Your Changing Body, at  9 -12 Weeks Pregnant | Kaiser Permanente

Your Changing Body, at 9 -12 Weeks Pregnant | Kaiser Permanente

(upbeat music) (baby giggle)>>Shauna Hicks, MD OB/GYN
– It’s really normal in
the first 14 weeks or so for nobody to notice that
you’re pregnant on the outside. Your uterus is very small
and it’s living inside your pelvis, so it doesn’t
even start to stick up to your belly until at
least 12 weeks for most people.>>Kevin Overbeck, MD OB/GYN
– The early stage of
pregnancy is very frustrating for lots of women because people don’t know they’re pregnant but yet they feel like they’re further
along then they actually are.>>Shauna Hicks, MD OB/GYN
– One of the main things that you’re gonna notice is that you’re very exhausted. You’re gonna notice a
significant amount of fatigue.>>Danielle, 28 Weeks Pregnant
– It’s a work load on
your cardiac health and I’m not use to being winded going up just a flight of stairs
and that gets a little tiring after a while.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
– Sometimes tenderness in the gums, achy joints, the nausea, the vomiting, all of those can be
expected during pregnancy.>>Shauna Hicks, MD OB/GYN
– The nausea, and
sometimes vomiting starts in at about 6 weeks of
pregnancy for most women. And can go on up to the
end of the first trimester, about 14 weeks.>>Rosanna, 24 Weeks Pregnant
– I lost 10 pounds my first pregnancy in the first trimester and this time, same kind of challenges. I was really sick. I lost seven pounds this time.>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN
– Women are often concerned
if they’re losing weight in the beginning of
their pregnancy because they’re unable to eat, take
their vitamins, and such due to the nausea and vomiting.>>Kevin Overbeck, MD OB/GYN
It almost never causes
a problem for the baby. It has to be extremely severe
before the baby gets affected.>>Eric Warshaw, MD OB/GYN
You just need to do the best you can. Keep yourself well hydrated. We’ll keep an eye on your weight if you’re not keeping anything down then you do want to seek care.>>Lissa Daimaru-Enoki, MD OB/GYN
– If the prenatal vitamins
aren’t working right now, you can try taking it at night. Sometimes that helps. Sometimes taking half in the morning, half at night sometimes will help.>>Angela Chiodo, CNM Certified Nurse-Midwife
– You can always do
things like eat ginger, drink peppermint tea,
some of those natural remedies can be really helpful.>>Stephanie, 32 Weeks Pregnant
– I found out very
quickly that if I let my stomach get too empty, I would just feel very queasy and very uneasy. But once I started kind of making sure I snacks every couple
hours, or just ya know ate something small like crackers or nuts before bed time,
it was completely fine. I actually never physically got sick.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
– So as we’re heading towards week 13, you may notice that some other
symptoms start to improve. And that some of the
interventions that you put in place, the exercise,
the increase in hydration, can also alleviate a
lot of those symptoms. (light chime)


  1. I love kaiser:-) my Obgyn that I had before was amazing and my daughter’s pediatrician is just an angel, I miss them since I don’t have that insurance anymore

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