale in. And then using
your exhale to bow. Namaste. (gentle music)


  1. If you only have time for one thing, I suggest making it your yoga practice. Here you can stretch, burn, sweat, soothe, tone, trim, release, massage, relax and most importantly bridge the gap between your precious mind and body. Don’t burn yourself out any longer.
    Your at-home practice is one for both your mental, emotional and physical health.

    Don’t forget:

    Stress is the enemy. Find What Feels Good.

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  2. I love your videos, voice and gentle aura – thank you for sharing so many amazing sessions for free πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  3. This is the most amazing practice for anyone growing out of an eating disorder right now. It reconnects you with your body and calms your mind in wonderful ways.

  4. My anxiety and depression have been terrible this past week this practice today did wonders

    Amazing how different my body felt from the start to the end. Like a weight was lifted.

    Thank you for sharing your practice with us ❀️

  5. That was amazing. Thank you so much for that good energy. It was so much needed. Definitely feeling better. πŸ™πŸΌ

  6. I had a really bad day today, I cried a lot when I got home, and then I cried a little as well when I did this, but it felt important and necessary to do. And even though I have only been following your videos for about a week now, something seems to be happening, I think I am connecting to my body now and it's really hard but worthwhile, too. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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